Beyonce Knowles Reveals Concept of 'I Am...Sasha Fierce', the Video

October 25, 2008 06:23:58 GMT

Beyonce Knowles will show her 'very extremely sensitive' side on upcoming 'I Am...Sasha Fierce' LP which is aimed to give encouragement to her female fans.

Beyonce Knowles
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In anticipation for her November-18 release, "I Am...Sasha Fierce", Beyonce Knowles opens up about the concept of the forthcoming effort. Admitting to have a "very extremely sensitive" feeling, she says that she wants to show that side of her on the album.

In a further statement, Beyonce explains about her new single, "If I Were a Boy". She states, "The song 'If I Were a Boy' is not the typical break-up song or he-cheated-on-me song ... it's more about what some boy do in a relationship."

"I Am...Sasha Fierce" is Beyonce's third solo studio effort, which will be released as a 2-disc package album, and aimed to give encouragement to young women whenever they are "going through tough time." Speaking of her next installment, she states, "Sasha Fierce is the fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken and more glamorous side that comes out when I'm working and when I'm on the stage."

In related news, Beyonce will reportedly bring her sister Solange Knowles on "I Am...Sasha Fierce" tour which is expected to hit America, Europe, Japan, Africa, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. "Discussions are underway for Solange to join Beyonce on her tour," a source says. "People who buy tickets for Beyonce's show can then go and see Solange perform at an official after-party."

Video of Beyonce Knowles speaking about the concept of "I Am...Sasha Fierce":


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posted by jjskoi on Jan 18, 2009
well all i have to say i love music and Beyonce's song single ladies has been the best song i have heard in a very long time. I have a cd collection of over 4,000 cd's and a big collection of retired vinyls. Single ladies is incredible. Beyonce has created a new sound of her own, along with dance moves that we all have seen before but updated them that perfectly flow with her body and personality. Most people have forgot the fact that intertainment is an art. It's not an easy path in life. And i have to say that if Beyonce was dancing like a stripper, she forgot her solid gold pole to spin on. But then again just like the movie critics, music critics are the first to run someone down because they can't do it themselves. Everyone comes up with there own interpretation of life. If Beyonce offends you then don't watch it.
posted by gilbert joseph on Nov 19, 2008
i love beyonce as lon gas i can remember i'm crazy over her she's an inspiration to me i love you beyonce
posted by giselle on Nov 17, 2008
beyonce is a HUGE inspiration to me, my fave singer ever!
posted by giselle on Nov 17, 2008
oh yeah totally.. veronica there's nothing wrong with single ladies.. she's showing female power in this album, nothing wrong with that. nothing wrong with showing off her curves, its just like wearing a bathing suit basicly, nothing wrong with that.
posted by Crystal on Nov 02, 2008
Veronica sounds a little disgruntle. Perhaps you're missing a ring on your finger! Beyonce's terrific and frankly, if you've got it flant it!
posted by -Latina- on Oct 28, 2008
Veronica is right! :)) I love her!! :DD Im her biggest fan ever! lol Im soo happy that shes back! The Queen Bee is Back! God Bless. <3
posted by Veronica on Oct 25, 2008
I meant to say not everything's about getting a man with your looks, and that's the message she seemed to be sending in her video + song put together.
posted by Veronica on Oct 25, 2008
I even liked her "Single Ladies ( Put a ring on it )". She looked georgeous in that video too, but still, i don't get how she still go on dancin like some stripper and breathin or moaning to the camera like she havin sex, especially now that she a married woman? She's really confusing sometimes! She and her mother both talked about how looking classy and not cheap was really important to them both but it hardly looks that way. What kind of a message is she also sending in that video and song when dancin in some super tight bathin suit, showin off her curves, whinin up, and then sayin "if you liked it then you should of put a ring on it"??? Not everything's bout a man being with a woman cuz she look good and that's how she made it seem. Really, that video together with the song sends these messages. What is she a piece of meat? She might as well should of sang " If you liked my curves, ass, legs, if you liked "it" then you should of put a ring on it,plz" The video tottaly currupts the song!It just makes her look like another star slut getting peoples attention with her seductive videos to make better sales for her music!
posted by Veronica on Oct 25, 2008
People say Beyonce " shouts " and " screams " when she sings. Ya, and everyone has their own style when they sing. Didn't Tina Turner "scream" and " shout" as well??? What about Mariah Careys "break and skreetch"-in a good way. That's what i think makes these artists so succesfull and loved, their differend and unique voices, style of singing.
posted by Veronica on Oct 25, 2008
I LOVED her voice in "If I were a boy". I don't know why people keep saying she doesan't have a voice,when she has an amasing voice.

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