'Youth in Revolt' Lets Loose New Trailer

'Youth in Revolt' Lets Loose New Trailer

Being young and desperately in love, Michael Cera turns his life and the lives of all those around him upside down only to be with the girl of his dream.
How far would you go to win the heart of your dream girl? A brand new trailer for "Youth in Revolt" shares a peek at the rebellious things cynical 16-year-old Nicholas "Nick" Twisp does only to be with the girl of his dream, Sheeni Saunders. Nearly two and a half minutes long, the promotional video is debuted via Moviefone.

While on a family vacation, Nick meets the intelligent Sheeni. But, unlike him who is attracted to her, Sheeni doesn't see him as a boyfriend material. Unwilling to give up easily, Nick transforms from a normal teenager into a youth in open revolt to attempt to win her heart and gain a sexual relationship with her.

He takes on innumerable tasks that cause his uncaring parents to worry and gets himself in several incidents, including helping his friend disappear to make a girl realize she likes him, burning down Berkley, disappearing to India, and going undercover to hide from the FBI. While he is working hard to impress her, Sheeni does almost everything under the sun to make his attempts fail.

Starring Michael Cera as Nick Twisp and Portia Doubleday as Sheeni Saunders, "Youth in Revolt" is adapted from C.D. Payne's novel of the same name. Steve Buscemi, Jean Smart, Ray Liotta, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Long are all in supporting roles, while "The Good Girl" helmer Miguel Arteta serves behind the lens. Dimension Films will distribute the comedy film in U.S. theaters on October 30.

"Youth in Revolt" Trailer:

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