Lil Wayne's Rock Album Receives Title and Date

January 24, 2009 06:44:36 GMT

In three months to come, rapper Lil Wayne will release 'Rebirth', his new project on rock music.

Lil Wayne's Rock Album Receives Title and Date
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Lil Wayne's venture to rock music is imminent. The rapper who announced back in 2008 that he is shifting gear from Hip-Hop to be a rock star will release his rock-themed album "Rebirth" on April 7, his publicist confirmed to MTV. The first single is "Prom Queen" which will be streamed on MySpace on Tuesday, January 27 right after his concert at San Diego's Cox Arena.

Earlier this month, Canadian actor/rapper Aubrey Drake Graham a.k.a Drake said that he contributes a song to Lil Wayne's rock album. He said, "Wayne's coming out with a new album, it's a rock album. A complete rock album. I have a song on there. It's something different in just that whole [Kanye West] '808's & Heartbreak', just throwing individuals off."

The news of Lil Wayne's rock project first erupted when the rapper himself declared during BET Hip-Hop Awards that he is picking up guitars. "People see the guitars and they wanna call it rock and roll. I plug up the bass, I plug up the electric, I plug up the acoustic - it's not really rock and roll, its just great music I'm doing right now," he announced.

This would be the project that was formerly called as an extended version of his huge-selling "Tha Carter III".


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posted by donald tere haute on Apr 01, 2010
u say he ios a shityy person .he is an entertainer thats y he sells allot of music weather u like it or not people love him i love him so go do ur self a favour and hang ur selves thank u
posted by tony g on Feb 19, 2010
as long as lil wayne dont try to touch heavy metal i dont give a shit.......but he shud just make rock cuz all he does iz sing..whether he plays rap or rock.....i think hes a shitty rapper...
posted by Truth on Dec 26, 2009
Lil wayne really needs to stick with rap because to me and 65% of a typical rock community thinks he is a disgrace and i am not saying this to be racist because there are many "black" singers/songwriters for the rock genre and really it originated from blues but for today lil wayne should stay in his place, and you can flame me all you want but its pathetic how you have to use such language influenced from "Lil Wayne" ~
posted by Datguy on Sep 01, 2009
Hey I use to not like lil wayne . but i heard his dj song and gave him the benefit of the doubt and look now. couple years later he is being asked to hit every single and keep producing albums. I think he is musically in tune. He is now trying the most important music instrument out there. the guitar . I think him trying out a new genre is perfectly ok . his song prom queen probaly dont mean nothing to you guys but for the men out there who try going for the prom queen and got rejected and still made something of their lives . I think this song reflects there life perfectly. Hes a great artist and hes not being influenced by some mainstream or corparate jerks...who ever they be. i dont care . Call me ignorant . Stop judging someone by what you want them to stick to. Its kinda fucked up you guys decide his musical career. Respect and imbrace the new traditions , our world will only change more we have to be open to new ideas ...thats it
posted by m!$$.l!l weezy on Aug 26, 2009
hey guys and yow lollipopular dude i liked ur comment and yow lil i liked urs too and yow guys all of ya haters motha fuckes hate him or love him it wont change and yow he is the booooommm god damn it !!!he is a real nigga and yow he got talents and yow he is amazing and yow he is my world and basketball and rapping i love that nigga and even though wateva .i did hate it at the first that he changed coz i am crazy lover for rap and hip hop and R&B but yow thats aiight he is trying something new and that is a nice thing that a person trys manyythings in the world and yow i weezy"F"baby i am ur best fans i love u from my heart man i even dreamed about couple of times man and hope u the best in life and to ur family and everything weezy love ya and in arabic we say "allah eywafqak " and yow i hope u get on the road that keeps away from weed and its kinda shits man and "allah yehdeek" anyways peace out
posted by The Truth on Aug 21, 2009
Lil Wayne Plays Rock now because when he was 12 years old he was playing with his fathers gun and shot himself in the cest when his family found him they called 9-1-1 the first officer who arrived on the scene found Lil wayne with out a pulse he performed CPR and took him to a hospital. He saved his life. Then years later he saw the officer at a bar and asked him does he remember him, he said no Wayne told him his name and the cop said " I know of you but i don't listen to rap" the little wayne told him about when he was 12 an he remembered the so now he makes rock.
posted by harley (aka) boss ho on Aug 10, 2009
yo alot of you take this shit to personal...dont get mad cuz waynes got a record deal and your stuck in your moms basement tickling your own balls...the boys got vision thats all need be said..and yeah that rock album gonna be hot...SO STOP HATING AND GET ON YA OWN GRIND. FUCK HATERS
posted by nov on Jul 19, 2009
music > genre
posted by juicybear1982 on Jul 07, 2009
posted by hjfkyfk on Jul 01, 2009
lil weezy tha best
posted by buntu mpunga on Jun 23, 2009
young mula baby weezyz tha shit cash money fo life bitches birdman 5 star stunna half a mil on tha grill on these pussys cash money till i die
posted by Blood n out on Jun 16, 2009
damn son whateva u on lower da dose. waynes all bout makin dat paper, nybody can hate on the nigga, but truth is hes just gon' keep on makin cake wether the bakerys closed or not, respect the hustle.
posted by mainstream on Jun 15, 2009
i agree with you about mainstream music, its disgusting. I try not to listen to it it but its hard to avoid, its like the record companies want to shove music down peoples throats. I love rock music, and when i heard this, i threw up.
posted by Freddie on Jun 03, 2009
I heard he's going to play his guitar with his penis..!
posted by lil t on May 27, 2009
evryones an idiot sometimes. who gives a shit if he wants to rock or rap. its not like it makes a difference. he still has a shitload of money so hes not losing anything. either way you look at he still making money and shitting on him isnt gonna do shit. And how come people are saying hes terrible. if he was terrible he wouldn't have "a milli" fucking retards. pull ur heads out of ur asses. Its all a business in the end.I personly like his music and if u don't then don't listen to it. By putting up gayass hater messages ur just fueling the fire. So sit down and shut up. If you have notin good to say don't say it at all. And hes not ruinin music hes diversifing it. Just like fucking everything else in this goddam world. But some of u don't know that and don't want it. If a black man can be president why can't a black guy rock????
posted by messymarv on May 27, 2009
mke dhis cd hela rawh brah n fux bkloods cuzz
posted by on May 20, 2009
Rebirth Doesn't Come Out Until June 23, 2009... I Love Rock And I Like Wayne's Style. Can't wait To Hear It.
posted by WhereHasGoodMusicGon on May 19, 2009
lil wayne better not get on any rock radio stations...because what he's doing isn't rock. it's pretty much all you could expect out of a rich rapper who can't sing or play guitar trying to do rock. CRAP. And plenty of people will buy it not because the music's good...but because people are stupid as fuck and don't know any better. Any person who knows anything about rock who has heard prom queen knows that it's half-ass crap and wouldn't get anywhere if Lil Wayne was a nobody. Lil Wayne should stick to polluting rap instead of rock. Some people on here said if you don't like it don't listen to it. Well that would be a lot easier if lil wayne wasn't massively overplayed on the radio and TV when one of his shitty albums come out. Meaning good music will be played less. Thus, lil wayne has reduced the quality of music played on radio and TV. Thanks a lot lil wayne. It takes more than a name to make good music!!!
posted by supdude100 on May 08, 2009
well its not going to be rock n roll like anyone else he's an individual and if people want to classify what he is doing as rock and roll good for you. Its not like hes going to get a whole different fan base or something (hes not) hes just broadening his horizon and well... making a few milli in the process.
posted by JUSMEJOSE on May 07, 2009
posted by holydumbfuck on Apr 30, 2009
So many fucking retarded wanna be gangster teenagers. Makes me sick. He does not belong in the Rock genre, the song "Prom Queen" was an abomination by my standards of rock.
posted by thona on Apr 29, 2009
all lil wayne is doing is trying to diss all rockers by saying it takes no talent to play rock any one can do it. but hes FUCKING WRONG and its backfiring on him cuz its almost May and the album isn't that big of a hit , its not even a hit at all. LMAO
posted by Pussy Ripper on Apr 28, 2009
Wayne wayne wayne.... g'head wayne been bumpin ya shit since tha block was hot. do ya thang bruh
posted by Big dick on Apr 28, 2009
posted by dude mang on Apr 27, 2009
man shawn can go suck a dick. not anyone can rap. you dont know shit.
posted by yoyo on Apr 21, 2009
this album is gonna flop
posted by bucket on Apr 11, 2009
nolaboy22 knows whats up. Wayne is goin to become more then a rapper,rocker,singing...hes going to become the future of life.
posted by Shawn on Apr 07, 2009
Hes so retarded! you can't freaking use auto tune on a ROCK album. he can get away with it on rap because thats all those people do. they can't REALLY sing. anyone can rap. why doesn't he just go back to rap, cause he sucks at rock
posted by roq girl on Apr 04, 2009
wayne is a beast cuz wutever he duz he duz it WELL. keep on hatin. haters jus wish they were him. from hot boyz to the stuff hes doin now. hes THE BEST.
posted by tweety029 on Apr 03, 2009
fuk all dat lil wayne must b da best rapper alive he could fukiin rap, he could fukiin siing, n he could fukiin rock...lil wayne a fukiin monster..all 3 n iif dat aiint a best well ii dnt know wat the fuk iiz...wrd..
posted by Luke5817 on Apr 03, 2009
Look if you dislike or hate on Wayne as much as you say…..then how come you are taking the time out of your day to disrespect someone who is expanding the horizon of "Southern Rappers" ? The only conclusion is that you wish you were Wayne…….and that’s that!! Wayne has never had an album flop……from the Hot Boyz to his solo shit. 50 cent on the other hand has…..what did his last album sell……damn I cant even recall the name of the record. Is G-unit still even considered anything. I mean without the master mind of Eminem and Dr. Dre…….50 is nothing. Oh and if you don’t like Southern Hip Hop then I guess you don’t like Hip Hop b/c it’s the only thing producing in the Hip Hop game!!
posted by fuck dat shit on Mar 31, 2009
Lil Wayne needs to stick to rap and that's it i heard his song prom queen and it made my stomach turn why do rappers gotta try to be rockers too just stick with your genre it works best for everyone
posted by waynesgay on Mar 31, 2009
mimii- you dumb ass bitch, if he did a "360" then he would be in the same spot hes at without change... i think you meant a 180...moron
posted by yomama69 on Mar 31, 2009
lil wayne should just give up. He aint worth a shit. 5o cent would kill em any day.
posted by whatsupdoe on Mar 24, 2009
and charles hamilton is the best rapper alive. get on his level. i mean that is if his shit doesnt go over your head cause the niggas shit is like way high up in the air like up in the clouds. get on some c.h. fuck this lil' wayne fad.
posted by whatupdoe? on Mar 24, 2009
lil wayne kissed birdman in his mouth... Count it!
posted by <3 on Mar 23, 2009
ya fagget niggas nee to stop hatein'
posted by mimii on Mar 22, 2009
come on now how the best rapper alive gonna go rock?? dats crazy mann you can go head on with the guitar das okay das not really nothin but goin a full 360 wow
posted by b-dub on Mar 18, 2009
he has another song on there called Amazing Love. hes a good rapper but i dont think that this album is going to be as good as the other ones he has. dont get me wrong, i am a fan just not of his choice in rock. prom queen is okay though.
posted by Da Best Ever on Mar 12, 2009
yall are fuckin retarted if lil wayne wants to be a rockstar let him what the fuck does it matter to yall anyway im sure yall are still goin to ride his dick
posted by prom queennn. on Mar 12, 2009
leave ole cracka ass white boy eminem in tha fucken past. "two traila park girls"? lol " i take three L's to tha head love live life then im dead". fuckas. -amber.
posted by prom queennn. on Mar 12, 2009
listen here fake ass people. yall dont know shit bout him not sayin i do. he is a successful ass nigga. so just go back to yah trailer parks and shit and shut tha fuck up. he got talent anything you can he he can do betta so hopp off! hoez -amber.
posted by bestballajordan on Mar 11, 2009
Eminem all day, and yea im BLACK. jus listen to eminem's rap, and compare it to lil wayne. and like katt williams sed, lil wayne sound like a 6-year-old cryin
posted by I\'m A Different Spe on Mar 11, 2009
Ok, for all the people hating Waynes' new rock songs, DON'T FUCKING LISTEN TO IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!!! Quit being bitches & get off his dick. P.S. WHY ARE ALL THE HATERS LISTENING TO MUSIC THEY DON'T LIKE ANY WAY???
posted by NoToRiUsG on Mar 07, 2009
lil wayne is bein a faggit..... he was the best rapper alive now hes goin to ROCK..... FUCK THAT SHIT
posted by klkl on Mar 03, 2009
If u dont lyke wayne why are u all up on his dick!! FUCKIN HATERZZ
posted by cpeezy on Mar 01, 2009
give him time.. im sure this guy will do great things with the rock n roll genre
posted by what a bum on Feb 27, 2009
lil wayne is shit is always gonna be shit he's a wanna be blood and its pathetic, the video with him playing guitar is just horrible he cant play it for shit, he mumbles on the mic and as for up to date rock music listen to metallica or how about some motley crue maybe even some AAR but there is no way wayne is gonna have a good rock album and oh yeah real rockers actually play the drums not a beat machine and they actually play the guitar not get samples from other rock songs and theres a REAL bass not a keyboard so once you stupid ignorant motherfuckers figure out what real rock is then you can comment on it but until then listen to your horrible horrible music and unless its a real rapper such as jay-z, jadakiss, talib kwali etc. dont say shit about it, long live REAL hip hop and REAL rock gotta get rid of all this dancing bullshit and dope fiends mumbling on the mic its already ruined the game so there you go suck a dick P.S. i for one have never seen a real gangster kiss another man thats NOT his father, take a second think about it
posted by r-dubs on Feb 26, 2009
lil wayne is a rapper and should not get mixed up wit rockers i think he is only in it for the money the rock albums are gonna be shit
posted by Nicole on Feb 24, 2009
I don't listen to rap and all I listen to is heavy metal, scream o, metal , rock & pop. And I think he will do rally good on this album because I have already heard the song prom queen by lil wayne and it is really good! ;p
posted by lil waynes a bum on Feb 21, 2009
this shit is gonna suck and he's already ruined the hip hop genre cant he leave rock to the real musicians that know how to play a guitar, Jimi Hendrix has to be rolling over in his grave right now
posted by kuit90 on Feb 19, 2009
this shit sucks waynes a beast but he cant rock. hel will never be the best "rocker" or even the best black rocker at that. Sevendusts singer Lajon Witherspoon already has that shit on lock.
posted by ILY WEEZY BBY on Feb 18, 2009
posted by lil wayne 23 on Feb 16, 2009
its somethin new he sounds hella good on it too !!!
posted by LIL CHU-CHE on Feb 15, 2009
posted by jonboy32 on Feb 13, 2009
yo the prom queen track is fire so the album should be to
posted by Mac G on Feb 13, 2009
Now listen "ms cKarter" puttin CKCK like u some internet ass cKrab. listen jus cuz u saw that typing on google and u like the color FLUE dont make u no cKrip. no self respecing cKrab is gunna be baCKing up no blood like weezy. i stay strapped behind the 5 and still dont baCK weezy. his musicK is garbage. he has no respecKt for himself anymore and is patheticK. he is jus tryna get paid not respecKted. the true legends would spit on weezyz face if they saw the way he cKarrys himself
posted by miss carterr on Feb 13, 2009
posted by speedy on Feb 12, 2009
lil wayne is going to fail with that album shit
posted by Jay C Ya Diig on Feb 12, 2009
oh' full clip...u don' know wut the fuck ur talkin bout...eminem is good ill give u that, but u cant compare them cuz they have different styles, eminem talks mostly bout his family nd' shit...wayne on the other hand raps bout his childhood nd' people he has in playing wit fire, the actual meanin of that song is bout his the shit then talk shit...deuces
posted by Jay C Ya Diig on Feb 12, 2009
all yall bitches needa get other people said, wayne is the best rapper..but if he got confidence to go to rock then so be it...half yall bitches that posted shit on here are prolly underground or some shit...u are jus jealous cuz u didnt think of shit like this...he is unique, so stop talkin bullshit, listen to it, then decide if u like it or not...fuckin stereotypical bastards
posted by full clip on Feb 12, 2009
ok lets get one thing straight. dont go sayin weezy the best cuz he aint. i wont lie hes got a good voice and some decent lyrics. but take a look at eminem. u cant compare them because eminem STILL TO THIS DAY has the sickest freestyles and flows, checkem out and ul see waynes freestyles are like a retarded kids algebra test results compared to eminems. eminem, now THATS rapping on a whole nother level. because eminems smart, he uses multi syllable rhymes and hes got vocabulary. something wayne doesnt. eminem would tear wayne the fuck apart. hes good but he aint the best. i find it funny how his GOOD shit was before he was even famous when he was with hot boyz. then he comes out with bullshit and everyones quick to jump on his music. shows how many dumbasses there are out there actually puttin money in his pocket he definatly didnt deserve an award, wow just cuz he puts out alota of songs? THAT ALL talk about bullshit. he says the same shit over lika million times. that aint music, thats called MAKING MONEY OFF OF DUMBFUCKS WHO BUY HIS SHIT. his rock shits ok. but like kanye i can see it being a huge failure he sucked in the song he did with fall out boy. hes trying to hard
posted by Villain King on Feb 12, 2009
ok first of all ya'll dudes ain't nothing but a bunch of haters hatin on Wayne because he trying to do something different wit his carrer. And his song wit fall out boy was hott!! so kill ya self wit dat shit u just another hater that need to get a life. Mississippi All Day.
posted by Cowfun on Feb 11, 2009
wtf his rap his sick and rock music listeners out there although he aint real rock this is lil wayne rock so fuck off its sick shit out
posted by br00klyn fiinest on Feb 09, 2009
about tiime wayne show dese cowards who run da game!!!
posted by apacolypse11 on Feb 08, 2009
man lil wayne had a natual talent for rapping and thats what were all used to, if he had a natural talent for rocking he wouldnt be where he is today. hes just trying something different, something nobody has successfully done before. maybe his new shit needs some work, you cant expect him to get the transfer from rap to rock right on the first try. besides theres worse rock out there. im still behind wayne you all can take what you want from him but hes got all my support still.
posted by 8609305146 hit me up on Feb 08, 2009
yooo tru talk wayne hot datz ma nigga i aint trynna sound like a groupie but he has been very redundant lately he's been say n shit 4rm like da 3 drought nd shit but this rock shit could work dat hot relver datz ma shit i bump dat every fckin day but prom queen bad quality
posted by jessie on Feb 07, 2009
love love love were he is goin.. He's not the first "rapper" to do it.. but i like his voice mixed with the rock vibe.. cant wait to see what else he can bring with the album!
posted by antonooch05 on Feb 07, 2009
i dunno a big fan but this rock stuff idk about.
posted by Vince on Feb 07, 2009
Fcuk Wayne I use to like his music but after the carter 3 i dunno... He has just fallen off
posted by Bloodwalkin08 on Feb 06, 2009
Weezy is da best rapper alive he should go wherever his heart and musick takes him if its rock ckountry jazz or bluegrass its his life and his ckareer so fall back and drop it
posted by AsBloosRunsBlack on Feb 06, 2009
it might be ok........
posted by Lil\' DaKi4 on Feb 05, 2009
Rock Sucks Man, U R Crazy If U Make A Rock Album
posted by SEETHER on Feb 05, 2009
I'm not a huge fan of lil wayne but I can't wait to hear what his album is going to sound like.
posted by rock4rock on Feb 05, 2009
Oh and by the way Lil\' DaKi4, you think rock sux? You fucking hood rat cocksucker, rap is nothing but 24's, getting money, bitches and ho's, shootin niggas, and grillz, you seriously need to fuckin committ suicide in the most brutal way possible!
posted by Weeezy F Baby....! on Feb 05, 2009
He is the best rapper alive and now he is gonna be the best rocker alive! fuck all ya haters hating on weeezy. some of those comments are fucked up. lil wayne unreal and this album is gonna be awesome. have some respect you fools!
posted by Peckerdeckdecker on Feb 04, 2009
Lil Wayne helps your brain
posted by donthate on Feb 04, 2009
its sad that so many of you are afraid to see that lil wayne has more to his personality than the stereotypical black rapper. i think a rapper who can admit to having more personality is the best rapper alive. So fuck ya
posted by jaimepimpin on Feb 04, 2009
Lil wizard rock album sounds legit... i think if anyone can pull it off... it would be the wizard...
posted by anything on Feb 03, 2009
sounds ok. i hope the album is better than prom queen. Ima have to make a rap cover of this song! ;)
posted by john on Feb 03, 2009
Lil Wayne is the man. He's a beast. He can turn to country and succeed, he's just talented. END OF STORY
posted by noahhh on Feb 03, 2009
lol naww prom queen sounds good to me i think that album should be decent. def not the best album of the year for rock or anything but its not going to be bad. ill probably buy if not burn it. waynes def better at rapping but he has his own style with rock that alot of people likee
posted by steeez on Feb 03, 2009
uhm. lil wayne raps not rocks. i don't like this.
posted by rashad on Feb 02, 2009
this album is gone b on point ! lil wayne is a beast ! prom queen is my shit !
posted by juice on Jan 30, 2009
u guys are hating...lil wayne is the shyt no matter what!! this rock album is gonna be tight!
posted by Jess on Jan 28, 2009
stick to rock so i dont have to hear u rap again.. :D
posted by Micheal on Jan 28, 2009
Wow Prom Queen is bad! Man Lil wayne needs to get back to rapping cause this rock shit is not going his style... Man this is retarted
posted by dbo on Jan 27, 2009
Are you kidding me Prom Queen is the worst song i ever heard i have lost all my respect for lil wayne. How do you declare yourself the best rapper alive and drop a rock album. Real talk.
posted by King on Jan 27, 2009
man wayne need to get back to what he does best and that's rapping. prom quenn is garbage
posted by nolaboy22 on Jan 27, 2009
wayne 4 president lol dat shit gon b fya
posted by fan on Jan 26, 2009
i've heard prom queen this album is going to be hot
posted by victonii on Jan 25, 2009
lil jon bravo

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