'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' Welcomes Teaser Trailer

July 15, 2009 06:36:20 GMT

'Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief' teaser takes viewers to meet Percy Jackson as he makes his way to Mount Olympus on the mythical 600th floor of the Empire State Building.

'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' Welcomes Teaser Trailer
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A sneak peek at "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" has been made available for viewing pleasure through its brand new teaser trailer. Less than two minutes long, the promotional video which comes out via Moviefone doesn't offer much but to give a look at main character Percy Jackson, Mount Olympus and how Percy reaches the mountain of the gods.

Discovering that he is the half-human son of the god of the sea, Poseidon, 12-year-old Percy learns that the legendary beings of Greek mythology still exist in Mount Olympus which is located on the mythical 600th floor of the Empire State Building. But, being one of the "Big Three" children, he is frequently put under attack by monsters.

In this adaptation of Rick Riordan's first novel in the "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" series, Percy goes on an adventure of a lifetime as he embarks on a journey across modern-day America to save his mother, return Zeus' stolen lightning bolt, and prevent a war between the gods.

"The Lightning Thief" stars "3:10 to Yuma" actor Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson. He will be supported by a star-studded cast that include Kevin McKidd, Rosario Dawson, Steve Coogan, Uma Thurman, Catherine Keener, Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean. Coming from "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" helmer Chris Columbus, it is slated for February 12, 2010.

"Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" Teaser Trailer:


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posted by .. on Mar 06, 2011
I Love You Percyus .!
posted by PercyLuverr on Mar 05, 2011
Yeah im pretty ticked that they couldnt even get a blonde to play annabeth... i mean, it isnt as if Alexandra was perfect for the part, because she isnt. But anyways, it bugging me what all you guys are saying about Grover being black, even if you arent racist, Brandon T Jackson so cool! Like, seriously, he is like amazing, even if hes not as hottt as Logan Lerman. But gosh, im dying for a role in this movie... hmm I think id be a cool Thalia if they dress me up goth, cause im not at the moment, but it would be cool for the movie! or Rachel, even though I hate her cause shes stealing Percy from Annabeth, she KISSES percy, so im fine with that as long as im her hahahah! Or Bianca, but she dies. No, I think Id be a great Artemis! Hahaha but Id be like lovinn Logan the whole time :P Anthing to do my favorite thing--- act, AND be by my dreaam (and hopefully future) husband, Logan Lerman The HOTTIE beyond belief!!! Hahaha Justin Bieber, you got NOTHIN on Logan Lerman! (ya know, all the girls these days are in LOVE with JB) Well, yeahhh and chill out guys and dont hate BTJ before you see him act :) Hes awesomeeee!!! --PercyLuverr -Haterzz
posted by Percy Jackson Fan! on Feb 26, 2010
When will Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters come out?
posted by percy rocks!! on Feb 26, 2010
ok to everyone who is complaining about the characters ages: well, i was disappointed when i saw that they were WAY older than in the book and i told my mom about it and she said that she doesn't think a 12 year old could do all the things in the movie ex: the sword fighting. and i realized that she was right. how could they make the other movies if the characters are still like 12 or 13. that means they have to wait 1 year to film the next movie in the series.
posted by 1234 on Feb 13, 2010
Do you think that Jenessa girl really was cast? Or someone just put it there as a joke.
posted by Starlighter on Feb 13, 2010
It was probably a joke. But who knows. It might be real...stranger things have happened.
posted by AliceinBlunderland on Feb 11, 2010
Yeah it gets better, apprently they cast some indie actress to play Thalia! Has anyone heard of Jennesa Letourneau? I sure havent' and I can't find any refernce anywhere to any movie she's been in. It's rediculous!! There not even releasing pics of her!
posted by clareberre on Feb 11, 2010
OMG why the hell did they make grover black!!! He was my favorite character, were both vegetarians, but that dude looks NOTHING like grover!! :( precys too old, lmao by the fourth movie hes gonna be some 30-year-old :(( and Annabeth!!! gods its easy to put on a blond wig and gray contacts!!! geez!!!!!!!!!
posted by blahhhh on Feb 09, 2010
I am sort of disappointed because the books description of the characters do not match and i think about half of the book is not even included in the movie but made up! o welll im going to wait for the movie then make my final decision.... GO PERCY! :)
posted by Calypso on Jan 10, 2010
Oh My Gods! Stop downrating because Grover's black and Annabeth's brunette. I mean Holy Heroic Heracles, I'm excited... I wonder when casting for Book 4 comes out...i'd be a great calypso...
posted by PEANUTBUTTER on Nov 23, 2009
totally gonna go see the midnight premiere cant wait but i wosh they did better casting. . . idk though maybetheyll make up for the terrible casting by making a great movie...i had better follow the story line though i mean what were they thinking chris colombus did great on the first 3 harry potter movies what is he thinking now!!!
posted by percy jackson luver on Nov 23, 2009
WHAT IS CHRIS COLUMBUS THINKING??? what kind of casting is this??? OMGS this is not gonna be as good as it could be cuz of the casting...still...
posted by seaweed brain on Nov 23, 2009
wow what terrible casting i cant believe annabeth is 18 how is that gonna work especially if they do kiss in the last one(i hope they do) that would be kinda awkward and whats with grover hes supposed to be white im not racist or anything but if your gonna cast characters cast them right!!! percy is hot though. . . idk im still gonna c the movie but i hope they make them look/act the right age GO PERCY JACKSON
posted by daughterofathena on Nov 22, 2009
grover is not supposed to be black annabeth is not supposed to be brunette and wheres all the gods. holy hades they messed this up but i still cant wait for it to come out ha. percy is so flppin sexy ha.
posted by ifing<3percy on Oct 25, 2009
im so happy this movie is coming out. too bad its gonna suck anywaysa cant wait 2 c it. finally. percys cute 2 bad they screwed it up:)ttyl
posted by angry-movie-critic on Oct 12, 2009
its gonna suck no questions about that. i have no idea what rick riordian was thinking of but i really dont think the directors have even read the book personaly im not going to see the movie its gonna ruin my view of the awesome books however i do hope that one day rick riordan will sign some other directors and a diffrent company and hopefully it will be remade with actors of the right age group even if it does take a long time patience is a virtue and hopefully there will be a survey for the fans to decide the actors and for the main ones to be unknown and undiscovered actors instead of unfitting pretty faces that have 2 much publicity when that day will come i will watch the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by holy balls of cerber on Oct 07, 2009
o yah and the actors are like forty lol not 12
posted by holy balls of ceberu on Oct 07, 2009
this movie is going to suck as i was excited until it made grover black witch is messed up they made annebeth look dumb cause shes suppose to be pretty hah and they made posidien look like a dousche because hes suppose to have brown hair like percy not blonde and hes suppose to be tan i think its going to suck
posted by Poseidon on Sep 19, 2009
Why is percy 18 and not 12??!!
posted by lightningthief on Aug 20, 2009
cant wait till the movie comes out and percy is cute . not so happy bout anabeth being not blond but hay whatever cant wait!
posted by halfbloodgirl on Aug 20, 2009
i loved the books but hay people read the book grover isnt supose to be black!! just dont let me down on the move.
posted by apollo on Aug 17, 2009
it is goint to be soooo awsome though i think that luke should be sterling knight
posted by omg ima percynerd!!! on Aug 08, 2009
omg!!!! im sooo excited 4 da movie!!!! but i wish grover wasnt kinda ruins the image in my head of wat he looks like.. sad bout annabeths hair...:( ...i wish they would get it right!!! anyway....even though the character for percy looks pretty old 2 b his character...i like the casting choice 4 him....hes SOOOO CUTE!!!!!:):):) <3 <3 ANYWAY......I LOVE THE 1ST BOOK OF THE SERIES!!! IT DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3
posted by Ever Actress on Aug 05, 2009
I've loved the series from the start. And even though (oh my gods) the casting may not be the best I am looking forward to seeing the movie. They'll probably use a lot of makeup on them as well, to make them look younger. I don't really mind all that much that annabeth is now brunette and that grover is black. Personally, I like the idea of grover being black. I dunno why, but I can already picture him in that rasta cap. They could always dye annabeth's hair to blonde if they wanted to, but who knows? I'm ok as long as it follows the story line and they make the film EPIC. Personally, I want them to make all 5 movies. The actors might get a little old looking though. huh. mabye next time when they're casting for a movie they'll look more towards the right age group.
posted by son of posideon on Jul 30, 2009
i just wish that it was feb 12 2010 already so i can see the movie already.!!!!!!
posted by Rach on Jul 28, 2009
posted by Daughter of Zeus on Jul 25, 2009
Well, if you read Rick Riordan's blog, according to his son, who was the first to ever hear the story, Annabeth started out as a brunette.
posted by spiderman on Jul 24, 2009
but Anna Beth is like a mane person! that's like making harry potter blond! you just don't. SUCK! I was really exited for this movie. but now there making it suck!
posted by DaughterofZeus on Jul 23, 2009
Holy Hera!!! I agree that there were some mistakes in casting, and maybe it won't be exactly what all the fans were hoping for, but the sheer fact that this incredible book, and hopefully the whole series, is being put to the screen, is absolutely the best! GO PERCY JACKSON NERDS EVERYWHERE!!! (Can't wait to see who they cast as Thalia if they make Sea of Monsters, btw.)
posted by poisidon on Jul 23, 2009
gods i cant wait for this movie to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been waiting forever!!!
posted by spider man on Jul 19, 2009
this movie is going to suck. they made Grover black... he is not black...and the actor is 18... not 12. and annabeth is blond not Bernete! SUCK
posted by spider man on Jul 19, 2009
this movie is going to suck. they made Grover black... he is not black...and the actor is 18... not 12. and annabeth is blond not Bernete! SUCK
posted by daughterof hades on Jul 19, 2009
yay! i can not wait for this movie . the books so soo amazing. i love the choice for percy
posted by annabeth#1fan on Jul 19, 2009
he soooo does not look 12.
posted by PercabethFREAK on Jul 18, 2009
Wait-- Did it say Percy's gonna be 12 in the movie!? YES!!!!! YES YES YES! I was so worries he'd be, like, 17! oh, what a relief...
posted by Ashton on Jul 16, 2009
I can wait till this comes out :O
posted by percyFan on Jul 16, 2009
holly hades this looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by grover101 on Jul 16, 2009
I can't wait to see Grover!
posted by rockindisvampirate on Jul 16, 2009
FINALLY!!! i can't wait! grover is the man <3 and percy and posidan omgs YES!!!
posted by percylover! on Jul 15, 2009

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