Kanye West's New Song 'Amazing' Outed

Kanye West

Fresh from Kanye West's '808's and Heartbreak', a new song called 'Amazing' featuring Young Jeezy has been unveiled.

A brand new single titled "Amazing" coming off Kanye West's upcoming fourth major studio album "808's & Heartbreak" has surfaced. The new track is produced by Kanye himself and features rapper Young Jeezy.

Beside having Young as a musical guest, Kanye's soon-to-be released LP also lines up Lil Wayne as his collaborator on new single "See You in My Nightmares". The effort was originally scheduled to be dropped in the U.S. on November 25 but was changed for early U.S. release on November 24, a day before the common release day of Tuesday.

Speaking of the early release schedule, Kanye's recording company Def Jam reportedly want to take the advantage of the Thanksgiving shopping weekend. In related news, an online video featuring a red-blood heart symbol has been posted to promote Kanye's "808's & Heartbreak".

Audio stream of Kanye West's "Amazing":

Kanye West's promotional video for "808's & Heartbreak":

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    Dec 22, 2008

    i love it

    Nov 22, 2008

    this guy is awesome. I already preordered the album on iTunes

    Nov 19, 2008

    yeah sounds like your just an idiot who doesnt know anything, he sold lots from graduation, hes doing this album to express his thoughts in a new way, singing. and its amazing

    Nov 12, 2008

    Hisn'Grad' cd came out last year & heis back with another cd? Sounds like some1's sales aint great.

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