Daniel Vosovic Won 'Project Runway: All-Star Challenge'

August 22, 2009 03:33:57 GMT

Not tearing up or chocking up in tears, it took the 28-year-old designer a minute to realize that he beat Korto Momolu in the final showdown.

Daniel Vosovic
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Daniel Vosovic came out as champion of the champions when he grabbed the winning title on "Project Runway: All-Star Challenge". The special edition that was aired prior to the sixth season of "Project Runway" crowned the season 2 runner up who beat the show's other former contestants such as Sweet P, Santino Rice and Uli Herzner with his athletic line.

"I feel so much more confident. I know the woman that I'm dressing and my point of view is much more clear this time around," Vosovic commented on his victory. "Hearing people who have been in this industry for a collective amount of 50, 60 years - this is some experience that we're taking about. To have these industry people say, 'Daniel, we're proud of what you created and we want to see more of you,' that hit it home for me."

Vosovic created an elegant black-and-white ensemble that helped him winning the competition. He hoped that Nicole Kidman, who was the guest star at the special episode, would want to wear it during the premiere of her upcoming movie "Nine". "I WANT that woman in my dress," he said.

As the reward for being a winner, Vosovic is entitled to the $100,000 prize which he plans to use for his non-Project Runway shows and a fashion line. "The money will go somewhere in that mix," he revealed. "Partial investing and buying materials and if I can shave off a little and take a side trip to Paris too, then hey, that would be great!"


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posted by ms ella on Sep 16, 2010
(And for the record, I am not afro-american) just watch it last night in malaysia.. uhuhuu
posted by ms ella on Sep 16, 2010
Yes, I also think.. Korto should have been the winner. Korto's dress had more taste, and better construction than Daniel's. Of course, Daniel's dress was good, but Korto's was so clearly the better. I think Heidi should take this as consideration. Korto, don't give up!! Keep on the good job ^_^
posted by infrared on Jan 18, 2010
just watched the challenge episode and have an entirely different take on bias. Was disappointed at the choice, and the manner of dramatic overstage. The winner is a New York City personality, gay, has remained there close to those who are judging. They know him, have followed him, and see him at all the right places. Why be surprised? Who disappointed me the most Diane von Fustenberg's agreement with judges' choice, except he is a NYC designer. Thought his collection though focused was not as haute couture as the others, this one point should have been against him, his work simple, very simple. Yes the dress was nice, and yes, his restaurant look was given a pass. Daniel's vision may be focused but believe it was his inherent NY network that won it for him. And Pleaase, not again the race card. Michael's collection was poor, Korto's was excellent yet she is outside of the loop--the exact opposite of Daniel. He even published a fashion book! The loop won, i.e. Daniel and the New York design elite. And boy did they pat themselves on the back about it. Bad choice.
posted by Dee on Nov 20, 2009
Daniel should have won his season.
posted by kortofan on Aug 24, 2009
Korto obviously should have been the winner. Korto's dress had more taste, and better construction than Daniel's. Of course, Daniel's dress was good, but Korto's was so clearly the better. I think Heidi should take this as consideration.
posted by tlkgn on Aug 23, 2009
DID anyone notice that Daniel's restaurant design seemed to violate the rules? The underdress for his restaurant dress seemed to be more than 25% of his other fabric. It seemed to me the under-structure of that garment was neck to thigh in the blue fabric. His restaurant dress looked like someone had strapped on sticks of black dynamite. Terrible. It is criminal that Korto did not win. Daniel seems nice, BUT there was nothing he created that I would ever wear. The judges always pick the weirdest, avant garte fashions. I think Korto and Uli should have been the top two designers. Gorgeous construction, beautiful and feminine clothing and most of all wearable. Korto, does have an attitude, but can you imagine how frustrating it must be to be that close to winning and Daniel wins with that crap he made? I'd be pretty p.o.'d too, but I would definitely have been more gracious than she was. I think Project Runway needs to let America vote on the winner of their contests (finalist that show at Fashion Week and their special challenges like All Stars). IMHO, I don't think they've ever picked the right "winning" designer.
posted by Claire Fisher on Aug 22, 2009
Does anyone else think that Korto behaved badly when she was runner up to Daniel on the All-Star challenge? Sweet P & Chris both said they were happy getting that far and with the positive words from the judges. Korto stands there and whines about how she is always the runner-up and blah, blah, blah. Maybe it has something to do with her annoying sense of entitlement! What a poor sport!
posted by jack on Aug 22, 2009
I totally agree with tpartice. A blind man could see that Daniel's designs were mediocre and dull. Koto's designs were outstanding and anyone who knows designs would not state her designs "sucked". I also do not feel that she displayed a poor attitude. She was probably in shock that those hideous outfits won the challenge. If she didn't win, then one of the other designers should have won, but not Daniel. This whole show is becoming a joke and I do not plan to watch anymore. This was an insult to the other designers whose designs were much better than Daniels. I find it hard to believe that all 4 judges felt that he was the best in the group. (And for the record, I am not afro-american)
posted by redrabbit on Aug 22, 2009
I wouldn't blame Korto for being upset about Daniel because his clothes were crap but she was still bitter and ugly about losing in Season 5 when Leanne beat her fair and square with a beautiful, superior collection. Walking in expecting to win as an "I'm sorry" for coming in second the first time reeks of entitlement. "You're cuter than Leanne." Wow, Korto, what did Leanne ever do to you? She was never anything but nice to Korto during their season. Korto's clothes were good but her nasty attitude made me glad she lost. Suck it, bittercakes.
posted by tpatrice on Aug 22, 2009
This isnt a show based on the truth because this program hasnt got it right yet!! They continue to make bias choices every season. Koto is clearly the better designer. just wondering, is there an issue with people of color on this show? Are is there someone who feels african americans dont know anything about fashion? We have watched this bull long enough I guess Hedi dont like nothing black but her man!! Enough for me no more buying M. Kors and no more project runway!!They act as if we are blind and dumb cant see whats really happening here. nobody wants to admit it but this program is bias and geared toward white people only. Its sad because some of there best designers have been black. Koto makes clothing for every woman of every race. this is still the USA a very scary place to be if your skin is anything other than white. What do you give a group of people who have everything? If you ask project runway, you dont make them top designer! Koto and Knight you wasted your time those haters tring to stop your flow but they havent been able to stop us and they wont keep it moveing and tell everyone you now not to watch this show. I already got people I know not watching and I've gotten rid of all my M.Kors things that I had. Maybe they should talk to Tommy and ask him if we have the power to stop his flow. Say no to project runway and anyone involed with this program. Tim Gun I like but I wish he would get away from such a situation hes better then that. Maybe he should have his own show, now I would watch that. To hell with project racist!!!!
posted by happynottobenappy on Aug 22, 2009
Tpatrice you are such an insecure waste of skin. koto sucked and has always sucked. get over it
posted by Fid on Aug 22, 2009
Tpatrice - You need to relax with your rant. I'm totally and completely tired of the race card being thrown on the table when someone black does not win something. I am not white, and I do not think that the show secretly does not want a black person to win the show! Fashion is completely subjective and to those specific 4 judges, Daniel had a clearer vision. I totally saw that, I like her work as well, but thought Daniels looks were more interesting. But enough with the whole race thing, that needs to die out because it is just insane to keep throwing that on the table if your specific race doesn't get what they want. They LOVED Mychael Knight, if he would've shown a good collection for his season, he totally would have won. Just relax, and like who you like, you may not always agree but it really isn't up to you. If you love her stuff so much, just go out and support her and buy her stuff! And I do aggree with the first poster that she had so much attitude and a sense of entitlement. Maybe a little more modesty? Perhaps the thought that "yeah my stuff is good, but so are these other peoples". Maybe that was her downfall.
posted by browning on Aug 22, 2009
I like Daniel and his line was good, but Heidi's bias was so blatant on this challenge. I hope for the balance of the PR 6th season Heidi can restrain herself. Otherwise, go ahead and let her choose her winner now and save us ( the audience, remember us)all the time. I have a lot other things to do with an hour on Thur. nights. Thank you, Terry

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