Taylor Swift Talks About Being Bullied and First Job

November 19, 2008 03:30:22 GMT

Taylor Swift admits that some of her high school friends thought she was "weird" and wouldn't make friends with her.

Taylor Swift
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Scoring an interview with the December issue of Women's Health, Taylor Swift opens up about her school days, admitting she was a victim of bullying when she was still a high school student. She recalls the past experience, telling the magazine that many of her friends thought she was "weird" and would keep a distance from her.

"[Growing up on a Christmas tree farm] was basically a shunning - and that's never a good thing, you know?" she says. "A lot of girls thought I was weird. Actually, the word they liked to use was annoying. I'd sit at their lunch table and they'd move to a different one."

Not being bullied ever since she became famous, Taylor however finds out that she has more friends when she was still in senior high school compared to when she is a famous singer. "It's funny - I thought my contact list in my phone would grow if I was in the music industry. But I had more people in my phone book when I was in high school!" so she openly reveals.

As for her first job, Taylor doesn't mention exactly what it was. But the fact that she began writing her first song when she was still 8 years old has earned her enough money to buy herself a Lexus 430 SC convertible, the vehicle that she still drives.

Taylor Swift graces the cover of the December issue of Women's Health in gray top and dark blue jeans. She is seen in the cover wearing sheer make up.


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posted by cindy:) on Feb 14, 2014
taylor swift your awsomeee!!!! :))))
posted by AES on Nov 20, 2012
posted by ilovetaylorswift13 on Oct 07, 2011
taylor rocks ur amazingg
posted by l♥ve on Sep 20, 2011
okeyy??? so what is the first song of TAYLOR SWIFT coz i thought it was LUCKY YOU when she was 12. Because it said there she started writing songs when she was 8.
posted by <3 on Aug 01, 2011
Those guys that were mean to you musta felt reAL bAD . :)
posted by i<3taylor! on Feb 09, 2011
taylor swift is my favoritest singer in the world canye west is a jerk! he cant even sing!
posted by taylorswiftlover!!!2 on Aug 05, 2010
i love her songs she is so pretty
posted by hannah + justin bieb on Jun 28, 2010
i love taylor swift andthere aint nuffin wrong with being diffrent xx also i absolutly love love love <3 justin bieber sooooooooooo muh i just wanna hugg him xxxx
posted by sam on Feb 18, 2010
you go girl! i hate kanye west too! i luv u Taylor
posted by Bre on Nov 29, 2009
And I bet they feel like real jerks now. You go Taylor! I understand what you mean. Elementary school wasn't fun for me.
posted by colton long on Nov 17, 2009
you have the weirdest eye balls in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by redhead on Nov 17, 2009
i love you taylor!!! you rock my soxs
posted by ppll on Sep 14, 2009
HEYY IK what a jerk
posted by i<3unotkanye on Sep 14, 2009
i love taylor swift, i hate kanye west that stupid person. he has the biggest ego avaliable to satan. wow, im sorry taylor swift, wish i could hug you.

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