Teyona Anderson Named Cycle 12's 'America's Next Top Model'

May 14, 2009 04:28:32 GMT

20-year-old model Teyona Anderson won over Allison Harvard in the final runway of 'America's Next Top Model' due to her photo shoots.

Teyona Anderson Named Cycle 12's 'America's Next Top Model'
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From 13 contestants Tyra Banks and co. have wilted it down to three and finally one. Teyona Anderson, a 20-year-old loss prevention rep from Woodstown, NJ. is the crowned "America's Next Top Model" cycle 12.

Teyona had to battle it out with Allison and Aminat in the semi final, doing a commercial ad for CoverGirl lipstick. Teyona in particular was not smooth in delivering her lines and she tend to forget them. But the judges thought that Teyona has more fabulous photos compared to Aminat, and admitted her to the final two along with Allison.

Then Teyona and Allison shot the cover for Seventeen magazine before then walking on the Rosa Cha fashion show bizarre runway. Jay Manuel told them to use the Samba movement, fierce walk and crawling during the show. In the final outing, the girls were covered in black oil and they had to go down on hands and knees to show off the bikinis.

At the panel, judges thought that Allison was better on the walk because Teyona was robotic. Then the judges went through the entire portfolio of the two before finally deciding that Teyona has more approachable personality and has better photo shoots.


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posted by Honey on Apr 15, 2013
Out of the 2 finalists, Alison was the better model ~ I really wanted her to win. Also I think Natalie should have gotten further than she did and also Aminat had a great body. Allison was the best model at the end though and should have won, no doubt
posted by Allissa on Jun 26, 2012
Did you observe that Tyra choose almost only black girls
posted by Kayla on Jun 26, 2012
Tyra always choose the worst girls ... Why...
posted by Emma on Jun 26, 2012
WTF was happen` with Tyra...Teyona was the worst (:(
posted by Torrie on Jun 26, 2012
Allison was the best...It's all!!
posted by Sofie on Nov 21, 2011
I think Teyona is rèally ugly girl. My God.
posted by lw on Nov 15, 2010
the right person won. that's the bottom line
posted by jem on Aug 05, 2010
u stoopid shits below me... those r expert opinions..high fashion isnt bout cute or preety, dam asses
posted by I love Fashion! on May 29, 2010
Okay, are ANY of you judges? I don't think so. They made the right decision! Stop all of the crap! Why would it matter to ya'll anyway? Ya'll weren't on the show. Ya'll are not Allison, so what do you care?
posted by Ashley on Apr 04, 2010
Tyra Banks isn't mixed, stupid.
posted by wtfff gayy on Feb 08, 2010
this show is racist well to me. because you people have to agree that allison was great. and im not saying teyona was terrible she was good to. but overall allison was DEFINATLEY better!!!!! teyona=black thats the only reason she won. and if tyra wasnt mix but white the odds would be different... and i dont give a fuck hat you people say allison should had won!!! and stop making fun of her eyes they are fucking pretty!!! who ever thinks shes ugly and shouldnt have one you people probley look like something that comes out of my ass. soo shut the fuck up you dont know what the fuck your talking about!!! check the facts dumb asses!!!! ALLISON SHOULD HAD ONE!!! IF SHE WAS BLACK SHE WOULD HAD WON!!! SO FUCK TEYONA!!!!
posted by antmlover on Feb 08, 2010
this is soo stupid!! allison should had won!!! not stupid Teyona. have you noticed they always pick the black people? im telling you this show is rasis sometimes. everybody here knows that allison was way better. so what she was a little shy, doesnt mean she "isnt ready". oh pa-lease ppl. just cuz her personality wasnt loud and annoying doesnt mean shit!!! so fuck all yall who says Teyona was better cuz she should had been out along time agoo.!. "allison keep living up your dream to be a model you will succeed. <3"
posted by bibi on Feb 04, 2010
i think teyona won cos she was soo gud.iv always been a teyona fan and allison was just some lost little tin.d only reason she stayed in d competition was cos of her eyes
posted by lol on Feb 02, 2010
teyona is so ugly it almost hurts me, allison had better pictures than her the whole way through, the only reason they kept calling allison below her was because she couldn't physically distort her face to make it look completely different, which was stupid of them to say anyway because her face is going to be her 'model signature' tyra always blabs on about. teyona didn't deserve to get past the first week. allison should of won, she was the one people were talking about the whole way through.
posted by Katrina7 on Jan 26, 2010
seriously people you are arguing about something that may be true but who cares. yes there may be a little unintentional racism but I dont have a problem with it either way. the fact that it seems to be such a big deal because we are not yet color blind in this country. we are getting there forty fifty yrs ago think how it would have been then take a step back and look at the here and now.we have come a long way Im not saying we should not talk aboutit at all just not in the noprodutive arguing that is going on right now. and yes Teyona did deserve to win she kicked but in the go sees and that is a big part , not only that but she seems to be a guinely sweet smart drama free beutiful woman. that is so disresptable to say that these women are all winning only because of the color of her skin. its taking away all the hard work and inner and outer beauty these these women have attained.
posted by Mariana on Jan 23, 2010
I love the allison. she is a great model and a nice girl
posted by girly on Dec 16, 2009
hmmph, so it should be clear that for the next antm 15, white girls shouldn't join and should only for black girls, so to save, if ever a white REAL MODEL emerge she would not lose bec. of the BLACK Pattern.
posted by landab1999 on Dec 12, 2009
Allison is the best? LOL! She was SO lost. "Your pretty" please,have you really WATCHED the show or are you looking @ color! Allison is clueless but cute and NOT ready!love it when non blacks mention color! LOL! Accept it... nonblacks could have dominated years ago bye bye jim crow!!!!:)
posted by cc on Dec 07, 2009
Alison was by far the better model, Teyona it bl**dly rubbish!!! i hate to say it but i think she won because she is black.
posted by sasha on Nov 09, 2009
there is a stupid patter and i think teyona is utter shit! allison should of won. end of conversation (:
posted by real antm fan on Oct 08, 2009
are you lot crazy the right person won... allison is unique and beautiful however she was not ready for the modeling industry. just because black people are winning doesnt mean the shows racist look at you so called pattern and then look at the race of the over cyle winners you lot are stupis as hell and are racists your self the only reason you lot are angry is because a black person won you dont care about aliison shes just a scape goat for you racism.
posted by hhhhhhhhhhh on Oct 07, 2009
teyona is the best an i give a dam bot what the fock all of you what to sae tayona yo are the best girl so work it
posted by just watching on Sep 09, 2009
Allison looked like a professional compared to the others. A pity that Tyra couldn't see it. She asked at the end "its so close, can't you see it?" and really it wasn't. Allison won hands down.
posted by felicia on Aug 16, 2009
I think people should stop looking at how many times a beautiful young black women has won. If you look at the whole picture that entire industry is not fair to people of color. You ask me it still not a lot of us on the cover of magazines and the run way. So you tell me whats wrong with that picture. And people stop using Obama for every little thing a black person deserves. I mean really.
posted by lee on Aug 13, 2009
cycle3 = eva (black) cycle6 = danielle (black) cycle9 = seleisha (black) cycle12 = teyona (black) im black myself
posted by ANTM FAN on Jun 23, 2009
So, Naima isn't black? Where does she fit, in this pattern?
posted by baby on Jun 22, 2009
I think teyona won cuz she waz tha m0st maodelish an had more talent than allison! Allison did not hav wat it takez!
posted by blah on May 31, 2009
um is half black...does that count as black girl? If she had won, that is
posted by sara on May 28, 2009
i watch every ......single episode just for you to pick somone who is not pretty,sexy,cool,looks likee a modle..u lost u'r should of pick the real model ALLISON.
posted by oh on May 27, 2009
jessica is the best !!! pretty and well again pretty it all right we loose and win!!!!
posted by bl on May 27, 2009
omg none of all the one i like was Tahilia was the best she tide the best she does not have good skin but who care you see the diffens even allison she is really pretty!!! im lost now im so mad teyona won im so mad AH!!!!!!!!
posted by 470156 on May 27, 2009
hi,im sofia im 9 year old i want to be model but no you pick teyona are you lost your brain ah!!!! allison should win please change your mine people this days!!
posted by ...ah on May 27, 2009
all of my cousin like better allison then teyona think first allison is better than all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ****4 on May 27, 2009
Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so angry allison should win are you crazy!i whatch all the shows you guy pick teyona AH AH AH !!!!!!!!!!!
posted by sofia on May 27, 2009
I think allisons was the best but she did not win i'm so more than angry %
posted by 18greenleaf@comcast. on May 19, 2009
yes, i was a teyona fan from the begining, she has a natural model appeal to her she is great.
posted by IAmANTMObessed on May 18, 2009
It should have been Allison, its just because Teyona was black that she won, becuase a black girl hasn't won ANTM for a While, and with Obama.
posted by jay bee on May 17, 2009
wow...its 2009..and people stil attribute a person's success to their race..its pathetic...
posted by jgymnast733 on May 17, 2009
The right girl won. PERIOD!
posted by jgymnast733 on May 17, 2009
The right girl won. PERIOD!
posted by jgymnast733 on May 17, 2009
The right girl won. PERIOD!
posted by dellypeach on May 17, 2009
Look at this way, Teyona won by default because of the color of her skin due to the pattern here. But Allison will get the better jobs because she is sooo much better. The judges had to go along with Ms. Diva so it is all so predictable. Lets be honest here, Ms. Diva would not grace anyone with an opinion that is not her's even though she is trying to do good, it has gotten out of hand with attitude and humble beginnings.
posted by hmmmmm....get it on May 16, 2009
Are you kidding me! ofcourse theres a pattern. Every 3rd season a black girl has to win. jenah was way better than saleisha. And allison was miles better. You can even see how tyra looks a bit uncomfortable through the show. And aminat was just carried through to the top 3, horrible pics the whole time. So tyra could cut her off and set it up for teyona. Celia was miles ahead than aminat as a model
posted by truth on May 15, 2009
You want to call Tyra a racist? Allison kept being saved and I couldn't figure out why, she has no personality she barely exists. Those big eyes are the reason Nigel and Paulina would save her. Get Real beauty comes in all types not just blonde and blue eyed.
posted by ED on May 15, 2009
I thought Teyona was sorta boring compared to Alison, and obviously couldn't handle the pressure from the way she cried at the Covergirl commercial. Her pictures towards the end were sub-par too and Alison's were getting even better. They made the wrong choice this time in my opinion, Alison should have won. I think they gave it to Teyona because she was ethnic and she wanted to win more openly than Alison. Also she was the safer choice, Alison had a truly unique face in the fashion world.
posted by aj on May 15, 2009
* meant 0 out of 4
posted by aj on May 15, 2009
teyona was the best and she deserved her win. allison fans should just face reality,teyona is better.when they went to brazil 3 of 3 designers loved teeyona and 0out of 4 loved allison so you guys are just chatting shut the f**k up
posted by hola on May 15, 2009
i know huh! allison should of won w/ those cute little innocent eyes b cuz she really evolved in the show.
posted by sach809 on May 15, 2009
i don't think neither of the top 3 girls deserved it! my favorite was "Fo". And i agree with WTF Tyra, there's always a pattern in this show.
posted by Jdamodel on May 14, 2009
Omg!!! cum on yall...Allison is very beautiful n matured during the show alot...but she could not have handled the fashion pressures of being ANTM!!!! Teyona kicked ass!(up until the end) the right gyrl won...
posted by wow on May 14, 2009
i think aminat should have won
posted by justme on May 14, 2009
WTFTYRA, r u insane, cycle 1 winner, adrianne curry; cycle 2 winner, yoanna house; cycle 5 winner, nicole linkletter; cycle 7 winner, caridee english; cycle 10 winner, whitney; and cycle 11 winner mckey...
posted by fab on May 14, 2009
i am so happy the right girl one, if allison had won i wuld hve been angry
posted by omg1 on May 14, 2009
The best one out of all the models is Aminat. I believe she is going to make it bigger than Teyona or Allison or any of the others.
posted by dimples5 on May 14, 2009
So Happy Teyona won, definetly got it right
posted by Ann on May 14, 2009
WTF Tyra, you r frigging racist,didnt any other colour girl win. Black, white, yellow they are all beautiful. So just shut up if you dont have anything good to say.
posted by slb on May 14, 2009
Allison scared the heck out of me with those eyes. The right one won! Teyone has the baddest walk I have seen. The girl is bad!! Congrat Teyona
posted by sweetie on May 14, 2009
All three girls were beautiful. I thought Aminat had the best body. The best girl won in the end.
posted by RickCain on May 14, 2009
You gotta be kidding me. I knew halfway through the show that Aminat and Teyona would magically survive each episode even with huge flubs. The fun part will be getting Teyona to speak something other than "urban english" in her commercials, and I don't know how you can hide that space alien forehead of hers with just makeup. Allison was the winner here, and I'm sure the choice of Teyona was why Paulina got fired...she disagreed with the witch queen Tyra.
posted by ressa on May 14, 2009
NOOOOO..Allison should have won!!!
posted by WTF Tyra!!! on May 14, 2009
Not meant to be racist AT ALL but I knew a black girl would win, I'll elaborate... ANTM Cycle 3 winner: Eva Pigford ANTM Cycle 6 winner: Danielle Evans ANTM Cycle 9 winner: Saleisha Cooper ANTM Cycle 12 winner: Teyona Anderson See a pattern? I noticed this pattern evolving after Saleisha won, and shouldn't have.
posted by eck on May 14, 2009
I agree allisons pics were 1 million times better, this show always makes me angry >:[
posted by Fashion:Niki on May 14, 2009
The right person won. Teyona was truely the best overall canidate. Congrats.
posted by ... on May 14, 2009
ewww.. allison should have won

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