Tokio Hotel to Release New Single 'Automatic' in September

August 11, 2009 03:40:44 GMT

Tokio Hotel's October release 'Humanoid' will be preceded with its first single 'Automatic' which will arrive next month.

Tokio Hotel to Release New Single 'Automatic' in September
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Tokio Hotel's new album "Humanoid" has been completed. In advance of the album's release on October 2, its lead single titled "Automatic" will be put out for purchase sometime in mid September.

"Bill and Tom [Kaulitz] were on their way from their hotel in West Hollywood to our studio - originally to record Bill's vocals. Just before the guys arrived Bill called from the car and said that he had an idea for a song which should be named 'Automatic'," producer David Jost e-mailed MTV. "We put the vocal recordings on hold that day and wrote down the entire song in less than two hours."

Frontman Bill Kaulitz added, "It's different for each song, we don't follow a formula. With some of the songs we did many interim versions until we were finally satisfied. Some tracks initially refused to be the way we had planned them out, and then there were others where we just had to allow the song to guide us."

In another occasion, Bill previously explained "Humanoid" indeed will be different and "probably surprise a lot of people." He said, "[The new songs] handle about our mood, new thoughts and reflections, and also new wishes and hopes. ... We have a song but there are many different ways to interpret the song. And we have to find the best interpretation. We, then start to experiment with each song by changing the guitar-sounds or modifying my voice."


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posted by sheryl bien on Jan 08, 2011
i wish tokio hotel will go to the philippines this year...
posted by sheryl anne bien on Jan 08, 2011
i already have their album humanoid!i luv bill so much
posted by no0no0 on Oct 13, 2009
ohhh Bill u are my love this is my yahoo id plz add badgirl_avare
posted by MArcy on Sep 18, 2009
Omfg I can't wait for THs new cd!!!!! TH freaken rocks!!!!! I love you bill!
posted by Nina on Sep 17, 2009
dont you know it i mean come on its tokio hotel wot about them dusnt rock!!! lol
posted by estefania on Sep 12, 2009
i love bill kaulitz trumper
posted by Monica on Sep 08, 2009
i love u tokio hotel!!!
posted by ewelina on Sep 07, 2009
hej to ja wasza fanka dowiedziałam się że ułożyliście nową piosenke automatic bardzo ale to bardzo mi się podoba wasza nowa piosenka jest super po prostu ją uwielbiam czekam na wasze odpowiedzi kocham was narka
posted by ewelina on Sep 07, 2009
hej to ja ewelina wasza fanka ja najbardziej lubie słuchać waszej muzyki ale jabardziej podoba mi sie piosenka najnowsza automatic bardzo ale to bardzo mi się podoba zawsze marzyłam żeby występować w tej piosence i mam nadzieje że kiedyś was zobacze na żywo kocham was czekam na wasze odpowiedzi narka
posted by Hannah on Sep 06, 2009
such an awesome band...<333
posted by Meliii on Sep 05, 2009
sehr geil vidio !
posted by Meliii on Sep 05, 2009
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
posted by Monika on Sep 05, 2009
Humanid !!! This CD will already want to buy
posted by angelika on Sep 05, 2009
Bill very nicely as it looks love !
posted by Wanesa on Sep 05, 2009
Super CD !
posted by Viki on Sep 05, 2009
great song !!!!!! <3
posted by Jesika on Sep 05, 2009
ich liebe tokio hotel !
posted by melinda on Sep 05, 2009
tokio hotel -> best team
posted by Amy on Sep 01, 2009
Humanoid is gunna be ace.Automatic is an awsome song.(find it on itunes and YouTube now).
posted by mari on Aug 29, 2009
esta buenisimo esperamos el video pronto bill ich liebe dich..
posted by mari on Aug 29, 2009
esta buenisimo esperamos el video pronto bill ich liebe dich..
posted by auTOMMMaticc on Aug 26, 2009
it's soooo great to see them again on tv they are soo nice and will be the most populer band the world have ever seen... i love you guys so so so so so soooo much and wanna be you TOM!!!ohh my english is so bad sorry for wrong sentences but i'm trying learning german language for you my lover...for you my forever...for you TOM..
posted by questionnn on Aug 25, 2009
Bill = Man Or Woman???
posted by AIENMA!!! on Aug 24, 2009
Me encanta la cancion de automatic!!! i tambien e oido PAIN OF LOVE y THE DARK SIDE OF THE SUN i son fantasticas ich liebe dich T''TOKIO HOTEL''...!!!!
posted by Eebelyyn\'89 on Aug 22, 2009
kn motherr loss amoo mas a mi bill&#9829; ICH LIEBE DICH Bill Kulitz Trümper!!&#9829;
posted by Marion on Aug 22, 2009
Ich bin GROUPIE de Tokio Hotel Ich liebe dich Bill Kaulitz Ich liebe Tokio Hotel
posted by bill kaulitz on Aug 19, 2009
i love th there da best cant wait 4 da cd 2 come out in ak love th th rocks
posted by miley cyrus on Aug 18, 2009
im going to ask bill kaulitzs if he would get me all of the cd that I dont have . post on here how many fans all over the world tha ut are fans of my friend bill kaulitzs .thank
posted by rebecca on Aug 16, 2009
i really really love TH. i cant wait 4 their new album. im soooo excited. Bill is the sexiest man alive!!!
posted by liza on Aug 13, 2009
I can't wait 4 it. i just luv their music TH 4 ever
posted by gemma on Aug 12, 2009
Humanoid rulezs ... ICH lIEBE DICH TOKIO HOTEL
posted by Eiri on Aug 11, 2009
Can't wait !
posted by nichole95 on Aug 11, 2009
YES !!!!! cant w8 4 Humanoid and Automatic !!! CANT FREAKIN W8 !!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Jess on Aug 11, 2009
I can't wait to buy the album!
posted by harle on Aug 11, 2009
Oh hell yeah!
posted by Julia on Aug 11, 2009
Humanoid is gonna ROCK. No doubt about it ;-)

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