Ciara to Sing With Justin Timberlake at 'Saturday Night Live'


Ciara will collaborate with fellow musicians Justin Timberlake and Young Jeezy at NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' show in May.

Ciara has reportedly been booked as a musical guest at variety show "Saturday Night Live". She will be singing two songs from her upcoming album "Fantasy Ride" on May 9, four days after the new record arrives in U.S. stores.

During her performance at the NBC's sketch comedy, Ciara will be joined by Young Jeezy and Justin Timberlake. She will team up with Jeezy in track "Never Ever", and join forces with Timberlake in song "Love Sex Magic".

In addition to make a collaboration with Ciara, Timberlake will also make a hosting job at the May 9 episode of the hit variety show. No record on whether or not Ciara will be playing a sketch at the show.

"Saturday Night Live" performance news aside, Ciara's new album is reportedly broken down into three acts, "Groovy City", 'The Crunktown" and "Kingdom of Heaven". Tracks in "Groove City" are said to be worked on by Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and Jasper Cameron, while "The Crunktown" and "Kingdom of Dance" materials will be executively produced by Danja.




    Sep 15, 2009


    swagga c
    May 07, 2009

    cara is the best and her album is hott.i love both of these songs she gon perform on snl this saturday and all these haters can sit back and shut the hell up and get a life and stop hating on other people's cuz they already getting that paper.ya dig bytches.get em cici shut these haters down with this performance and new album.i can tell you transformed into a more mature independent women...go super c.

    Apr 29, 2009

    dEAR CIARA, yOU ARE confused that i am troubleing you i just wanted to lested to you advise about this classmate of mine that just dide about two and half yoears if ther is any thing that i have done to you please tell me. The reason wy i am sending this urgent letter is to ry and understand MY GIRLFRIEND DEATH THAT JUST HAPPEN SO STUDDENLY. please i need another ablum music for my youth program that is going to be held up nect two months and every one is invited . I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE THING TO DID FO MY WIFE rEMEMBER TO GET THE ORIGINAL PASSPORT AND YOUR SCHOOL CERITIFATE AND I NEED IT AT THE END OF may that the celebrating is ending remember that all are welcome

    Apr 18, 2009

    Woh woh dats de boom.keep de fire blazing.1st of al a lyk de soon NEVE EVA.go cici...

    Apr 06, 2009

    U r the *BEST* thats it ;)

    Hmmmm. Late?
    Apr 03, 2009

    That three disc concept was scrapped a while ago.. step ya game up

    Apr 03, 2009

    scre all those hatas CICI dooo yah thang gurl...U R AMAZING DONT EVER STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! CUZ IVELUVED U SINCE DAY 1!!!:)

    not late. u\'re late
    Apr 03, 2009

    3 disc concept was scrapped but look at other news.the idea showed up again. However.its still rumor

    Apr 03, 2009

    btw her album comes out on may 5th.

    Apr 03, 2009


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