Better and Longer Version of 'Dragonball' Teaser Comes Out

October 04, 2008 01:54:17 GMT

Following the bootleg teaser from 20th Century Fox's showfloor at the Brand Licensing Europe Expo, a longer and clearer version of the forthcoming Japanese manga adaptation has leaked out.

Better and Longer Version of 'Dragonball' Teaser Comes Out
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Providing a better version to the previous bootleg teaser trailer of "Dragonball Evolution", has posted a longer, clearer and with sound teaser. The one minute long footage explains that the heroes should find the seven mystical dragonballs to protect man's fate. Though many of the clips shown are similar to the one shown at the Brand Licensing Europe Expo, this one contains several different clips and teases more of the action sequences, romance as well as individual characters.

Adapting Akira Toriyama's famous Japanese manga of the same name, "Dragonball" focuses its story on following Goku in his journey to fulfill his dying grandfather's wish, which is for him to train with Master Roshi and prepares himself to protect the seven mystical dragonballs from evil's hands. It is directed and co-scripted by James Wong. Produced by Stephen Chow, the 20th Century Fox flick stars Justin Chatwin, Chow Yun-Fat, James Marsters, Emmy Rossum, Eriko Tamura, Joon Park, Jamie Chung and many others. It will come out on April 10, 2009.

"Dragonball" Teaser:


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posted by Bardock on Nov 25, 2008
Give it a rest some of you i watched db again and yeh the movie can't show everything right, but at least more fans might see the anime series because of the movie. Bulma (the actress in the movie) is hot....u blind or gay? Most importantly this is king piccolo (who was as ugly as marsters looks in the make up) not jr, so in that saga krillin was dead... so we may only see a cameo This is a separate entity to the anime so just enjoy, but i do hope roshi is still a pervert, and that goku laughs for no reason, and eats a lot. The little details...
posted by grt on Nov 15, 2008
to jeanpierre: THIS IS DRAGONBALL NOT DRAGONBALL Z. Vegeta did not show up until DBZ, get your facts right. Anyways, they better be able to fly and do rediculous stuff. Goku better be able to use kamahameha (sp?) otherwise this is going to be a serious let down. fox likes to screw shit up.
posted by Jeanpierre_4_25@yaho on Nov 14, 2008
The movie is going to be absolutely terrible. I was obsessed with Db and dbz. Being that fact that it will be terrible doesn't mean I'm bnot going to see it. However agree's to boycott the film is an idiot or ot a true dragonball film. All that's going to do is make it set in stone that there will not be a sequel. You can forget about a remake. Bulma's hair not being blue is not a problem at all, but what is up with the black leather jacket and the guns. And master roshi looking NOTHING like master roshi?? To be honest I don't even know why they started it with dragonball. It was for kids. DBZ is where it's at if they want to attract an older crowd. I want to see air fighting, stern kicks to the face and, um, maybe, uh, some VITAL character named VEGETA!!!!!! WTF!
posted by blackcloud_96@yahoo. on Nov 10, 2008
after seeing this I hope they (the americans who made this) kills all the characters off so this kind of fiasco can't happen again
posted by tw34kb0y on Oct 28, 2008
i've heard rumors that one thing goku will have is the power pole, whether he actually uses it as he did is completely unknown
posted by soulblade1214@hotmai on Oct 24, 2008
Serisouly, I was so excited when I heard about this cause I love DB and DBZ. This def looks way too American with the leather jackets and guns. Bulma has blue hair, piccolo is green, and wheres the foothills? Flying nimbus? Anything related to DB? Doesnt look like it. These people have the money to do this, make it impressing
posted by ForgotmyName on Oct 22, 2008
Yeah, Hollywood allways puts to much amarican style in it... When you ask me, it is more like a new Movie than a Realaction Remake of Dragonball
posted by ForgotmyName on Oct 22, 2008
Where the hell is Krillin? Where is the Turtel-thing on Roshis back? Why is Bulma so ugly?
posted by SmittenWithSummer on Oct 06, 2008
Looks like a let-down. Should let the Japs do it.
posted by on Oct 05, 2008
y are people always so negative or looking for the negative things 1st this traier was made in may wen the editing and sound wasnt even done so this isnt wat youll see in a few weeks at max payne movie. and last i think it looks great
posted by lukedaduke on Oct 05, 2008
this looks bad for real boycoyt
posted by mpham112 on Oct 05, 2008
does piccolo look like the sith lord?
posted by chacho@dick4thumbs.c on Oct 05, 2008
i wish master roshi would butter my biscuits
posted by gdgy421 on Oct 04, 2008
first off apparently piccolo has been banished for hundreds of years without light so naturally he would be pale at first but he will be green later in the movie.
posted by on Oct 04, 2008
Come on! What the hell have they done?? 1st off piccolo is GREEN! with his antennas. not some demon type. This movie make no sense! DragonBall was never like this.
posted by on Oct 04, 2008
i look forward to killing the people that made this movie soon! HI-YA! jk
posted by on Oct 04, 2008

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