Video: P. Diddy Forms New Group With Dawn Richard

July 27, 2009 09:33:58 GMT

In a new group called Dirty Money, P. Diddy, Dawn Richard and Kalenna promise to bring something refreshing, unique and new.

P. Diddy
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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

P. Diddy has officially announced that he forms a new Hip-Hop group called Dirty Money. Joining him in this group are singer/songwriter Kalenna and the former member of Danity Kane, Dawn Richard.

"Dirty Money is a look, a sound, a feel, a movement, a crew for my new album 'Last Train to Paris'," Diddy shared. "I want to do something refreshing, something unique, something forward for myself as an artist. I want to tell a story [about] finding love, losing love and then trying to find love again, and I couldn't just tell males' point of view, I need to tell females' point of view."

"This is a special project, they [Richard and Kalenna] both got solo things going on but we got together on the Last Train to Paris to do something special. So, the name of the crew is Dirty Money. I chose the name because it's so real. Our sounds together is forward, refreshing, new. It's not like something you heard on the radio."

"Last Train to Paris" is due to arrive in U.S. market on November 24.


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posted by yaya on Dec 22, 2010
dawn so damnn sexy thoo!!!
posted by one on Oct 27, 2009
yall is some hater... all yall do is sit on your back and do nothing... stop hating on diddy if he was so lame y do he make so much money (duh)
posted by nuno on Oct 01, 2009
always impreesing i salute you,always ahead of hating and jealousy
posted by swagga1 on Aug 04, 2009
dont every diss diddy in your life you fingerling{n that means baby fish}dumby
posted by areuserious on Jul 29, 2009
Ok diddy puffy p.diddy or whatever u want to call yourself....u are known for "making" groups and then breaking them up. stick to clothes and that type of thing. i mean really is there anyone on ur label worth listening to??? ummmmm nope not at all! lol day24 day 25 or day26 whatever that group name is gay one has a mental problem and the rest are just lame! stop with ur wanna be music please...were havent been hot since biggie died! just stop trying please
posted by theuw on Jul 29, 2009
you gotta do what y'all gotta do,is really working for me ..lov'it

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