Video Premiere: Kanye West's 'Amazing'

April 24, 2009 04:09:24 GMT

Kanye West is seen lingering around a campfire and wandering in Hawaiian woods in the music video for 'Amazing', the third single off his 2008 album '808's and Heartbreak'.

Video Premiere: Kanye West's 'Amazing'
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A music video in support of Kanye West's single called "Amazing" has been premiered. The video is shot in Hawaii and directed by Hype Williams. Unlike most of his other videos, which are filmed as animated videos, this newly-debuted one contains real footage with a scene of him singing the song near a campfire and wandering in the middle of a woods.

"Amazing" is the third single coming from West's fourth studio effort "808's & Heartbreak". The song has West joining forces with Young Jeezy. It recently was featured in the promo ad of this season's NBA playoffs.

Kanye West's "808's & Heartbreak" itself has arrived in U.S. stores since November 24. It lines up Kid Cudi and Lil Wayne as featured artists in addition to Young Jeezy. Cudi lends his vocals in a track titled "Welcome to Heartbreak", while Wayne is featured in another song called "See You in My Nightmares".

Kanye West's "Amazing" music video


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posted by kauai girls do it be on Aug 06, 2009
KAUAI bitches!!!!
posted by kaua\'istrain on Jun 30, 2009
this video is filmed on Kaua'i, the most beautiful place in the world, and my home
posted by hey on Apr 27, 2009
i saw him in hawaii when he was flimming it. it was amazing
posted by zz on Apr 24, 2009
well, what it's meant champion, good morning, heartless, not to mention some of his ads too. that's make senses.
posted by Don\'tWorryBoutMyScr on Apr 24, 2009
"Unlike most of his other videos, which are filmed as animated videos, this newly-debuted one contains real footage" Have you seen any other Kanye video except "Heartless"? You're an idiot!
posted by honey on Apr 24, 2009
cute..its quite sumthn fresh 4m him..its amazing
posted by B.Jealous on Apr 24, 2009
I love love love Kanye...and this video! especially since it's filmed on my island home!
posted by 4 zz ** on Apr 24, 2009
got that. his recent viral ad is indeed cartoon

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