Justin Timberlake's Segment on 'All Access Grammy Special' Previewed

Justin Timberlake
Katie Couric discusses among others, Justin Timberlake's stint on 'SNL' and his work with Madonna.

One part of Katie Couric's "All Access Grammy Special" has been extracted, taking her segment with multiple Grammy-winner Justin Timberlake. Among the things that they discuss is why did he dress in leotard and high heels for a skit in "Saturday Night Live" as Beyonce Knowles' backing dancer.

To this Justin explains that Beyonce was having second thoughts about the skit and he tried to get his hands on the matter by opening his robe in her dressing room to reveal himself in leotard. He then stared into the blank space and he says Beyonce told him "I can't look anywhere but your face right now." She was then convinced.

Justin was made one of the dancers in "SNL" video parody of Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)". He further tells Katie, "Put a grown man in a leotard and that's just already funny. (After that) we couldn't go anywhere but up."

Justin also speaks about his partnership with Timbaland who has penned many hits with him, saying "We have a crazy chemistry in the studio. (We're) like two painters. Somebody slaps a color on a canvas and the other one starts working with it." While commenting on his collaboration with Madonna on "4 Minutes", he jokes "She's short, so I wasn't afraid at all," adding "It's very personal to have that kind of experience with someone."

Beside the one-on-one interview, Katie also spends time with Justin on the golf course, a place where Justin often visits outside the glam of his celebrity life. He shows her how to swing the stick and also displays the latest collection of his clothing line, William Rast.

Justin Timberlake is just one of several celebrities that will sit down with Katie Couric for the "All Access" that airs February 4 at 9/8c on CBS News. Others are Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, and Katy Perry. The 51st Annual Grammy Awards itself will be live telecast by CBS from 8 - 11:30 P.M. (ET/PT).

Justin Timberlake on "SNL":

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