'American Idol' Champion Kris Allen Praises Runner-Up Adam Lambert

May 22, 2009 07:47:19 GMT

"I love Adam and I think he's one of the greatest people that I've met so far," says Kris Allen when he is asked to comment on "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert.

Kris Allen
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Winning the "American Idol" title on its result show Wednesday, May 20, Kris Allen keeps singing praise for competitor Adam Lambert who wins the runner-up position. "There's not a whole lot of people that approve of the whole guy-liner thing and the nail polish and all that," he says in an interview with Access Hollywood and "The Billy Bush Show". "But for me, I love Adam and I think he's one of the greatest people that I've met so far. For me, I'm just a regular guy and I think a lot of people just related to me."

Recalling the time when his name was mentioned as winner of the singing competition's season 8, Kris says Adam congratulated and then reminded him that he still had to sing "No Boundaries," a song co-penned by "Idol" judge, Kara DioGuardi. "Seriously, Adam hugged me and goes, 'You have to sing that song now.' I was like 'Ohhhh gosh!' I was like 'OK, just sing it!' I thought it went OK," he reveals.

Adam himself also offers kind words for Kris. He is quoted as telling People, "Kris is my bud. He's such a good guy, so humble, and he's super talented. I'm really happy for him."


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posted by AdamsDragonSlayers on May 26, 2009
The voting was fixed. I have actual posts from Arkasas student who admit to using Gizmos to tie up the lines for Adam. Some actually switched the number so that those dialing Adam - got Kris instead. The entire east coast was unable to get through for Adam for the first 3 hours -- then the lines open when West Coast came aboard. I also have copies of all the Articles in the Akransas local papers -- stating that 38 million votes were from Arkansas. They used a form power texting that is banned in the IDOL rules. AT&T sent their on reps on site to show them how to do this. They provided free GO phones and Chargers!! AT&T chose the IDOL winner along with Arkansas. Adam never stood a chance. In fact Rob Wills state congressman bragged about this on his home page and then it got zapped off the next day. We have copies of this! Governor of Arkasas announce Kris won before the end of the Finale -- NOW HOW!!! did he have the answer??? I have a number of folks involved in contacting top media investigative reporters to get to the bottom of all this. AI will have to have some answers along with AT&T and Arkansas State Officials-- this was bogus and biased -- totally Undemocratic -- Unaceptiable -- CHEATING! We are starting a facebook page -- Adams DragonSlayers -- IDOL closed our forum twice and banner us from the site. Something says we know too much and have too much information. What do you think. Respond here or go to FB.
posted by NHLADY on May 25, 2009
It was Arkansas teenagers with "speed dial" who threw the results off. The population of Arkansas is (est 2008) 2.8 million. Reportedly over 30 million votes came in from Arkansas. So it was a ******** vote. You could notice "what Arkansas was doing" when Kris came in above both Danny and Adam the week before. The Arkansas "writing was on the wall". Forget red state, blue state. Forget sexual orientation. Not a factor. Just a bunch of teenagers in a rural state who had absolutely nothing else to do for 4 straight hours.
posted by Has on May 24, 2009
Devis, speak for yourself. There may be many fans of Adam fans in Malaysia but there are MANY Kris' fans too here, thanks very much.
posted by ophu on May 24, 2009
I hate to admit it, but Kris is actually being a bit TOO self-effacing. The fact is that he's selling himself short by constantly playing Mr. Humble "Adam should have won" all the time. If Kris wasn't a great talent, he wouldn't have made it to the finals to begin with, much less won the season. So yes, Adam is great, he's super-talented, he'll have a smashing career and probably become Elvis 2.0, but Kris, if you read this you need to bear in mind what I've said and realize your own potential for greatness, because it's in you. Now shut up and enjoy the moment, already.
posted by Shocker on May 23, 2009
I texted 100 times for Adam that night and they all went back as invalid. How did that happen? I am so upset for days now that Adam did not win even Kris Allen knows he deserves it. Kris is talented too but the world knows America screwed up big time here.
posted by Devis on May 23, 2009
I'm a HUGE ADAM fan from Malaysia where many are huge fans of him as well. All our newspapers predicted him to be the next american idol.him not winning was the biggest upset to me in AI EVER! can't believe its all due to unfair voting. and i agree with "ARC from CANADA" that they should allow one vote per phone. it would make the show more inetersting. i also have no idea how i'm gonna tune to AI next season coz i have a sneaky feeling no one would be able to top him.he was such an inspiration to me as he was so comfortable being the "different" contestant in the show. loved the fact that he gives his all in every single stage performance.loved his elaborate staging and off-the-wall wardrobe. really can't wait for him to do a world tour.waiting anxiously for his album and i have already bought a couple of tracks from itunes. ADAM is truly a WORLD IDOL and the best contestant whom has ever graced the AI stage! lets support adam on ITUNES. rock on adam!
posted by Facethefacts on May 23, 2009
AI will never have a 'rocker' win. Simon already stated it wouldn't happen. And surprise surprise! There are more rockers these days going into American Idol to perform. Kris will get his record deal and his fame. But Adam is going to get a better record deal and is going to blow Kris out of the water. When I go to concerts I'd choose someone as energetic and fun as Adam. Kris just seems like another Jimmy Buffet to me. I'd rather have a rocker giving it all they've got than a laid back singer drinking water and having a fan blowing on him the entire time so he doesn't have to sweat. And that's how I foresee Kris is going to be. We're not done seeing Adam in the spotlight just yet. :) And any close-minded people who are in a rage because he's different...Grow up and welcome to the 2000s. Freedom of expression is everywhere in this world. Otherwise we'd all just be clones and there wouldn't be unique styles of music/clothes/food/etc. Change is part of the world. Get used to it.
posted by arc on May 22, 2009
I'm a Canadian who has only watched AI the last month of this season although my teens have watched it in the past. Just couldn't stop watching after that first taste of Adam. His incredible voice just does it for me. I can understand though how other ppl jsu don't care for his vocal stylings - it's a matter of personal taste as Adam said in his Satisfaction performance critique by the judges. He also admitted that he is all about being over the top and a very polarizing performer - ppl tend to either love him or hate him. His on stage personna I find mesmerizing but equally as impressive is the whole person and I am appalled by the personal attackshis in the blogs (and that of many of the other contestants as well including Kris and Danny) I wanted Adam to win because I think he fits my definition of an idol and because I thought he really wanted to win as a validation of his own artistry. I have to say that I am even more impressed by his graciousness and positiveness in the face of not being the AI (and by Kris' equally gracious behaviour) and think we all need to take a lesson from these two fine young men. They both have given all their fans and the AI machinery including the judges an eye opener of an example of what the best kind of competition looks like. They are both winners, they are both fine idols both with a huge amount of support so let's all give them back the same good stuff they\ve given us. I do think that AI would be much much better if the number of votes allowed per phone number or computer was strictly limited to say the number of contestants. Then the voting would represent much more accurately the real choice of the voting audience. The current system ruins it all for me and I am unlikely to tune in next year for that very reason (and the gut feeling that there will never be another Adam for me).
posted by chill on May 22, 2009
everybody needs to relax..i really liked adam and danny the best..but kris was very good and likable too. what prob. happened is that alot of danny's votes ended up going to kris..they ARE similar, although danny's voice is a bit stronger. adam had the most amazing vocal range though, and he will do really well right here in america....i'd appreciate it if some of you guys would keep the racist comments to yourself about the united states..hello..adam is american too people..and so is his family..and you are kind of insulting him too..chill please.
posted by GurlPower on May 22, 2009
Kris I love you......i jsut cant stop thinking about u..ur voice...ur style...ur looks everything it is sooooo AWESUM!!!But just to let u know adam and kris both tried their hardest for the performence. Eventually kris got titled "the american idol", I loved him..from the start, but after reading this i felt kinda bad for adam!!!BUT THEY BOTH TRIED AND YEA...I LOVVVEEEE U KRRRRIIISSSSS ALLLLEEEENNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ana on May 22, 2009
I love KRIS ALLEN! he deserved it!:))
posted by NZChick on May 22, 2009
posted by NZChick on May 22, 2009
posted by NORMA on May 22, 2009
posted by kiwigirl on May 22, 2009
Kris is a really good .....karaoke singer, but Adam is an AMAZING talent. Adam is polished, original, diverse and is going to be a HUGE star!! ROCK ON ADAM!! from a fan in New Zealand!
posted by mj on May 22, 2009
America may deny Adam..BUT THE REST OF THE WORLD IS EMBRACING HIM RIGHT NOW!I could see supports from Australia,Canada,UK,Asia and more!I'm from Malaysia and a huge,huge fan!We will be waiting for him here!Now...If somebody still think that "ADAM appeals only on a small group"?THINK AGAIN!
posted by marathonH on May 22, 2009
Of course there are lot of people in America who preferred Kris' type of music, but there is also all the gay haters, judgemental christians, tweenies who know how to block text and vote thousands of times. All of this went against Adam, and he still came close to winning. You are very misguided if you think Adam appeals to a small group. Middle America may prefer Kris' easy listening sound, but the whole world has been watching this competition and believe me, Adam's popularity extends way way beyond America. There were people in Vietnam trying to vote for him on finals night! The rest of the world is much more open minded and accepting than Middle America, and they find Adam new, creative, exciting and exhilirating to watch. He's like the next Madonna. He's controversial, outrageous, and he will a mega world star,you'll see. We can't wait for Adam to step outside of the limitations of America,we're ready to embrace him.
posted by Chris on May 22, 2009
The song "No Boundaries" was so crap. I am rather glad Adam doesn't have to sing it. Waste of talent, and he can put his beautiful voice to sing something else. Adam, you are my AI.
posted by NN on May 22, 2009
American people sucks!! This is a singing competition, and it has nothing to do with either you are gay or not. Kris Allen is like a little pooh-pooh boy compare to Adam. Kris Allen looked so embarrassed when Ryan announced that he was the winner. He knew that Adam deserved it more than him. Anyways, Adam, we everyone in South Africa loves u and support you 100%. Adam rocks. Wake up stupid American people, u are so good in discriminating peolple!!
posted by BigMan on May 22, 2009
I'll be waiting from Adam's Record, He Rocks!
posted by Tigerlilly on May 22, 2009
OOOhhh this article is so KRADAM love. I am upset that Adam did not win - he is my favourite, but because Adam and Kris are such good friends I cannot be too angry - Adam is so supportive of Kris. It should have been a tie. Besides the fact that they are super talented they are both great guys - and that matters!!!
posted by Joe on May 22, 2009
Kris was Adam's roommate and was always a great supporter of Adam. They even shared nail polish. I actually voted for Kris Allen because I like his style of music. I like the easy laid back music that he did. I know a lot of people like Adam's rocker edgy type of music, and that is cool. I just am partial to acoustic guitar and Kris's more mellow voice. So why can't we all just understand that not everyone is partial to the same type of music. We all have different tastes in music and we vote for which style we like. I wish Kris and Adam the best of luck. As for hatred, there was a lot of undeserved hatred to Kris Allen also because he is a Christian and from a small Southern State. So the bigotry goes both ways and Kris and Adam showed everyone that they don't have small minds. That both were very loving and accepting of each other. Some of you could learn something from both of them.
posted by SoWhat on May 22, 2009
Kris won because he is a great artist and appeals to mainstream. Adam is a great performer but appeals to a a small group. The judges and producers have been propping him up in an incredibly biased way. Adam seems to be a great guy, but his music and style does not appeal to many of us. Period!!! Nothing to do with with his personal life.
posted by Patti on May 22, 2009
Poor Kris Allen was a pawn in a nasty little backlash from Bill O'Reilly, vote for the worse and friends!! Sorry, but it is the truth and America IS SHAMEFUL!! Simon Cowell couldn't even get up out of his chair. Because he knew America got it wrong and so did Kris Allen who said Adam deserved this. I am a Christian and we get a bad name for stuff like this. Adam's personal life is his business. Just like Bill O'Reilly's personal life is his business. The public was suppose to judge Adam on his singing and performance ability. I can't tell you how much filth I read on the Internet about Adam from the bigots and haters. When he was on stage he did nothing offensive and yet was judged on his personal life. Well, you know what everyone knows who the real winner was of American Idol. If I were Kris I would be sad that the only reason I won is because of all the hatred for Adam. Also, that thousands of votes came from one person. Votes like that shouldn't be counted. ADAM IS AN INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR!!! Kris Allen is a nice guy with a nice voice. But, Adam is going to ROCK THE WORLD!!!

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