Video: 'American Idol' Top 10 Speak of Summer Tour

July 07, 2009 08:01:13 GMT

The top 10 contestants of season 8 took turns answering what they have been up to before the tour, and how the concerts will be like.

Video: 'American Idol' Top 10 Speak of Summer Tour
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The Top 10 contestants of "American Idol" officially kicked off their summer tour in Portland on Sunday, July 5. And before they took the stage to perform, each of them gave interviews of what has happened between the end of the season and the tour.

The Idols were doing it in pairs, winner Kris Allen sat with Anoop Desai, runner-up Adam Lambert with Lil Rounds, second runner-up Danny Gokey with Michael Sarver, Allison Iraheta with Scott MacIntyre and Megan Joy with Matt Giraud. The Anoop-Kris pair in particular was able to generate laughter when Anoop said that he has been registering to online fansites of Kris'.

This troupe will be touring across U.S. up to September 15 at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester. Matt explained how the tour will go, saying "The order of performances goes in the order of elimination. So, since I was the first of the top 10 to be eliminated, I'm opening the show. And the higher you got in the competition, the more songs you get to do in your own set."

Hours after completing the show in Portland, Kris tweeted "first show was awesome! thank you portland". Adam wrote, "Our first show was so much fun!! Portland's audience was amaaaazing!" Allison also shared, "thank you portland for being awesome!! you made our first show sooo SO SO SO SO SO MUCH FUN!!!!! xD"


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posted by dsv143 on Jul 08, 2009
My foundation, My foundation, My foundation blah blah that all Danny can say????
posted by Joe on Jul 08, 2009
They're all talented but Allison Rocks, I cant wait for her to come out with her album
posted by Dara on Jul 08, 2009
Kris, Anoop, Allison and Matt are so cute. I love them.
posted by PhDude on Jul 07, 2009
You have to love all the haters. Adam is AMAZING! He sings circles around the others and idiots like Sissi and Manol are jealous losers.
posted by Raci on Jul 07, 2009
Why is Kris wearing that hat? He looks much better without it.
posted by Sissi on Jul 07, 2009
Adam Lambert is FAT. Go on diet regime, man (well, "man" not much, actually). Some of these contestants have a nice voice, gotta say this (the fat one with the make up more than the others, I will admit that) but seriously this is not serious music at all. I agree with the Karaoke remark. None of them without Idol's promotion would be anywhere. Their voices or "skills" weren't just enough in themselves. And this still true.
posted by Manol on Jul 07, 2009
Please... American Idol is crap and so are all these fake people. It's just a well served machine ready to fit senseless minds. State of music in USA is really bad if these are considered "artists" theya re not. Karaoke getting hyped, that's it.
posted by Gerri on Jul 07, 2009
I am a Kris Allen fan, but I love all of them. They are all so unique in their own way. Variety is the spice of life and this group has it in droves.
posted by Sheri on Jul 07, 2009
Adam is a rock God! And how could you say he's fat? I was there very close to the stage and he looked sexier than ever. Please leave your rude comments to yourself Sissi. I bet you're fat.

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