'One Tree Hill' Preview: Pregnant Peyton Bleeding

March 31, 2009 06:01:58 GMT

'One Tree Hill' will take two-weeks worth of break but will be back with Nick Lachey, tragedy in Peyton's pregnancy and a shocking secret.

'One Tree Hill' Preview: Pregnant Peyton Bleeding
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"One Tree Hill" will not return for another two weeks, but a long promo has been given to highlight on the remaining five episodes. "I Would for You", the episode that airs April 20 meanwhile, is not yet given an official synopsis.

Among the things happening to the Tree Hill residents are Brooke discovering a secret of Samantha, Mia meeting Nick Lachey, Hayley making out with Nathan, and pregnant Peyton involved in a car accident and bleeding. It was revealed that Nick's cameo will be aired on April 27 and rumor has it creator Mark Schwan has asked the singer to stick around for en extra week and he had agreed.

With 5 more episodes left, the fate of Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton in the show is still blurry. One source from the set said that although both actors have given cryptic message to their fans regarding their leave, producers are letting things come out that way since there has been no script developed for their characters yet.


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posted by emmm..... on Oct 20, 2009
Hilarie and Chad cant leave the show they are leyton they should come back in either season 7 or season 8 they have to come back most of the shows have either peyton and lucas wantin to get together o them acctualy being together please dont make them leave
posted by Nailey on Jul 29, 2009
OK personally im a hailey and nathon fan i agree they should have another kid but a girl but anyways i know u guys are all gussed up about peyton and lucas leaving the show and i am 2 but that doesnt mean they should stop the show cuz then i wouldnt have anything to watch and believe in but i still dont want peyton and lucas 2 leave
posted by Alie on Jun 08, 2009
i really dont wont them to leave plz dont
posted by OG on May 13, 2009
Okay seriously, i'm still in highschool and I act more mature than most of you all... the characters need to stay the way they are or the show would be rediculously stupid.. Life is about drama and thats what this show is so keep it real.... get over yourselves!!!
posted by archangel on May 12, 2009
I'll be pissed if Hilarie Burke leaves the show and probably won't watch any more. That show has been my favorite for years. The writers seem to nearly always have such powerful and inspirational scripts. Most episodes have had me touched to the brink of tears. I've often wished that One Tree Hill and the characters on it really existed and that I could live there with the stable, loyal, grounded, good hearted characters from the show........... then I wake up and I'm still in Orange "plasticville" county. ={
posted by Hmm... on May 12, 2009
I waited for ever for Peyton and Lucas to be together as they naturally seemed destined to be. Then I waited forever while the show was taken off for months at a time on a regular basis........... now this? If Peyton/Hilarie leaves, I won't watch any more. Brooke's wanna' be man is B-O-R-I-N-G and her character is really dull with him. Lucas might be an ass in real life, but Peyton and Lucas have always seemed like such natural soul mates. Also, who could blame chad michael murray for cheating on sophia bush (If he actually did) considering how she balloons up to 3 times her original size between episodes. lol ha ha only kidding. I'm sure all of the lazy, out of shape people will take offense to that. lol If you're offended it's because you know you need to get off of your fat ass and stop over eating. ha ha
posted by lola on May 12, 2009
pls dont let them depart from the show cos d show wont be worth seeing implore you guyz should fix the problem btw them and the producer,let them remain in the show.CHAD AND HILLARIE pls come back cos we need you guyz,the show will be boring without you guyz.we dont want any new face to take there place plssssssssssss
posted by lucas n peyton on May 12, 2009
seriously they need to remain in the show,cos if they leave it wont be worth seeing i implore you guyz should fix the problem and let them be in the show as long as the show will be and last.plsssssssssss let them be BACK for real
posted by LeytonLove on May 09, 2009
I know for sure from Hil's MySpace that the show is returning for a seventh season. All you nay sayers need to stuff a sock in it. The two main characters leaving the show will ruin OTH! If you don't like what Mark is doing with the show, STOP WATCHING!!!!!!!!!
posted by OTHgirl on May 04, 2009
You people need to stop. I luv peyton and Lucas they were ment to be! So be quite and we will find out what happened at the season finale!
posted by neeshaybab on May 04, 2009
i think that Peyton should have her baby because she has been through some much like when sikeo Derick and want she found out when he was pregnant it was scary because he had cancer for her birth mother so im praying that every thing comes to a good ending and for brook case she a jullian and every since that came back i know that they were made for each other and they should go out in real and all u Peyton hater can step to me cuz
posted by 23avery606 on May 03, 2009
I think Haley & Nathan should have a baby girl! Peyton & Lucas are probably going to move away. :( Julian NEEDS to come BACK to Brooke!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))
posted by peytlucas09 on Apr 28, 2009
I love leyton together. I always have. I don't think that any of the mains should leave as when the main ones leave, the shows never last till the end of that particular season. I love OTH and want it to continue
posted by ressa53 on Apr 26, 2009
If payton dies im history,iv waited forever for them to be togather,
posted by OTH on Apr 25, 2009
i think peyton should die now because six seasons of her suffering and moaning is enough, but they'd have to keep chad then because it'll look stupid if they both aren't in season 7 specially if their planning on them leaving tree hill (BORING!) it's time brooke was given some well deserved happiness so make brulian happen!
posted by camdog on Apr 22, 2009
No OTH!!! BRING HIM BACK! Mark Schwann you are way better then that.
posted by Alleybot on Apr 21, 2009
also! who cares what chad does in his own time! that has nothing to do with the show, and there is no season 7.. this is the last season.
posted by OTH on Apr 19, 2009
i think peyton should die now because six seasons of her suffering and moaning is enough, but they'd have to keep chad then because it'll look stupid if they both aren't in season 7 specially if their planning on them leaving tree hill (BORING!) it's time brooke was given some well deserved happiness so make brulian happen!
posted by Britishchic on Apr 16, 2009
I live in Wilmington, North Carolina where the show is filmed, and Chad moved out of his house last week to L.A so I don't really see him appearing back in season 7.
posted by Chad-is-a-loser on Apr 16, 2009
Especially since he had to cheat with Paris Hilton!
posted by CheatinChad on Apr 16, 2009
Personally, I could care less if Chad leaves. Anyone that would cheat in their marriage to someone as beautiful and wonderful as Sophia Bush is a LOSER to me. He's not worth wasting your time on!
posted by DM on Apr 13, 2009
Personally more than half your comments SUCK!!! The show will NOT be the same if they have different characters and if Peyton dies and Lucas is left alone it is JUST like the OC the same way Ryan was left and it was NOT a pretty sign. So I think the show needs Julian and Brooke to get engaged, Peyton and Lucas have a kid, not to mention Mia and Chase, and Jack and Sam "Hooking Up" maybe some good will come out of it! And of course Haley and Nathan NEED a NEW BABY Jamie needs a little bro or sis I mean come on he gets lonely. So I say who cares if anyone is a jerk keep the same people and true fans will LOVE!!! it no matter what!
posted by ellieb on Apr 12, 2009
you know there was a time that i was hoping that lucas and peyton worked out. but then it got really boring, then really predictable, and now its TOTALLY a twilight/breaking dawn rip off. Now, i'm hoping that something happens to peyton and she either loses the baby and is okay, she doesnt lose the baby or she dies, OR she and the baby die and lucas is left alone. because otherwise, there is no point in me watching them anymore. as it is, i fast forward though a lot of leyton moments. julian and brooke are definitely the new leyton, and i am perfectly fine with the attention shifting to them. As it stands, pretty soon, people are going to stop watching leyton and naley altogether. now that nanny carrie is gone, there is no real drama with nathan and haley. jamie is cute, but he's not doing much either anymore. and lucas and peyton are about as exciting as paint drying.
posted by ashley94 on Apr 12, 2009
They cant leave the show will turn out like the OC whem marissa died it will die too
posted by neesees on Apr 10, 2009
i thiinkl that payton should be with lucus and have a child
posted by w on Apr 08, 2009
the show would never be the same with out the k main characters!!!
posted by lcbonita3 on Apr 06, 2009
lucas needs to unleash his dark side. theres some dan in him somewhere. that would b great. lol wreaking havoc on the hill dan style lololololol
posted by lcbonita3 on Apr 06, 2009
lol how do u know chads a jerk 2 work with? and who cares if he is? if lp r gone they should just end the series already. its getting boring now anyway.the hannah montana show has more spice. hahahahaha
posted by catty1285 on Apr 06, 2009
I fell in love with the show i hope it contuines can't wait to see if pyeton has her baby
posted by foreignfriend on Apr 05, 2009
the show will not be the same without chat and hil please continue as a family with a wonderfull child
posted by othlovr on Apr 04, 2009
Yea I think they'll come back too. On a website it said in season 7 that it's going to fast forward 4 years this true?
posted by inutel on Apr 03, 2009
i don't know if who is telling the truth but all i know is that chad didn't sign a contract for season 7 because he now wanted to excel in movies.
posted by blah on Apr 03, 2009
Pause the preview. The shredded letter Brooke is holding is from Sam's birth mother.
posted by joanna on Apr 03, 2009
posted by joanna on Apr 03, 2009
please signed all of them in season 7 please
posted by Kristen on Apr 02, 2009
Chad and hil need to stay on the show they belong together . and what secret is brooke talking about iteresting.
posted by RG on Apr 02, 2009
Thw show will not be worth watching if they are not on season 7
posted by laughingloud on Apr 02, 2009
Chad, fire his ass! It could not happen to anyone more deserving! He's a jerk to work with! And he himself has had many people fired off the show! It's your turn now Chad! Bye bye!
posted by ladykat on Apr 02, 2009
they better be back...
posted by babygirl on Mar 31, 2009
This show is worth alot because of the facted that it's got alot of people interested in watching it for as long as it's on for and maybe you can keep it going.
posted by ML on Mar 31, 2009
It sounds like there still may be a chance that Chad and Hilarie will be back for season 7.
posted by PeytScott on Mar 31, 2009
i'm reallllllllllyyy hoping that the producers are just trying to throw everybody off about this whole hillarie/chad thing. i have a feeling that they are gonna be coming back

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