8 Minutes Footage of 'Twilight' Found

November 01, 2008 02:21:13 GMT

Fifteen minutes of vampire drama 'Twilight' have been screened at the third International Rome Film Festival and 8-minutes of it has been leaked out.

8 Minutes Footage of 'Twilight' Found
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A portion of highly anticipated "Twilight" has been screened at the Rome Film Festival and now 8 minutes of it has been leaked out. Giving an extended sneak peek into the vampire drama, the bootlegged footage presents the meeting between Bella and the Cullen family for the first time.

This 8-minute footage is a part of the 15 minutes footage from the Stephenie Meyer's adapted novel premiered at the third International Rome Film Festival. It was screened before the public at 5 P.M. on Thursday, October 30, and it is said to include backstage footage from the film.

"Twilight" is a modern day love story between a vampire and a human. It resolves around seventeen-year-old Isabella 'Bella' Swan, her mysterious vampire classmate, Edward Cullen, and their unlikely romantic relationship. Finding acceptance from one another, their romance blossoms. However, it puts Bella's life in grave danger as Cullen's nemesis, James, comes to the town and sets his eyes on Bella.

Starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Cam Gigandet, Edi Gathegi, Rachelle Lefevre and many others, it is directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the director of 2003 drama "Thirteen". Set to blast off in the U.S. big screen on November 21, this Melissa Rosenberg-scripted movie takes the slot left by "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince".

8-Minutes of "Twilight" From Rome Film Festival:


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posted by fuckin mad on Nov 20, 2008
posted by liz102676 on Nov 08, 2008
If you think that the movie will directly reflect the book you will be disapointed. Emjoy it for what it is and reflect on the fantistic work of Stephenie, and those involved in trying to recreate her story. I'm excited to see what will unfold on November 21, 2008.
posted by OMG on Nov 06, 2008
posted by blahh2 on Nov 04, 2008
I agree with blahh But also Esme and Carlisle are supposed to meet Edward and Bella neer the entrance...
posted by blahh on Nov 04, 2008
Rosalie and Emmett aren't even supposed to be there...
posted by A Living Nightmare on Nov 04, 2008
The audio was really bad, but I really hope the movie will be better. The only bad thing I can think of is when "Edward" goes jumpping around the place - it's poor. I can't wait for the movie to come out!!
posted by cass on Nov 03, 2008
That was awful. There is no way Bella would have been able to stand or sit on her own in a tree! She's so clumsy, she would have fallen! I pray the entire movie is not this bad... if it is, I will be left wondering how Stephenie Meyer could let them do this to her wonderful books!
posted by *hyperventilating* on Nov 03, 2008
OMG!!! I was having mixed emotions the whole time! I can't wait any longer!
posted by Arabella on Nov 03, 2008
OMG! i cannot wait for twilight! Eeeekkkkkk!
posted by rpatzgurl on Nov 03, 2008
The clip was ... interesting. As I suspected, the movie will never be as good as the books. Just in this short sceene a lot was changed. I'm sure I'll still like the movie.
posted by cate on Nov 02, 2008
I can't wait to see the movie. I loved Edward's reaction to his family as he introduces them to Bella. This is going to be great.
posted by - on Nov 02, 2008
OMG!!!!!!! I can't wait 4 da movie! I've read al of da books!
posted by ynm on Nov 02, 2008
i love the part with cullen. i think it hard to make clear comment about the clip because it hard to hear the ending of it
posted by masochisticlion on Nov 02, 2008
I love Twilight ,and I am so exited to see the movie!I'm just counting down the days until the movie comes out,even though i have to say my expectations are not that high movies never compare to the books and i loved the WHOLE book and i know they are bound to cut some parts out!!urgg!
posted by AllysonCullen on Nov 02, 2008
I cant wait for the movie to come out. I have had my tickets for two weeks already and I want to use them. I really hope that the movie can stand up to the book
posted by ME on Nov 02, 2008
I found it really annoying how every time something good happened you could only hear screaming. I mean, yeah I love Twilight. But could you just quit all of the screaming!? If the cinema is going to be like this when it comes out then God help my eardrums, eh?
posted by Digifish on Nov 02, 2008
Well, if all of you keep using horrible grammar I just may not live to see the premiere. Any ways, all-in-all I think that this was an overall respectable cast with amazing talent. I believe that this movie will make an astounding impact on many of the original Twilight fans as well as opening the doors for many others to become fans also. If I hate to rate this movie just on the clip I have seen here, I'd have to give it an eight out of ten. It may be visually appeasing and have a talented cast, but nothing can ever compare to the imagination of a person whilst reading their favorite book.
posted by Paige on Nov 02, 2008
That was horrible. I wouldn't be able to imagine it getting any worse if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. This movie is going to be unbearable. Nothing but a disappointment. I will worn you now not to set your standards too high. I love the books, and I wish I could love the movie too, but that doesn't seem likly.
posted by Robert Luver on Nov 02, 2008
omg that was so great robert does such a good job at being Edward such a good actor and the whole cast is what i pictured when reading the book
posted by excited4edward on Nov 02, 2008
I heart this movie already I cannot wait till it comes out. I've read all the books and I want another one to go out. woot woot
posted by waiting2bdissapointe on Nov 02, 2008
hopefully the rest of the movie with be better because if not... this is going to suck very badly
posted by silveralicia on Nov 02, 2008
yeah... hope that the acting gets better. seemed really dry to me.
posted by bellas mom on Nov 01, 2008
whoever dubbed the words in was wayyyyyyyy off
posted by ? on Nov 01, 2008
this just sucks
posted by disapointed on Nov 01, 2008
i hope the movie is better than that, if not it will really suck
posted by me on Nov 01, 2008
posted by queenizza on Nov 01, 2008
i love twilight
posted by queenizza on Nov 01, 2008
i love twilight

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