Ben Barnes' 'Dorian Gray' Welcomes Its International Teaser Trailer

Ben Barnes' 'Dorian Gray' Welcomes Its International Teaser Trailer

Swept into a social whirlwind and introduced to the hedonistic pleasures, Ben Barnes will do everything he can to stay young and handsome forever, even if that means selling his soul.

A first look into horror thriller "Dorian Gray" has been made available for viewing pleasure through its international teaser trailer. The U.K. promotional video shares sneak peek into the dark side of the movie, and unleashes glimpses of Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray, Colin Firth as Lord Henry Wotton, Rebecca Hall as Emily Wotton and Ben Chaplin as Basil Hallward.

Making such an impression to artist Basil Hallward, naive Dorian Gray agrees to become Hallward's subject of a painting which captures the full power of his youthful beauty. Through the artist, he then meets Lord Henry Wotton and is introduced to a new hedonism which suggests the only things worth pursuing in life are beauty and fulfilment of the senses.

Realizing that his beauty and youth will eventually fade away, Dorian expresses to sell his soul to ensure that he remains in the same age he is in the Hallward's portrait. His wish is soon fullfiled, but as he is plunged deeper into debauched acts, the painting serves as a reminder of the effect each act has upon his soul and gradually reveals his inner ugliness to all.

Adapted from Oscar Wilde's 1891 novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray", "Dorian Gray" comes from Ealing Studios under the direction of Oliver Parker, the helmer of "St. Trinian's". It was shot in summer 2008 at Ealing Studios and locations across London. While a U.S. release date for this film is yet to be set, September 9 will be its theatrical release date in the United Kingdom.

"Dorian Gray" U.K. Teaser:




    Jan 03, 2010

    Ben Barnes is PERFECT!

    Dec 25, 2009

    omg sexyness...he's hot,but I saw this actor in some movies and I don't like his acts...where can I find although this movie?

    Nov 19, 2009


    Sep 16, 2009

    i dont know about the book cause i didnt read it but i think ben barnes is just aweeeeeeeeesssssssssooooooome

    Sep 12, 2009

    He`s not suppose to be "hot"; Dorian has such beauty that it becomes his curse. So in my oppinion, Barnes is not good enough for the role.

    Aug 26, 2009

    "I thought Dorian and Sybil didn't have sex? What did I miss?" It never said in the book that they didn't. It didn't say they did, either. I suppose it's open for interpretation.

    Aug 03, 2009

    "I thought Dorian and Sybil didn't have sex? What did I miss?" it's a movie, everything is chaged, is like the character of Emily Wotton (Henry Wotton's daughter), it doesnt appears in the book and its in the movie. its a movie based in a book, like other films, they changed the history a little bit.

    Jul 29, 2009

    I thought Dorian and Sybil didn't have sex? What did I miss?

    Jul 28, 2009

    Ben Barnes is so hot!!!!

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