'90210' Season 2 Promos: 'Very Annie' and 'Very Silver'

June 17, 2009 03:38:04 GMT

Trace back to how the characters of '90210' transform from being 'good girls' to somehow 'twisted' by the season 1 finale.

'90210' Season 2 Promos: 'Very Annie' and 'Very Silver'
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In an effort to promote the second season of "90210", The CW releases two more feature videos that focus on individual characters and their traits. After Adrianna, the network puts into spotlight, the "innocent", "tempted" and "corrupted" Annie as well as "different", "destructive" and "dangerous" Silver.

From being a good girl, Annie transforms into a girl with a darker side by the end of season 1. Shenae Grimes revealed about the plan for her character in the new season, saying "My producer sat me down and was like, 'Shenae, there is just some sort of intensity behind your eyes. We've got to bring it out somehow.' I was like, 'All right! Cool! Better challenge for me. I get to stir up trouble at work, awesome.' "

Silver was living on the non-90210 lane and was skeptic on love until she met Dixon. She lost her virginity to him and became so obsessed that she developed bipolar disorder when he broke up with her. On what awaits her character on season 2, Jessica Stroup said, "A lot of her stuff, including the Dixon relationship, the Ethan relationship and her relationship with herself, with this disease, has really only just begun. The path that she's on, she's just now started to go on."

The CW has not announced the premiere dates for the Fall season but "90210" is confirmed being paired with "Melrose Place" on Tuesdays. Update: The network announces that "90210" will kick off the whole fall season on September 8.

  • Very Annie
  • Very Silver


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posted by sweet kene!! on Feb 12, 2010
OMG!90210 part 2 is so great butit confuses.naomi shouid belive her friend(annie.and dixon is so much jerk.i love annie so much in this movie.and from boys i love leam and nevide!but adreyana, why did she do such things to nevide like cheating.i hate teddy.generally,naomi and annie r the best on this movie.i hope it ends great.
posted by shiwjay on Jan 10, 2010
Annie's cool..but naomi's hot. its an interesting series and i hope season 2 is especially great!!
posted by Raye Raye on Oct 15, 2009
Oh my gosh ya'll don't even understand the eextent at which i LOVE this show!! it drives me wild all the drama and its just soooooooo much fun!!!!
posted by Tabs on Sep 28, 2009
OMG! 90210 is amazinggg my weekly dose drives me mad really good stuff season 2 is sooo goood! liam is just fitness defined, annie looks prettier in this saeson then the first and niamo's soo cute when shes angry!
posted by XOXO on Sep 19, 2009
When is season 2 going to come out!?!? I LOVE 90210 !! ;***************!!!
posted by lala on Sep 13, 2009
omg! i really cant wait for season 2. so many drama n mix feeling in season1 finale. i do agree mizz. silver shud b with dixon rather than ethan. amazing characters all of them! love 90210!
posted by Sil on Sep 07, 2009
I just love the show everyones great especially navid n ade they r so cutey cute i mean im sick of all these people being in love today n breaking up the next day but navid n ade really seem to be meant fr each other. Ethan n silver r gud she jst wsnt dixonz type and anne is doing good too what naomi did to her at the party was horrible she should hav trusted hr frnd. Jen sucks n gosh i wish i had a grandma like annie i so love her car.:-)
posted by Sil on Sep 07, 2009
I just love the show everyones great especially navid n ade they r so cutey cute i mean im sick of all these people being in love today n breaking up the next day but navid n ade really seem to be meant fr each other. Ethan n silver r gud she jst wsnt dixonz type and anne is doing good too what naomi did to her at the party was horrible she should hav trusted hr frnd. Jen sucks n gosh i wish i had a grandma like annie i so love her car.:-)
posted by 90210lover on Sep 07, 2009
90210 best show ever!!! i dont want ethan to go though, i loved him and silver together!!! 1 more day!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH
posted by carol on Sep 07, 2009
does any body know whose car that was oh cant wait 4 season 2
posted by cadeeey on Sep 04, 2009
posted by 9O21O on Sep 02, 2009
I love 90210! Can't wait for season 2. I love annie I knew she was a ticking time bomb and can't wait to see how she finally stands up for herself. Her friendship with naomi was always tense I wanna see a catfight. It'll be hard for naomi to find out her sis did liam (liam gets taken away, sis is a liar, & drunk girl annie was with probably won't remember them being together) Btw there are loose blonds on the show
posted by rottenlilly on Sep 02, 2009
Love 90210! I also thought it would be a lame show with dumb loose blondes. Great drama can't wait for season 2 !
posted by moongirl on Sep 01, 2009
Ohmigosh!!! Liam and Annie should SO get together!!!
posted by Lib on Aug 26, 2009
Love this show cnt w8 for da sec season it rocks hpe it stays on forever
posted by Mizz on Aug 23, 2009
I LOVE 90210! I think Annies a good enough actress and i don't think shes fake. I love silver shes ahhmaaayzziinngggg and she must stay wit dixon! Ethans too boring for her. cant waaaait for season 2 xD
posted by Jane on Aug 17, 2009
I love 90210,I donnot think annie is fake,she had tried her best to be a good friend! And I think Ade is great!
posted by Lady ?? on Aug 17, 2009
oh my god seriously... i hope annie and liam will become a couple in season 2! I mean.. liam is friggin´ hot.. and i really like when they were teasing and bickering with each other... really cute..seriously..there is something between the two characters ;) if not then they don´t have to make the effort to show us scences where liam always teases annie xD
posted by Charmaine on Aug 14, 2009
listen Sazz the reason evry1 is saying annie is gonna b a bad girl this time round becuz the producers have comfirmed it
posted by SupernaturalROCKZ on Aug 05, 2009
cnt wait 'till Naomi finds out abt Jen!!! I cnt blieve Liam getz taken away! he lookd soo frightend!!!!
posted by elaine on Aug 05, 2009
i agree with you Sarah, Annie n Liam r soo meant 2 be...ders
posted by Sarah on Aug 03, 2009
I hope that Annie and Liam together in the second season I really hope because there is something between them !!!
posted by Tee on Aug 03, 2009
I honestly can't count how many comments i've read saying that Silver and Ethan are good together. Ew. Have you people lost your minds? The fact that Dixon's mom also had a bypolar disorder makes them great togehter. Ethan and Silver are just a weird shitty couple the directers made to stir up the audience.
posted by shan on Jul 17, 2009
P.S. calling a fictional character fake is lame. Hahaha I couldn't agree more! XD
posted by tvlover on Jul 16, 2009
Ethan is dead. Annie ran over him in the season finale. They cut him from the show. Some newspaper interviewed the author.
posted by R. Blue! on Jul 15, 2009
this is an amazing show, all the characters fit 2gether strangly. Adriana and Navid rocks 2gether, @ least they r stable with each other, i donnu how silver can leave a guy like dixon, and Anni should stay with Ethen, and Neaomi with Liam, she needs somebody how could keep her 0n the leach ! now they all fit. and the bitchy Jane just move away. hope they all find peace in this seaseon! hope mathew and kelly come 2gether(L)
posted by Stickers on Jul 14, 2009
I absolutly LOVE 90210! This is mine and my mom's therapy session every tuesday night aha! I'm in love with liam(Matt Lanter) and I really like Naomi! Adrianna, Ryan and Navid are pretty awesome too! I cannot wait for the second season though, its going to be great!
posted by jacko on Jul 13, 2009
i think she could of hit silver because silver just disapeared somewhere at the end and i agree i think that was one of the teachers cars
posted by Sazz on Jul 13, 2009
Liam - Matt Lanter is fit!!! iknow every1 says annie is now gonna be the bad girl but i still dont see it! naomi will flip when she finds out it was Jen..will be hilarious ;) silver and ethan are perfect cause they are together in real no awkwardness when filming love scenes lol xxxx
posted by fancy on Jul 13, 2009
I think that the person in the car at the end was possibly a cameo appearance from the original Beverly Hills 90210 cast. Notice the license plate was from california and the sticker says WBHH, West Beverly High School?
posted by Leila on Jul 12, 2009
I love it so much! can't wait for the 2nd season!! Love 90210
posted by Becca on Jul 12, 2009
hate Annie she's sooooooooooooooo boring, until she exploded lol i wanna know who she hit !! Liam rocks and Naomi has to find out about her sister!
posted by hotty on Jul 12, 2009
ahh ethan so hot. like annie most of the time, but i agree...she is also really anoying and fake. silver kind of annoys me and scares me. oh and apparently annie was suppose to be played by hilary duff, but she turned it down. just a random fact i wanted to share
posted by NicholaX on Jul 10, 2009
Who was the person in the next car, they were from west bev!.... i cant wait for the next season! i lovee silverr&ethan!! x
posted by skye on Jul 10, 2009
i love annie and ethan , but i think liam is better.! cant wait for season 2.!
posted by 90210rrrrrrrrrrrr on Jul 10, 2009
I reckon de 2nd car at de end was annie's dad r 1 of de teachers at west Beverly high
posted by amy on Jul 08, 2009
hw is annie fake..? fini? i dnt c u u playin her part...
posted by liam\'s hot on Jul 07, 2009
i wanna see annie in this 2season!!! and I loooove Liam Jen's a bitch this is gonna be sooo amazing
posted by carlie on Jul 07, 2009
finally annie shows who she really is a true bitch!!xDD please i was tired of her fake smile and innocence it made sick. I love naomi's character i think is one the best characters in the show
posted by bj on Jul 06, 2009
whos car was that at eh end of the season 1 finale??? i cannot wait for the second season!!
posted by sofia on Jul 04, 2009
can't wait for the nex season to come! does anybody knows when is it going to be released?
posted by Beck on Jul 03, 2009
Oh! Its soo very sad but I am addicted to this show. There aren't as many lessons to be learned in this spin off as there was in the original but still very rad! P.S. calling a fictional character fake is lame.
posted by x-emma-x on Jul 02, 2009
i love annie and liam ther is something about them i wish thye would get together and stur up some trouble
posted by fini on Jun 30, 2009
annie is sooo fake...her facial expression is lousy n so pretencious!!! love naomi n silver. think they are genuine n original to their onscreen character
posted by lissy on Jun 17, 2009
90210 is amazing love liam and annie amazing characters and actors love it

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