William Ayers Interview on 'Good Morning America', the Video

November 15, 2008 07:17:11 GMT

The controversial politician appeared on 'Good Morning America' to discuss on his association with newly-elected Barack Obama.

William Ayers Interview on 'Good Morning America', the Video
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Chicago professor and Vietnam-era domestic terrorist, William Ayers sat down with Chris Cuomo of ABC's "Good Morning America" on Friday, November 14 to discuss some things, mainly the one on his association to the newly-elected president, Barack Obama. Among the questions that Cuomo threw to him was why did Ayers decide to call Obama a "family friend" while Obama prefer to call him a guy from neighborhood.

When Obama was running for the presidency, talks were rife on his association with Ayers that was thought as a possible jeopardy on his chance to win the election. "GMA" played some quotes from Obama's rivals, Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin and John McCain that emphasized on this matter before welcoming Ayers to the show.

Cuomo got straight to the point, asking Ayers whether he has a special relationship with Obama or not. Ayers answered, "I knew Barack Obama, absolutely, and I knew him probably as well as thousands of other Chicagoans and like millions and millions of other people worldwide, I wish I knew him better right now."

Cuomo took a jab to this saying that everybody "were not asked to help start his political career in their home." Ayers responded, "I was asked by the state senator to have a coffee for Barack Obama when he first ran for office and we had him in our home and I think he was probably in 20 homes that day, as far as I know, but that was the first time I really met him."

And when he is confronted on the using of term "family friend" when referring to Obama, Ayers explained, "I'm talking there about the fact that I became an issue unwittingly and unwillingly in the campaign and I decided that I didn't want to answer any of it at that moment because it was such a profoundly dishonest narrative, but I'm describing there how the blogosphere characterized the relationship. I would say, really, that we knew each other in a professional way, again, on the same level as, say, thousands of other people and I am a guy around the neighborhood, incidentally. Absolutely."

The full transcript of the conversation between Cuomo and Ayers can be read at Chicago Sun-Times.

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posted by American citizen on Nov 25, 2008
Ayers NEVER KILLED ANYONE!! If he was such an evil man, our God fearing justice system would of got him by now don't you think or should I say DO YOU THINK? Research not only what you hear was said but the context in witch it was said. Thank you, God bless America and even all the ignorant within who get spoon-fed what they are told to be the truth and accept it out of their own laziyness.
posted by mad_as_hell on Nov 20, 2008
GMA and Chris Cuomo are collective assholes! Why give this piece of shit Ayers the time of day let alone face-time on national TV. He should choke on every page in that rag he calls a book. Why didn't you so-called journalists do your jobs and out this terrorist scumbag and his association with Osama... oops, I mean Obama BEFORE the election? I hope Ayers rots in hell for what he did; what Obama knew about all along, and what GMA, Cuomo and all the other liberal scum media that give journalism a bad name.
posted by Loretta Reilly on Nov 18, 2008
I commend Chris Cuomo as one of the very few in media today willing to get to the bottom of questionable behavior...most of the media have had some sort of democratic party labotomy this election and people like Ayers should never be let off the hook! Thanks Chris you are terrific and I am a Republican.
posted by AG on Nov 17, 2008
Cuomo keeps trying to find more here than there is, just because you are on a board together or some one comes to your house does not mean you believe what they believe or once believed in. I agree with Ayers in that I'm glad our voters got that and made it a non-issue. I go to local meetings in my neighborhood and I have no idea if the head of the water board (lets say) has a "past" and if he did it wouldn't make me a believer to be in the same room. Ayers seems like a very intelligent guy when he states that the violent past cannot be honestly viewed in our times. I'm not condoning what he did but it has to be put in the context of a very violent time in our history when the populous was not being listened to by its leaders. I hope we never relive those times. Lets focus on what people are about today!
posted by jonatty on Nov 17, 2008
"how is he non-vilent when the bombings killed people?? i miss that!" posted by rodney. It was an accidental explosion, killing three weather underground members. I agree with Andrea and L, demonizing this man is yet another example of media missing the point. jk
posted by humphrey on Nov 16, 2008
Ayers is disgusting. What a menace. Someone should strip him immediately of his job at the Univ. of Illinois so that the taxpayers don't support this weasel.
posted by california bob on Nov 16, 2008
"Please stop trying DESPERATELY to find something that does not exist. " how do you know there is nothing there? what kind of proof do you have that there is nothing there?
posted by california bob on Nov 15, 2008
birds of a feather...
posted by L on Nov 15, 2008
This interviewer covered remarkably little ground in 15 minutes. I think we could have learned something interesting about William Ayers and his perspectives. But instead this guy obsessively rehashes the empty storyline about the Obama-Ayers connection and Ayers' unrepentantness. Thoroughly boring.
posted by Andrea on Nov 15, 2008
PLEEEEASE give this up already. There is and never was a scoop here. Perhaps, initially there was cause for question re: the relationship of Mr Ayers and Barack Obama because of the nature of the office he was seeking.The question HAS been answered, however. TIME and TIME AGAIN. Please stop trying DESPERATELY to find something that does not exist. It's a waste of time to the American people when there are much more important issues at hand. I understand exactly what both Mr. Ayers and President-elect Obama have intelligently communicated with the press. LET IT GO !!!
posted by rodney on Nov 15, 2008
great interviewing by Chris!! he was hard hitting and directly poised toward getting some answers. Ayers, i believe was a bit irritated, but who cares. trying to suggest his book republication has nothing to do with his celebrity from the election. he may be radical, but he is still a capitalist!! and how is he non-vilent when the bombings killed people?? i miss that!

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