'The Celebrity Apprentice' Week 6 Recap: Mr. Trump Fires Two

April 06, 2009 04:57:32 GMT

Not only one but two were dismissed in 'The Celebrity Apprentice', Tionne Watkins for volunteering in the execution and Khloe Kardashian for being in DUI case.

'The Celebrity Apprentice' Week 6 Recap: Mr. Trump Fires Two
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It was time for another challenge and another celebrity kicked out of "The Apprentice". Since the men team lost one more member last week, they were outnumbered and Donald trump has decided to shuffle things up.

KOTU is Clint Black, Joan Rivers, Natalie Gurbis, Khloe Kardashian and Herschel Walker. Athena meanwhile is Melissa Rivers, Annie Duke, Tionne Watkins, Jesse James and Brande Roderick. Brian McKnight meanwhile, was going for a prior commitment and Mr. Trump would decide later on which team he would go.

The teams would have to create a video to advertise All Small and Mighty Detergent. Judgement will be made based on originality, branding and buzzworthy-ness. Melissa stepped up as the project manager for Athena while Clint led the KOTU. Athena came up with the idea of Jesse starring in the viral video, being washed by midgets, while Athena brought dirty jokes about 'dirty laundry'.

Athena asked the execs of the product whether they were allowed to use profane language and stuff. Awkward silence occurred at some points and Natalie said that they had to change direction. Since the brainstorming session did not come out productive, Clint said that they had to stick with his joke idea.

Annie was sent away with Tionne to pick up the props they needed. Melissa thought that Annie was like a puppet master who tried to control everything even though she was not the project manager. On the other side, Joan was throwing tantrum for not having her idea listened by Clint. She hated the idea of the dirty laundry joke, and more on the fact that Natalie and Khloe could only whisper about it.

Donald Trump Jr. visited Athena where he asked about the concept of their ad and the midget actors were brought in. KOTU meanwhile, had trouble with their actor and had to fire him so Clint would step up as the actor, fueling Joan's anger further since she insisted that there was no discussion going on, it was just Clint's decision. During the rehearsal, Herschel frowned in confusion over the concept of the video.

Over at Athena the actors thought their costume looked like oompa loompa's but things went out according to plan. The situation was much worse on KOTU when Clint played the one-man game, locking out all the rest of the team off the editing room. Joan said that she did not want to see Clint anymore after the show ended.

Time for judgment. Donald Trump sat with the executives and they had to invite blogger Perez Hilton to comment. Perez said that KOTU's video was "shortsighted" while Athena's failed to grab the target market which is women. The execs meanwhile, were generally unimpressed with both.

In the boardroom, Mr. Trump told the teams that they both failed because the execs hated both ads. Thus, Melissa and Clint were asked to bring two people each. Melissa picked Tionne and Brande out of random choice while Clint brought Natalie and Khloe. Annie and Brian, meanwhile, missed the boardroom.

Trump asked Tionne why she wanted to come along Melissa and she said that she wanted to stick by Melissa, so Trump fired her. "Never volunteer for execution," Trump said.

Khloe was asked on her whereabouts on the last week's challenge and knowing that she served a court order of DUI case, Trump also fired her but gave the money to her charity of choice anyway. "I hate people who drive under the influence. I know three families who lost children to drunken driving. If I had known you would have been missing time on the task for a DUI, you would have never been on the show," Trump concluded.

Meanwhile, the detergent challenge branches out to a Video Encore on the All laundry web site immediately after the show ended. Melissa Rivers stars in "Melissa in Laundry Fairy" while her mother Joan Rivers is involved in "Guess that Stain"!"

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posted by PapuManiac on Apr 19, 2009
Trump is a snake-oil salesman. This show has nothing to do with "professionalism". He fired the two lesser-known names because the show is tanking in the ratings. To fire one girl because of showing solidarity with a teammate - then to fire another for admitting a mistake and doing what the court asks of her - is just plain wrong. This franchise is about as bankrupt as the Trump casinos.
posted by Lee91Fan on Apr 14, 2009
Dennis Rodman was just being he always has been. It's just everybody else that thinks he's something he is not. He is matter what else he does!
posted by Kruszakus on Apr 07, 2009
What the hell was that? Donald trump made the dumbest decision ever - fire someone for doing nothing wrong? Tionne did so good, and as a reward she gets fired? And discriminating Khloe and putting her in the same category as drunken drivers who killed people? I thought that the decision was disgraceful! First he fired Tom over Rodman, now he fired two people who had nothing to do with the loss? Just really dumb.
posted by JoEllyn on Apr 07, 2009
I was totally disgusted with this weeks Apprentice. Clint Blacks video was so vulgar - I lost all respect for him. He should definately been fired. Dennis Rodman drank on every episode and yet he fires a girl who is trying to get her act together. I guess I won't be watching this anymore.
posted by anonymous on Apr 07, 2009
Poor Khole, I give her credit for being able to sit there and not break down. I am shocked that Donald Trump would act so unprofessional. And as for Dennis Rodman his drinking problem could be considered an illness and in the real world firing someone for that could be considered discrimination. Poor Tionne she could have been the winner of the show she was doing a great job. Clint should have been fired for just being an idiot.
posted by fonzie on Apr 06, 2009
Congratulations Donald, you just 'jumped the shark'
posted by granny on Apr 06, 2009
Obviously, Donnie has convinced himself that he is god! All that greed may have made him wealthy but it will some day be his destruction! To air ones mistakes over national TV only shows how shallow he truly is. Instead of him respecting "support", he struck like a snake and executed the team player. To fire or to execute do not have the same meaning! I will join the "DONE WITH THAT SHOW" group.
posted by Ku on Apr 06, 2009
and who's this Mr Moral/High and Mighty? A guy known for bankrupt casinoes? What a jerk
posted by Ku on Apr 06, 2009
I dont watch Family Guy or American Dad, anymore, because it is just too vulgar. But Clint Black's 'salute' to All was every bit as bad, ever worse. Then he fires some girl over a DUI, when BOTH projects were so bad, that All rightly refused both videos. I'm done with this show, never watched it much, but never again.
posted by tiredmom on Apr 06, 2009
It's painfully obvious that this show is "scripted" to the point that the Donald uses any bad excuse he can find to fire the people that aren't causing much "drama" and elevating the ratings. I for one won't be watching this show anymore. The last two firings were a crock. I think Trump should be fired.
posted by Done with Trump on Apr 06, 2009
Trump should be fired. Dennis Rodman's drinking escapades didn't seem to bother him and he can't say he didn't know about that! I have lost all respect for Trump. Done with that show; I don't need my intelligence insulted. Own up to your bad decision Mr. Trump.
posted by Alan Schwarz on Apr 06, 2009
I was blown away on both choices of firings by Trump.Clint's album "Drinkiní Songs & Other Logic" is full of his exploits with alcohol.You can bet he's driven his pickup truck home with one eye open more than once.Yet despite his horrible performance as team leader and even worse, that piece of crap video which was his baby,Khloe gets the AX? Then to fire Tionne simply for showing solidarity to the leader of the team with the MUCH FUNNIER video ranks right up there with Trumps hairdo for bad decision making.
posted by taxgirl on Apr 06, 2009
I don't get a chance to watch this show often and now I'm quite glad - the firings had absolutely nothing to do with the show at all - just personal opinion! At least tie your decisions to what we laboured through to watch.
posted by meg4fancast on Apr 06, 2009
Poor Tionne. She was awesome and did not deserve that. Melissa Rivers actually blogs for Fancast each week about the show. Definitely check it out!
posted by pattycake on Apr 06, 2009
Shame on you, Donald Trump you are acting more like Donald Duck. YELLOW. To fire Khloe & Tionne shows no backbone. I don't know how you got where you are today but it certainly wasn't because of your integrity. Clint and Melissa should be gone. Goodbye CA.
posted by elliegeorg on Apr 06, 2009
What's wrong wih Donald Trump. Firing Tionne for voluntering. People volunteer to help and to fire Khole. I am against DWI but Khole has paid for her mistake and is sorry. The ones that should have been fired were Clint and Melissa. Both videos were bad. This is the last Apprentice show I watch
posted by anonymous fan on Apr 06, 2009
Since neither team presented a quality video, the logical thing to do would have been to fire both project managers. It didn't make sense to bring back anyone or take the boardroom any further. Kuto had already begun infighting before the results were announced. It was clear that the project managers were responsible for the concepts and exectution of the videos. They should have taken the fall for their teams, especially Clint.

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