Rihanna and Chris Brown Rumored Having Explicit Sex Tapes

March 20, 2009 03:24:53 GMT

Rihanna reportedly is afraid that Chris Brown will make public their sex tapes which he has recorded during their intimate moments.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Rumored Having Explicit Sex Tapes
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New rumor has been brought forth by Star Magazine, claiming Rihanna and Chris Brown have explicit sex tapes. In its March 30 issue, which has hit the newsstands, Star claims Rihanna allowed Chris to tape some of their intimate moments and after all the things that have happened following the assault he did to her, the Barbadian songstress now worries the footage will be exposed for public's enjoyment.

"They've had tons of crazy nights in bed, and Chris has recorded many of them...They both have very kinky sides," says a source. Still according to the same source, Rihanna enjoys role-playing and dressing up as a dominatrix when having sex with Chris.

Taking into account her tumultuous romance with Chris, Rihanna is afraid that if she pushes Chris over the edge then he will release the sex tapes, it has been claimed. "Rihanna has no issues with her sexuality," Star cites a source as claiming. "But she'd be mortified if her friends and family found this out!" The "Umbrella" hit maker is worried the racy tapes could ruin her personally and professionally.

"This whole beating incident is terribly humiliating for her. She's already traumatized and will do anything to make it all go away as quickly as possible," another source tells Star.

As of press time, it is not yet known if Rihanna and Chris Brown are aware of the sex tapes report. Their people also haven't made a single comment on that matter.


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posted by lil brat on Feb 05, 2011
rihanna has move on n that just the freakin past
posted by vonte da bezt on Nov 19, 2010
everybody commenting on this is some assholes because yall focusing on their life. that aint yall cousins or nun. Irene im sorry for wAt had happen to u. hoply god will hadle that. but fuck yall haterz n get n fuckin life
posted by dfghj on Oct 06, 2010
i wanna s** rihanna
posted by mzizshiyah on Aug 27, 2009
would yall people please leave chris alone
posted by maia on Jul 28, 2009
oh my god rihanna anad chris brown they shouldnt be taping sex tapes 4 there age gosh
posted by emma on Jul 16, 2009
katie you dont konw me so befor you say something like that. you need to get a life
posted by katie on Jul 16, 2009
emma saying that your wrong get over youself YOU ARE A BITCH
posted by emma on Jul 16, 2009
i love chris maybe rihanna done something to make he mad everyone said that chris just hit her but no one knows chris side of the story it was all just about rihanna
posted by ratman1965 on Jun 27, 2009
i hate chris brown he had now right to beat rihanna up and fefe you are so fucking stupid and you are a fucking bitch
posted by alice x on Jun 21, 2009
all i have 2 say chris brown is a asshole he a wanker rihanna dosnt want no of his money ,and he had 2 rights 2 beat her up
posted by isiah braken on May 27, 2009
i am gay l love chris brown so dont blame my honny chrissy!!!
posted by isiah braken on May 27, 2009
i am gay l love chris brown so dont blame my honny chrissy!!!
posted by naynay on May 07, 2009
rihanna is a hoe
posted by ujjjjjhj on Apr 08, 2009
i fucked rihanna today i thought i should tell u this......guys
posted by fefe on Apr 07, 2009
ya all stupid ya dont know what happened assholes
posted by Irene kimble on Apr 03, 2009
I think that people on here needs to get a life talking about chris/Rihanna.and he's wrong for putting his hands on my girl Rihanna.the stuff that happening in his past with his mother.he should just learned from be honest i was mad to at him too but i have a forgivin GOD and i for gave him for missing up her life and also his life.but chris u can not put your manly hands on a woman period.i had gotten beating badly by my ex-boyfriend i mean i love both u all u wrong.i wish i could see u and Rihanna to tell u all how this boy fuck up my life bad until my family wanted to fuck him up. And to all these people saying all these things about my girl RIHANNA u all is just mad cause she got it going on.u all is some hater.good luck RIHANNA.move on with your life.IRENE from ST.LOUIS MO.
posted by vicky a on Apr 02, 2009
hey chrs u, can lve rhianna as much as u want no one can stop u from lveing rhianna lve u chris .
posted by the grl on Mar 24, 2009
rihanna is du best, who ever is hating is stupid, chris brezey is some dumb young boy who is week, so he hits on grls. a grl could not do that to your face, so truely chris brown u got issues, and this thing is getting so old, end it plz!!!!!! now
posted by D3Z on Mar 24, 2009
this all i hav to say. u girls out there who are defending chris need to know that u are NEVER goin to get with him so stop dreamin. Next rihanna or no other person deserves to b beatin, so stop bein such a holes.u all should be ashamed of your selfs for sayin its okay for chris to hit rih. ITS NOT!!!!!!. and wtf she dnt want none of his money. she makes more money than he does. she has tons of indorcements and her music carrer. all of chris indorcements have termenatd him. i hope he tanks
posted by nathsha on Mar 21, 2009
your both sick and dombass chris brown you go to jail i saw all of your nude pics you so cute and hot love your nude pics chris brown asshole
posted by nathsha on Mar 21, 2009
why you are a asshole you was iwas you bestest fan but i was rong dombass and you chris brown your so hot and cute asshole and bich
posted by sagacious on Mar 21, 2009
Perhaps we could just let these two people develop their lives? Rihanna has options. Chris has options. No need to vilify one or the other.
posted by baby g on Mar 21, 2009
you and cirs brow is so sick oky
posted by latifa on Mar 20, 2009
whetever she did, her career s over .. she bd girl & selfish tht wht she deserv..chris still the best.
posted by Kat on Mar 20, 2009
Well, where's the surprise there? She dresses as a dominatrix in her videos (videos she co-directed, so it was her choice) and she alwyas looks like a ho, doesn't she? I mean... the good girl image could have fooled just ten years old girls who don't really know. But that Rihanna is in the business just because she is trash and kinky, that's a fact well known. Jay Z pancked his thingie in her cake when she was about what? 15 years old? That's a ho and a ho alwyas remains that. Rih Rih don't worry: pervert males and females will love you even more if tapes come out. Next record title it "Going open about being bad" It will sell. Sex always sells and you're good with that, don't you? She's really a constant disappointment.

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