Jeanine Mason, Winner of 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 5

August 07, 2009 02:19:37 GMT

The August 6 finale absorbed the largest number in the history of the show, 21.6 million votes, which mostly went to contemporary dancer Jeanine Mason.

Jeanine Mason, Winner of 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 5
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Jeanine Mason became the second female dancer to win the title of "America's Favorite Dancer" on "So You Think You Can Dance". She beat another favorite, Brandon Bryant, who consequently became the runner up of season 5. Evan Kasprzak finished third while Kayla Radomski took the last spot.

Jeanine is an 18-year-old contemporary dancer from Miami who wowed the judges on the Wednesday, August 5 performance night with her solo. She was praised in the Samba routine, particularly when she did the series of pirouettes perfectly.

Upon announced as the winner, Jeanine said she never thought of giving an acceptance speech at the Kodak Theater where the finale was held. She thanked the dancing academy and her mother who encouraged her to jump into the dancing world as a child. As the winner, Jeanine is entitled to $250,000 in cash.

It was a reunion affair on the Thursday, August 6 finale. The Top 20 showed up to do a piece together and season 2's Talia Fowler appeared as a guest performer. The judges also got to pick their favorite dances throughout the season and had it performed on stage again.


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posted by Mark on Feb 14, 2011
Personally, my favourite dancers are Melissa and Ade. I'm actually thinking that they are gonna be the top 2......but I'm so wrong. Anyway, Jeanine may not be my favourite, but seeing her dance just gets me out people, when I'm 16 I'll be auditioning for this show, which is season 8(next year). I'm working hard now, especially ballroom....phew
posted by joann&jeanine on Sep 04, 2010
i love jeanine! i am so happy she won!! kayla is a little full of herself and brandon is also awesome. but no way kayla should have won. nigel was right about predicting the top 2 and i feel there is nothing rude about that!!!
posted by iluvjeanine on Sep 04, 2010
jeanine u r so beautiful and so is ur talent. hope ur year in UCLA is fabulous!!!!!!
posted by iluvjeanine on Sep 04, 2010
i cannot understand why people like nadia r so adamant that kayla should have won!!!! i guess she should have seen jeanine's first bottom 3 was much better than kayla's.kayla doesn't know how to do a solo on her own. whereas jeanine can do evry style so well!!!!
posted by KUNTAL on Jun 24, 2010
posted by Angel on Jun 14, 2010
Hey Congrats ........i am big fan of this show in india.she is amazing dancer.....congrats ......i saw all ur episodes.brandon is too great dancer and kayla too
posted by Chirag Shah on Jun 13, 2010
Jeanie you're Amazing perfomance in this So U Think U Can Dance I'm Your Bigfan. I will give in ***** I Love JEANIE Congrutulation jeanie Won This Title
posted by Nia on Apr 29, 2010
So cool!!!
posted by kristeena on Jan 08, 2010
owwwwwwwww you are such a great dancer and really i was dreaming you to win but my dream come true congragulations jenine luv yaa
posted by karima on Dec 26, 2009
je t'adore jeanine t'es trop classe im sorry im speking frensh im frensh lady ok your the best jeanine
posted by stoney1962 on Dec 21, 2009
Hey I'm White and I can't stand to read anymore of your crap regaurding the black people. Shut up and leave them be. They are good people. So go back to your mancave in the hills and make your moonshine with your cousins and leave us alone. Now I am going to call customer support and report all the racest remarks. And this goes for the one that calls himself Fed-Up. I;m gunning for you pig.
posted by dansa on Dec 08, 2009
thanks to jeanine for showing that we don't have to be planks to be sexy. jeanette was amazing her own way. you 2 are my inspiration!
posted by Demi, South Africa on Nov 22, 2009
jeanine u rock gal !!! u hav inspired me sooo much !!! and dont let ppl let u down like that !!! luv ya !!!
posted by um...... on Nov 20, 2009
Jeanine ROCKS WOW!!!!! you go gal. she really deserved it. Brandon was also great but he got to cocky near the end. WELL DONE JEANINE WOW WOW WOW!!! I'm inspired thx sooooo much.
posted by me on Nov 20, 2009
Both final two were great! My ultimate fav is Brandon, but if not Jeanine was the next best thang 4 me! Great season by the way - the best so far for me! The bar has been set for season 6. Jeanine's body is perfect - she looks like a normal 18 year old gal and not anorexic! U go gal!!!
posted by kay on Nov 19, 2009
im so glad that Jeanine won the title, i think she is a beautiful person inside and out and deserved it. to the people saying she is fat and calling her names, u are so rude, she is the PERFECT dancer, and maybe u shouldve voted if u wanted someone else to have won. all the dancers were very very good, even, brandon and kayla were all very good and have beautifull futures ahead of them in the dance world! congrats Jeanine u deserved it... LOVE YA.
posted by Khummer on Nov 19, 2009
BRandon should have won. he had charisma, charm and lots of energy. oooh i love his physique:-)
posted by Fed-up on Nov 19, 2009
I hate these bloody black people who are so quick at pulling the racist card. As soon as something doesn't suit them, it becomes a racist issue. Perhaps if they were slightly more capable and could actually think, they'd see that this is not the case. I'm really sick and tired of persistently hearing the same claims from them. I think Jeanine was a good dancer, America agrees and if the black people have a problem with it they should go back to Africa and leave the TVs behind!
posted by fatty on Nov 19, 2009
it is true that the show was hihgly racist in the voting and highly biased towards nigel's comments! DEFINATELY IT WAS RIGGED! BRANDON SHOULD HAVE WORN ! SHAME ON YOU AMERICA!!!!!
posted by dearaijay on Nov 12, 2009
wowwwwwwwwwww. jeanine!!!!! is d winner?!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!! was loving brandon n Ade. hw cum ther was no black she on the top 20 ds season! bn wondering!!!!!! please blaq sistassss! cum onnnnn! n lets shine on "so u tnk u can dance"!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
posted by NADIA on Oct 22, 2009
I think Jeanine should not have won. We are talking about talent people not personality. Who's got more talent honestly? Kayla of course. So what if she has a a sour demeanor to her. Kayla has more talent, grace and style. Sorry Jeanine you're a good dance but not as good as Kayla
posted by fatme on Sep 05, 2009
omg how can you comapare jeanine with kayla are you kídding with me jeanine is much better then kayla ! and are jeanine fat hahahah omg i dream about her body i have ver seen a body like hers bodu love you jeanine you deserve it more than brandon evan and kayla !!
posted by Hails on Aug 18, 2009
Hey you stupid bums!!!! jeanine mason is the best ever she has inspired me to be a better dancer then i already am!!!!! and yes Brandon was good But Jeanine was a much better performer and shut up you people who thinks shes fat that how i am!!!!! like her!
posted by Josh on Aug 12, 2009
I am curious about Jeanine'age, when she was in the interview with Cat in the finale show, she unintentionally said " I am 22". But her personal files indicate she is only 18 now. Which one is correct?
posted by annoy on Aug 11, 2009
Jeanine is awesome as a dancer and as a regular person. The fact she doesnt have a ballet figure makes her more appealing and encouraging. those who are trashing talking she is young leave her alone, she deserves it all.
posted by wtf on Aug 10, 2009
jeanine is definitely not fat! the people saying that are just jealous because they're probably morbidly obese and can't even walk. sthu and get a damn life. give credit when it's due
posted by Jojo on Aug 10, 2009
I don't like Jeanine at all... she is not talented like Brandon, or has good skills like Kayla. In no way she deserves this title. Disappointed with the result.
posted by Jaesa on Aug 07, 2009
Evan was nice but hands down no Talent. I come from years and years as a Rockette. It was to me Brandon and Jeanine and though Kayla was a beautiful dancer, I do feel she was a tad bit full of herself. She needed to be a little more humble. Brandon had an amazing attitude and was AMAZING, but honestly so was Jeanine. Jeanine blew Kayla away in Hip hop, etc. Jeanette was good at her style, horrible at anything graceful(lyrical) and she is very unattractive. Cute body but a horrible face. It's about the whole package and Jeanine has it!! SO DID BRANDON! Love them both.
posted by Amber on Aug 07, 2009
Are you serious? I LOVED BRANDON seriously loved him, but to call Jeanine fat that has to be insane? I was a pro dancer for 26 years and she is on the muscular side but that happens when you do ballet!! Would her lines look a little better maybe 7 lbs thinner? Probably. Google her, and you will see some of her "skinnier" performances. She looks great both ways!! LOVE YOU JEANINE!
posted by Yummy Mommy on Aug 07, 2009
I think Jeanine and Brandon are both incredible dancers, but I was put off by Brandon's personality. He says he has low self esteem, but I think that it's an act to make himself look humble. Jeanine seems so down to earth. Love her! (Evan was such a cutie too! I actually shed a tear when he got kicked off, though I knew it was coming because his dancing wasn't as stong)
posted by Nikki on Aug 07, 2009
Brandon may be a runner up but he will be as famous as Jennifer Hudson. He was better. She was not the best gal. Votes are on personality not on talent. No worries Brandon this is just the beginning!!!
posted by Rich 777 on Aug 07, 2009
Jeanine was my favorite dancer since day one.She is so beautiful,nice body and a great dancer.I voted for her 262 times.cONGRATULATION!!!
posted by n on Aug 07, 2009
I'm soooo happy she won. She definatly deserved it. I was getting nervous when Evan beat Kayla cuz she was waaay better than Evan.
posted by Responding to F U C on Aug 07, 2009
Your screen name suits you perfectly as does idiot. loser. shallow. piece of sh*t.
posted by carlybaby on Aug 07, 2009
ok everybody has to calm down unless u can dance better of even close to what jeanine does u shouldnt be for her size what does that matter like someone stated before the average us woman is a size 10 and idoubt shes a 10 so shes not fat.people have to get over the fact that it IS AMERICAS FAV DANCER not americas best.its america dat decided with the its no ones fault but the public.and iBet dat some of you comenting did NOT PIK UP THE PHONE TO CALL FOR YOUR FAVORITE DANCER.
posted by Ronster on Aug 07, 2009
Poster "Whooo" is obviously a lower-income individual - no sense of decorum or class.
posted by Ronster on Aug 07, 2009
One poster said that Miss Mason has a "horrible" face?! That's mean and untrue. She's cute.
posted by Lori on Aug 07, 2009
Jeanine is a beautiful, articulate,intelligent and very talented dancer. She will be a fabulous ambassador for all dancers and SYTYCD!
posted by Whooo on Aug 07, 2009
posted by D nice on Aug 07, 2009
Stop hatin on Jay roll Ninnies. Yall a bunch of haters. Yall jus mad cuz yall can't do dat
posted by Liya Love on Aug 07, 2009
Why is everybody being so mean. You seriously can't be happy for her. And where is everybody getting the idea that she is too fat? So in order to dance you have to be a size zero or look a certain way?? Stop Hating she deserved it.
posted by What, what? on Aug 07, 2009
Hey Fuk, or whatever your name is...are you as dumb as your name, or ...nah, your just dumb.
posted by mia on Aug 07, 2009
i am glad jeanine won
posted by kutie pie!!!! on Aug 07, 2009
2 glitteryt. im not no hater by no meanz j was good but NOT better than KAYLA nor BRANDON.... like kupkake said how do u peek at tha end of tha comp n win? kayla was gettin great compz thoughout tha show n should of took it!!!! o yea i kno k in she iz not coky she iz a pretty gurl n was there 4 her TALENT
posted by kutie pie!!!! on Aug 07, 2009
2 you know nothig.... u may kno jeanine but i kno kayla n yea j was a good but by no meanz she shouldnt have won.... Kayla has more talent n deserved it more not sayin that jus kause i kno her im sayin it because itz tru....
posted by hail on Aug 07, 2009
I am glad that jeanine won but I don't like nigel predicting the top two and saying shit about Evan, so rude and you can see he didn't want him to win at all.
posted by kupkake on Aug 07, 2009
1st off ima say congratz jeanine.... but honsetly how u peek at tha last min n won???? sum1z sleepy wit sum1...i felt tha finally 2 should of been KAYLA n BRANDON!!!! they both smash her!!!! KAYLA should of took it!!!! Evan? shouldnt have been there as long as he was....
posted by kupkake on Aug 07, 2009
congratz to jeanine but KAYLA n BRANDON both should of been tha last 2 standing.... how u peek at the last min n win....? sum1 sleeping wit sum1...?
posted by Sara on Aug 07, 2009
"She thanked the dancing academy" No, she made a joke about accepting an award at the Kodak Theater...the same place the Academy Awards are held.
posted by youknownothing on Aug 07, 2009
ok crazy bloggers. i know jeanine and have for a few years. she is not even close to fat, shes lke a size 2, shes just not tall so on camera it doesn't translate the same way. since america's average size is well over a 10, im guessing at least half of you are way bigger than she is... and instead of insulting a stranger online how about thinking 'wow great season' regardless of the fact that you think another stranger should have won. in a week, none of this will be important to you anyway
posted by Chaddeous on Aug 07, 2009
Ok...Ok... First off, all of the Top 10 can probably dance better than 99% of the people who have something negative to say about any of them. Second, the show doesn't find America's BEST Dancer, it finds America's FAVORITE Dancer. My FAVORITE came in third. Evan. You don't hear me whining like my pitiful life is over because my fave didn't win. Most of you should probably get over yourselves, cause, until your on the show, your not even close to being as good as the people who were on the show. P.S.: If Jeanine is fat, your REALLY, REALLY shallow, and probably not too attractive, either.
posted by cottlestonpie54 on Aug 06, 2009
Please shoot the photographers - the dancers & the choreography need to be showcased so the viewers can see the dance. . . I am so frustrated trying to catch every detail of the dances when the camera jumps all over the place and then zero's in on close ups.... what in the world are they thinking!!!!
posted by glitteryt. on Aug 06, 2009
shut up ppl. haters are just jealous. I'm glad that kayla lost. she was only there for her looks. jeanine deserved to win it all and I'm glad she did.
posted by princess on Aug 06, 2009
im so happy jeanine won I did mother knoe who was going to win because j and b was very good and was the top alyssa is just a jerk and being stubborn for other people If I met alyssa I would have slap in the face
posted by J on Aug 06, 2009
I was rooting for Jeanine or Brandon to win!! I'm happy that they were the final two! This season was the best by far! So many talented dancers!
posted by Liya Love on Aug 06, 2009
Yessss!! She won, I'm so happy for her. She is so talented and she's only 18. I'm 18 and wish I could do pirouettes like that. Yeah, Brandon is cool too but obviously its votes that count.
posted by LLM on Aug 06, 2009
Jeanine deserved the win. She was great. Great dancer. Great Performer. More people voted for her. Alyssa is such a hater.
posted by CNB on Aug 06, 2009
wow, you are clueless. Sometimes I forget how entitled and unappreciative our younger generation is. Got over yourself. One day you'll realize that when things don't go your way, doesn't mean the other side sucks. It really gets old to hear people like you.
posted by aa on Aug 06, 2009
she sucks. brandon was better, and so was kayla
posted by CNB on Aug 06, 2009
Be a hater Alyssa...have some class, it's not rigged. if Evan won, it would have been rigged. Brandon is a great dancer, so is Jeanine, and she has more charisma than anyone else. Have some class and congratulate the girl. I can understand you wanted Brandon to win, but you show no respect for the girl who worked her tail off to win this things.
posted by CNB on Aug 06, 2009
Awesome job Jeanine. She wasn't thanking the dancing academy..she made a joke that she never thought she would make an acceptance speach at the Kodak Theatre (for the acacdemy awards) and thanked the Academy as a joke
posted by Alyssa on Aug 06, 2009
She should have never won. Brandon was way better. Show is rigged end of story!!
posted by Jess on Aug 06, 2009
OMG I'm so happy she won!! She totally deserves it. I'm so happy for you J!!! Hope to see more of you girl. Luv you

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