New Promo of 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 2: Gemma

June 11, 2009 09:44:56 GMT

Gemma Teller Morrow is highlighted in a new promo, showing an attitude toward Tara Knowles and giving her husband Clay a handful.

New Promo of 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 2: Gemma
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Leading to the new season premieres in Fall, FX Network has unleashed another teaser trailer for "Sons of Anarchy". This time the promo is focusing on Katey Sagal's character Gemma Teller Morrow, her ego and the eccentricities that come along with her hard-as-nail attitude.

Gemma is the widow of SAMCRO motorcycle club founder who later married Ron Perlman's Clay. Speaking of her tough character, Sagal opined, "I like her loyalty, her sense of right and wrong in her world. What's so interesting about a motorcycle club is the set of rules they live by, and there are definite ways of behaving. She definitely loves her own family, her extended club family, and she would do anything for them."

Season 2 is scheduled to air in September for 13 episodes. New to the cast are Adam Arkin who portrays neo-Nazi character named Ethan Zobelle, and Henry Rollins who plays bad-ass AJ Weston. "Henry will bring his intensity and muscularity to this complex part," said Nick Grad, FX's executive VP of original programming.


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posted by charliehunnamfukinho on Nov 19, 2010
i just gota say i hart the show lyk i was addicted from episode 1but we lyk heere in new zealand we only just got the first season but omg i just hart katey goh i luf gemma to bits nd how fuckin hot is jax aaaaaaaahhhhh i am in awe ova him
posted by Sons of Anarchy on Sep 22, 2010
I originally enjoyed the show although now I'm getting a little annoyed with the contrived "bad attitudes." I'm also getting sick of the machismo and insidious sexual exploitation of women.
posted by Carty on Jul 04, 2010
August 31st is the DVD release date...
posted by Chicky1214 on May 17, 2010
Intense! Great story lines! Addicting, must see can't wait til season 2 on DVD then I can't wait to see new season hope it just keeps getting better work hard on keeping up each show!!!
posted by Highlander on Apr 08, 2010
I really like everything about this show & was wondering if the title song was available as a single or even as part of a sound track?
posted by diamondgeezer on Mar 29, 2010
john smith..... ur a bellend :-) good show
posted by SOA SOB on Mar 03, 2010
love this show! the reason Jax looks different than clay is because he's the younger newer generation. season 3 is going to be awesome! cher would be awesome on the show!
posted by fan from maine (judy on Feb 27, 2010
I must admit this is really a good show,!!I never was interested in t.v. but after i watched the first show of SOA i was hooked on it. I have not missed one show and when it returns i will be watching.The actors are great all the way around. This is the only show in my area that has motorcycles in it with alot of action . We needed a show like this ,KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK STAFF!!! waiting to see you all soon!!!
posted by Olivia Ireland on Feb 23, 2010
SoA, my son put me on to it and being Gemma's age group I think she is brilliant. The show is the best, I am on season 2 and have it downloaded and I can't get enough. The cast are brilliant and I feel for Clay but the storyline is subperb.... to hell with those fuddy duddy critics. Gemma's spirit, her role as wife, mother and grandma inspire me. She is cool!
posted by susie q on Feb 20, 2010
posted by I Live In Charming on Jan 25, 2010
No really, I do. It's filmed in Tujunga California. Anyways, season 2 is available for purchase on Itunes for any of you that are interested in purchasing it. I can't wait for season 3, and now, neither can my wife. We're addicted.
posted by Sons Fan* on Dec 15, 2009
They havent set a release date for Season 2 yet but ive heard that Season 3 starts in September 2010 because they didnt get the go ahead for the 3rd season until half way thru the 2nd season.. BUMMER if this is true! That is WAYYYY to long to wait! :(
posted by julie on Dec 04, 2009
We're in Ontario and don't get the channel. However we bought season 1 on DVD. Can't wait for season 2. If anyone finds out when the release date is, please post.
posted by SOA fanatic! on Dec 02, 2009
"badass biker" righttt im sure you are very "badass".. thats why you felt the need to clarify that you were a "badass biker." *giggles* so silly.. And as for John Smith referring to my man as a sissy your a fool as well.. Jealous are we? Also lets clarify that these men are ACTORS! I dont think any of them are claiming actully live their lives like this.. hence why they call it acting! SOA is the best show to be on FX in a long time.. Always is keeping my on the edge of my seat wondering whats going to happen next! LOVEEE ITTT!! :) Cannot wait for season three! Anyone know when season 2 comes out on dvd?
posted by pebbles30 on Dec 01, 2009
Love it. I hope they keep making it. I wondered when does season 3 come out. I am in a bikers club and it is totally different.
posted by SOA Lover on Dec 01, 2009
The Sons is Awsome!!!! And anyone who thinks this show is not legit def knows nothing about real life for bikers my dad can barely watch this show because it is so relevent to his life. This shit does happent to a lot of biker clubs. I have been watching second season non stop and love it! Cant waite till i can but it on DVD!!!
posted by Richie on Oct 27, 2009
Cant wate for season 2 to come out, So i can buy it and put it right next to season 1. I am ready to see what is gona come next for the show i hope there is a season 3 dont know what i would do with out it. I would hate having to go back to watching movies. WE LOVE U GUYS!
posted by Casper on Oct 27, 2009
what happend to oppeys old man? one of the origenal veitnam vets like jacks old man. i havent seen his crazzy ass on the show, for a wile been a cupel episodes. bring him back i miss his crazzy ass spontaneus shit! the crew neads him! my opinion is the shows shuld air longer then an hour! this 1 hour a week shit is killing me they dont really show anuff in 1 episode and the episodes r to spaced apart.i think if they made the show air longerand not left us hanging with so much suspence and not air so late thell get a diffrent viewer base also and they would really see just how good the show is trew rateings look at ncis they play earlyer in the day thats why there saying its one of the number 1 shows this season more poeple get a chance to just sit down eat supper and watch the show.anyway great wook with the show i think it way better then the sheild. i think is a great cumback and cant wate to see the show continue and grow. hopfaly keep growing please bring the crew together and let them kick sum mager ass all this shit that hapening to the suns of anarcy pisses me off there way better and smarter then that they just nead to cum back together and stop all the tenchon thats between them.jacks and clay u nead each other jacks the brains and clay the crazzy musell who likes to really take care of bizzness with out any one of them things the crew just would look like fools. so stop fighting and take care of sum bizznes. fuck them guys up dont take shit frome no one. my opinion this is the number 1 show ever way better then the first season of prizzon break and i loved that show if sons was on every day i would watch it religiously!!! 5 stars!! in my book beets any show ever buy far!!!!
posted by buzz on Oct 27, 2009
i love this show it pisses me off that the fucking natzys r geting the best of them tho what the hells up with that everyone shuld watch and the show shuld keep going kick ass sons of anarcy fuck them natzys up
posted by krymzenjonesy on Sep 27, 2009
me and the wife love this show it's sept and season2 is out and were bummed sask canada cant get the FX channel so were stuck waiting till its released on dvd :(
posted by steve on Sep 25, 2009
can anyone please tell me when season 2 will be showed in the uk, i loved season 1 and worried im missing out
posted by mello on Sep 20, 2009
all im gonnna say is sons is incredible go samcro and as for jax he is fucking hot!!!!
posted by tftxw5 on Sep 14, 2009
If someone thinks the show is stupid..its there opinion but I am here to say that there opinion is just dumb fucking show to come along in a while and it took guts for the creator and network to tackel such a series..never been a crime drama like this in a while in cluding the sopranos..and yes the Biker theme doesnt reach everybody like for instance The sopranos or Dragnet but lets face it folks...there is some real shit in the show thats just not dumb or stupid..Its an intelligent show...AND THE BAD GUYS USUALLY GET WHAT THEY DESERVE....REAL PAIN
posted by Lozza on Sep 09, 2009
All these people who don't like the show, yet feel the need to waste their own time writing about it ? hiyaz sad. Get a grip. this blog is clearly ment for the people who like it not the haters ? The shows great :) and as for "jax is'nt a biker" ehhh im pretty sure that it's not a law that if your a biker you can't wear jeans! and as for compairing it to the sopranos.....sure it ended in season 4 but thaty show was HUGE non the less ;) LOVVVVVEEEEEEEEE THE SONNSS :D
posted by bikerlady on Sep 06, 2009
I'm addicted to it, ok. :-)
posted by free spirit on Sep 04, 2009
soa is a series like no other, being a biker myself and who has done 8 years total in prison for similar crimes i can see where they are coming from. for all those who are putting the show down shut the fuck up.
posted by occrcrap on Sep 03, 2009
Brilliant series to anyone who slags it out of hand, at the end of the day its only a drama series stop analysing kick back and the guy who slagged everyone for being illiterate try using "you" instead of "u" and as for the comment on the bikes check out some documentry footage on American or british patch clubs i think you'll find that the styles and mix of bikes is pretty accurate and as for orange county chops they are corporate and rich guys theme tat and crap that no serious biker would be seen dead on.
posted by badass biker on Aug 25, 2009
The reason why more people arent watching this show is cuz it's silly!! And it's pathetic attempt of trying to re-create a modern version of Hamlet (w/ a bit of macbeth). The series will probably end with Jax being killed (or running away), i mean that would make REAL sense. If he tried to make the club all 'legit' the members would kill him regardless of protocol! Bikers are outlaws NOT sissy boys!! That's why it will be the end of Jax. And seeing all of your comments (most of u being illiterate), I understand now why u lot like this show!! And for all of you who go on about Sopranos...... the show ended with series FOUR!! Everything after is crap, they're all a bunch of fucking wankers except the dude who owns the strip club!
posted by peter jacks on Aug 25, 2009
The music in the series is boring AS!!! The theme song sucks ass, the theme song from tru blood is better!! 'the crow flies straight' well DUH!!! And the guitar riff is lame! And as for the ending song in the last episode............. couln't be worse, how un-relevant was that! LAmE!
posted by john smith on Aug 25, 2009
What weak TV show!! One minute they are all clever and a couple episodes later they are killing their own! Directing and writing in this show is WEAK!! Acting is ok, except Jax doesn't know how to act tough, always looks like a sissy even when he's mad. You cant actually expect men to believe he's a proper biker (he's a character made for women and has no place in SOA). Obviously u lot haven't met ANY real bikers!! This series is PURE fantasy, they really need to buck up their ideas for season 2!! And @Buffy - bikers rule?? U fool!! Jax is no biker!! Clay Morrow, Tig Trager, and Chibs Telford are all like proper bikers but the rest are just fantasy!! I find it hard to believe, that the head of all the SOA charters Clay morrow is surrounded by idiots! I'll watch this show cuz it's midly entertaining and I've got the whole season, but to wait a whole week for a episode... i dont think so. I'd rather re-watch THE WIRE!!
posted by Buffy on Aug 24, 2009
Soa is the best show I have ever seen. Being from the UK had to wheel and deal to get hold of it but am so looking forward to the new season. Opie and Jax rock and Katie plays the best roll she is my idol. Bikers rule !
posted by Biker Trash on Aug 22, 2009
I am concerned that in the new season there will be a change in the music on the show, including the theme song, to some version of gangster rap, like many of the TV shows did after the last election. The theme song in the first season was phenomenal…if the music is changed, I will boycott the show. Political correctness is a loser!
posted by Stu on Aug 21, 2009
An excellent show shaping up well! Nice to see a different perspective from the criminal side. Good to see the writers exploring the club/family dynamics like the Sopranos. Now if they could just be a bit more accurate regards the bikes then it would be top notch. Why not get the guys from American Chopper a walk on parrt? Then it'd be perfect! Great Stuff!!
posted by Visionary on Aug 14, 2009
I absolutely love this show. Katie Segall rocks and the entire cast is great. Would love to see Cher play come in as a conflict character for Katie how awesome would that be?
posted by joe m on Aug 10, 2009
this is the best show on tv.its the one show that i cant wait for. ron perlman kicks ass in a big way.the whole cast is awesome. season 2 is almost here.
posted by Brixtonboy. on Aug 09, 2009
Love the show SOA is the best thing on tv since the wire and oz i was hocked on them and now SOA cant waite until next seasion. Lets hope they dont cut it short like other shows dead wood etc. Its hard to belive that JAX was in biker grove back in the day. Keep up the gd work.
posted by HarleyDave on Aug 07, 2009
Awesome show. Love the badass attitudes. Can't wait for next season!!!!
posted by spud! on Aug 05, 2009
BLINDing show!!!! love it as much as supranos!!!
posted by col h uk on Aug 04, 2009
last episode of series one tonight hope we in england do not have to wait long for series two, this is the best tv program in years
posted by cj on Aug 04, 2009
Can't wait to watch season 2 ~ I am still watching season 1 and loving it...
posted by josie on Aug 04, 2009
unbelievable series, loved every moment, cant wait till series 2, any ideas of when its returning on uk channels???
posted by SONS OF ANARCHY on Aug 03, 2009
posted by rocker on Aug 03, 2009
just like the rest of you...wating with anticipation for season 2 . the best damn drama in hellah years.soa rocks !!!
posted by Gorilla6 on Aug 02, 2009
S.O.A is the best show ive seen in years cant wait for it to come back huge fan cant wait its like the new sopranos or something if someone says they dont like the SONS there full of shit n big props to the cast n crew for makin such a badass show !
posted by bBALL on Aug 02, 2009
posted by littlebit on Jul 27, 2009
Can't fucking wait for SoA to come back. This is the best show that I have seen in a long time. It is killing me that we have to wait soooooooo long for season 2. Once it is back on, I will have something to talk about at work.
posted by shvlgirl on Jul 22, 2009
Wow can't wait to see what happens-we are huge fans!
posted by LaLady on Jul 19, 2009
Im so stoked that my show will finally be back on the air Im just aggravated that We all have to wait til Sept for it to Come back...My Props to the cast and crew for producing such a great Show. NOTHING ON THE BRAINLESS BOX HAS EXCITED ME LIKE THIS SHOW HAS IN YEARS! It used to be school that had me ready for Sept. to get here now its the "SON'S"
posted by Joel on Jul 18, 2009
You guys might find it interesting to know, that SoA is a modern retelling of Shakespeare's Hamlet. They have done it exceptionally well. Read it, if you haven't, its some pretty cool shit.
posted by sleepy on Jul 17, 2009
can't wait for the shows.I am dissed by FX only buying up 13 episodes.these will be gone in no time.Then its back to watching T&A on nip-tuck orrrrr the brainless crap on always sunny.I used to think Danny Divitto(cant spell) was funny,now : not so much...
posted by sean on Jul 06, 2009
cant wait best show in a long time!!!!!!!!!!
posted by mememe on Jul 02, 2009
posted by SAMCRO on Jun 30, 2009
is dis the us release dates as im in uk or will it be on uk FX aswell
posted by machete on Jun 28, 2009
what is the song at the VERY end? It's more prevalent in the "I thought you dosed the meat" teaser. It sounds cool as shit. Anyone know?
posted by Bo on Jun 25, 2009
cant wait for my show to be back on .best show i have ever seen about the life of a biker
posted by Weinerdog on Jun 25, 2009
We love this show, just hope the powers that be don't cut it like they do every good show that comes on tv these days. Bring on Season 2 3 4 and so on !!!!!!!!!
posted by Franko on Jun 24, 2009
Why aren't more people watching The Sons.?? They fuckin ROCK.! I love every character, even that tight ATF Bitch. Jax is the coolest dude alive. I can't wait for Season 2.
posted by The Furt on Jun 24, 2009
Final Ep of Series One tonite here in Sydney Aus. I'm shitting myself. I watch every Ep about four times. Can't wait for Series Two. Gotta be the most topical, best written, best cast, best drama series EVA.! The Furt / Sydney / AUSTRALIA
posted by GSE hooligan on Jun 21, 2009
cant wait for the new season i hope rollins doesnt ruin the show, soa is in a class of its own! i wish it was on everynight it really gives a great outlook on the mc's of the world
posted by pirate on Jun 20, 2009
Excellent.... Can't wait... Very pleased there is a second series, best show on TV..Yeah can't
posted by justjimmy on Jun 18, 2009
ya boy,best show on t.v remind me what t.v was like before sons oh ya it sucked,it's like getting laid for the first time the anticipation is fuckin killing me, bring it on baby.
posted by SONS OF ANARCHY IS D on Jun 12, 2009
posted by Son\'s of anarchy fa on Jun 12, 2009
Is that when its on ???in September ??????????? Hmmmm???
posted by naynay on Jun 11, 2009

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