'Ghost Whisperer' Season 4 Promo

September 26, 2008 09:06:08 GMT

Melinda will deal with a shrink surviving a hotel fire who doesn't know that the woman he talks to is a ghost.

'Ghost Whisperer' Season 4 Promo
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Promo video for the fourth season of "Ghost Whisperer" has been released. The new season will pick up a part of the last season's mystery where Professor Payne noted that a shadow was missing from the group.

The new season will be opened with "Firestarter" on Friday, October 3. It tells about a shrink who survives a fire in his office and when Melinda and Jim go to the hospital to visit him, they see him talking to what Melinda realizes is a ghost. She has to break the news to him that the patient died in the fire and he was talking to her ghost.

After speaking with him, Melinda visits the young woman's roommates and learns some interesting facts about what the injured man told her and more importantly, did not tell her. Melinda, Jim and Delia eat at a Chinese restaurant, where Ned is a waiter and serves them.

Last month, a major spoiler to the changes made in the show has been hinted as a death from the main cast. It was spilled that Melinda will lose her husband Jim but it may not be the end of the character's appearance since ghosts are visible for Melinda.

"Ghost Whisperer" Season 4 Promo:


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posted by sarah27 on Feb 03, 2010
please can you tell me when series 5 starts in the Uk? Feels like ages since series finished here. Thanks
posted by Lily on Jan 25, 2010
Ok so i just saw jim die i cried bad sux hes lavn da show but atleast his spirt staysin another body,i wuld pay him xtra to onot leav ill miss him
posted by bre on Dec 04, 2009
please who ever made jim die in the show make him come back it is sad too c melinda like this !!!!
posted by Jrah on Nov 20, 2009
OM i love ghost whisperer i watch it everyday ddo u know when season 4 comes out at stores they are saying there is no date that means it can be ages but somebody said it comes out on the 22nd i am so lost pleaseeeee hellpppp mmmeeee ! lol xo
posted by jess on Nov 17, 2009
why does he have to die he is such a sweet husband he better stay in his new body and stay with milinda every time i see his ghoest i must cry hope she gets pregnant with his baby my tears will start to fade! miss u jim
posted by antimatter on Oct 29, 2009
HEEYY! Whats the season 4 song? it's not "how it ends". Please help me !!!
posted by Baby H on Jun 28, 2009
Im a great fan and to see Jim die made me cry so much, we want him back, Jim and Mel are so meant to be for each other and to kill him off does not make logic, BRING THE LOVE BACK
posted by 98dc02 on Jun 26, 2009
hi there i think that jim should not died or got shot by a police man it was not there fault jim got in the way i think that jim and melinda was a good couple but jim ghave go in to a other man body i love jim
posted by 98dc02 on Jun 23, 2009
hi i think that ghost whi is the best thing i every watched
posted by Lauren on Jun 11, 2009
omg can not belive u killed of Jim. i think that is so wrong x
posted by Georgia on May 25, 2009
Jim does die but comes back to life in episode 8 ....WOO HOO!!!Jim Is not going to die xxx love u jim xx
posted by Steven on May 17, 2009
hai... i'm from indonesia.., i saw ghost whisperer until jim clancy remember his mind again... ouw.., its so incredible... i hope melinda become so hepi about that... i like the episode when melinda can see jim spirit again and dancing with jim... and jim doesn't want to leave melinda alone.. he still beside melinda and care if her... i want to watch the next episiode of ghost whisperer.. thank you....
posted by fayfay21 on May 13, 2009
ok every body chill out jim did die but his soul with into this dead guy body name sam and mel is pregnant
posted by ALB209 on May 11, 2009
OK so who was is whos shadow was missing then?
posted by Dizzie lizzie on May 10, 2009
thanks Avon that tune has haunted me since hearing it on adverts for Gears of War at christmas it's now safely on my iPod
posted by J-GW on May 10, 2009
whats the name of the song that they have played in the first few episodes of the new season ? the one about jim and melinda?
posted by charmaine on May 09, 2009
no way they can not kill him off it not at storyline without him credit to all the other actors but not jim plz plz.
posted by Avon on May 04, 2009
"posted by BarneyElf on Apr 27, 2009 what is the name of the song and singer during the tv trailer of Ghost Whisperer - series 4 - I think it is a very haunting and beautiful song." ******** The song is "How it Ends" by Devotchka - it's from the game Gears of War 2
posted by Georgia on May 03, 2009
Jim going to die NOOO!!!!This is a discrase u cant get rid of jim
posted by BarneyElf on Apr 27, 2009
what is the name of the song and singer during the tv trailer of Ghost Whisperer - series 4 - I think it is a very haunting and beautiful song.
posted by michael on Apr 02, 2009
i've seen up to 18 episode of season 4 ,on my pc because in Romania on tv is only season 3.:X:X:X:X I love ghost whisperer .
posted by Suzy on Mar 30, 2009
Here in UK and have just watched up to episode 18 of Season 4 - boy am I glad I found out I could watch it as there is no way I could have held out till July. GW Rocks!!! Amazing Season so far - looking forward to the next episodes :)
posted by cocoalover453 on Mar 30, 2009
Jim is back but now they have to decide if they will stay together and will Jim accept that he is a diffferent person. Lets hope for the best
posted by Steve on Mar 18, 2009
people should calm down and realize what a fantastic program it is, it's a love story its also suspense and very thrilling. fingers crossed the producers havent done something drastic like killing of jim. hope the series goes on and on fantastic keep it up please hope they havent killed of jim. the series would never be the same without the jokes of jim and the love they both hold for each other. i used to look forward to every tuesday night when the series was on please please fingers crossed the producers dont ruin it. melinda and jim are a fantastic couple melinda will never be the same without him. yes she could be pregnant would that make things worse or better keep going fantastic series. jennifer love hewitt is one hell of an acctress and david conradis a brilliant actor they are both brilliant please never stop it thanks for listening all the best for the series love it from steve
posted by cocoalover453 on Mar 14, 2009
OMG!!!!!!!! Jim comes back in epsiode 18. Leap Of Faith!! So you guess in UK he comes back. YES!!!
posted by cocoalover453 on Mar 06, 2009
posted by kirsty on Mar 02, 2009
i cant believe that JIM is goin to die this is not right, its a big mistake, people will not wna watch it ne more SAVE JIM !!!!! delia should go or melindas mum should go, omg im gutted boooo
posted by becki on Mar 01, 2009
anyone know were to watch season 4 its not on ch131
posted by ZELLE76 on Feb 01, 2009
posted by gw4 on Jan 27, 2009
let me know how you get on
posted by gw4 on Jan 27, 2009
sorry that was the web page channel 131
posted by gw4 on Jan 27, 2009
uk fans of ghost whisperer try the web page chammel 131 you won't regret it.series 4 13 episodes to watch
posted by bacon head on Jan 24, 2009
is series 4 seriously going to be aired in october?? that it is AAAAAAGES away!!! how do you knowjim is going to die anyway???
posted by gw4 on Jan 13, 2009
There is 11 episodes you could be enjoying
posted by gw4 on Jan 13, 2009
all you gw fans here in the UK if you put ch131/ghostwhisperer in a search you can watch season 4 now WHY WAIT
posted by shez on Jan 10, 2009
i am desperate to know when ghost whisperer airs in the uk.i cant wait any longer.
posted by lol27 on Dec 26, 2008
When will series 4 start in the uk ???? Anyone know??????? :)
posted by samoa again on Dec 16, 2008
The script writers should consider that melinda dies and she sees the light. Jim is waiting for her in the light. Then a new series is made based on Jim & Melinda's life in the light. But it turns out the light is not what it is cracked up to be. Therefore, all the ghosts that she helped to cross over need to be crossed back to earth.....this will guarantee emmy awards!
posted by samoa on Dec 16, 2008
i have been reading the comments and I am devasted to see that Jim dies. it doesn't makes sense. now that i know this, i won't be watching the program anymore
posted by cocoalover453 on Dec 16, 2008
You have to watch the show. That is a great idea that melinda should die and jim is waiting for her in the lite. Then it would be call lite whisperer.
posted by cocoalover453 on Dec 10, 2008
Sorry I dont know if I did I would tell you!!
posted by lisad on Dec 10, 2008
Does anyone know when this is going to be aired in the UK.
posted by cocoalover453 on Dec 08, 2008
Ghost Whisperer is the best show yet. I am hooked since I had started to watch the show. I do agree that someone should have died like her mom or Delia but NOT JIM!!!!!!! He was the sweetest husband on T.V. He was a HUGE part of her life and he was her hero. He believed her when she told him that she could talk to ghost. Did Delia no no she should have died but not JIM!!!!. This is goin to get people to stop watching an get people more hooked. TO PRODUCERS AND WRITERS!!! This was a bad and good mistake!!
posted by gw4 on Dec 02, 2008
Jim is dead but not dead he is still in it has anyone looked at the web page channel 131
posted by LouUK on Nov 25, 2008
OH MY GOD! whos idea was it to kill off jim!! im absolutely gutted i dont think that i can stand to watch the series anymore!that was such a bad move, alot of viewers are gonna stop watching!!!
posted by gw4 on Nov 18, 2008
thats a web page channel 131
posted by gw4 on Nov 18, 2008
those in england waiting for series4 go to channel 131
posted by Redd on Nov 15, 2008
If Jim is dead, so is my love for this show. Can't we have something beautiful amidt the horror. This better be a dream!
posted by brian on Nov 14, 2008
ey, take it easy, it is not over, Jim just become a ghost, that doesnt mean he would left, ok~~~~. the show gonna be more interesting than ever, ok~~~!
posted by Marlo on Nov 14, 2008
I'm hoping it's all a dream and Jim is not dead. I have no interest in watching the show anymore.
posted by amyboo on Nov 14, 2008
I agree without Jim there is no ghost whisperer. Jennifer needs a hero, a parnter. We knew you were getting rid of him from season 2 but we did not know how. I cried like I had lost my husband, but if I want those harsh feelings, I don't need to watch TV. Reality sucks enough without having to face heroes dying, but I guess you expect your audience to watch anyway. You had a winning combination of characters at least until another season. But I might watch the cliff-hanger. No reason to watch Jennifer try to develop another relationship while crossing spirits over--too much drama. You opened too many other avenues without closing them--wait a minute, is this "Lost" finish one story line before beginning too many others.
posted by seadooman on Nov 14, 2008
i cant believe jim dies the show will not be the same without him ratings will drop big time.
posted by jim_lover a.k.a (NAN on Nov 14, 2008
I loved ghost whisper so much me and my family love to watch it all the time and seeing that that you made him die and then come back to life by posesing another body makes me mad i'm sure you will lose alot of fans good luck im MAD that WAS an aweosme show and he doesnt even remember her when he takes over that dead guys body!!!!! TO THE PRODUCERS WRITERS EVERYONE WHO HAD PART IN THIS YOU GUYS ARE JIM HATERS NO FANS ANYMORE
posted by rhondaw on Nov 14, 2008
omg!!!! no they didn't kill off one of the main characters & one of the most popular!!! that was a terrible move..i have watched this since it first aired & was mesmerized..but now....i don't was bad enough to get rid of professor payne & than aisha taylor(andrea marino), come on people...i know, i know, it's just a show right? well alot of us that have watched it from the beginning really connect with melinda & the case...big mistake, HUGE!!!
posted by lajon113 on Nov 14, 2008
please make this a dream and Jim is in a coma. I do not want him gone from the show. You took Moonlight off do not let us loose him too
posted by tuttle27045 on Nov 14, 2008
I can't beleive Jime is gone. I hope Melinda wakes up and it is just a dream. Please bring him back!!!!!
posted by DUMB, DUMBER,DUMBEST on Nov 14, 2008
posted by TOTAL MESS on Nov 14, 2008
First Melinda's best friend dies, than the cute doctor leaves the show, now JIM, GONE! Whose is charge here? FIX AND FIX IT FAST!!!
posted by Sheryl on Nov 14, 2008
Does Melinda wake up tonight? She better or your losing alot of female fans.
posted by dream on.. on Nov 14, 2008
what were you thinking, Jim's the show for your women viewers, I don't tune in for Melinda. It better be a dream.
posted by oh poor me on Nov 14, 2008
Jim dies, are u kidding me, whose writing the show!! u lost me as a viewer.
posted by Kin on Nov 12, 2008
I cannot believe they killed Jim off. Yeah yeah he is going to be a ghost and she will still see him. NOT the same! First the professor and now Jim. What is next? I agree bad move by the writers. Since this is Hollywood hopefully they bring him back to live, that is if they know what is good for the show!
posted by Mimi on Nov 12, 2008
I am with you girl I don't know why they killed him. I felt that he has been a big part of the show. He was a supportive and loving husband. Boy I am really upset Like you said even though she is able to see him in the other world it' just not the same. I sure hope they bring him back to life or I may just stop watching the show. I fell very dissapointed.
posted by tesha267 on Nov 10, 2008
Please tell me that Melinda is having a bad dream. I'm really in tears. I don't think the show would be the same.
posted by Miranda on Nov 10, 2008
you know, i have watched this show from the beginning and loved it until now. you are taking a vital character out of the show. part of the show's charm was melinda and jim's love for one another and his understanding of her gift. now you're killing him off. when you start screwing with the characters like this, the show loses it's appeal. this one has certainly lost it's appeal to me. as much as i love the show, if jim's character is truly killed off, i will never watch the show again.
posted by Krissie on Nov 10, 2008
My husband & I are big fans of Ghost Whisperer. Can't believe wha they did to Jim. Don't know that we will be able to watch any more. Jim & Melinda just warmed your heart. Won't even be the same anymore. BAD MOVES WRITERS. Don't care if we watch anymore. Don't want to watch Melinda keeping telling Jim to go to the light.
posted by tinkms on Nov 10, 2008
It was a little hard to accept the changes when Jamie took Paynes' place. He has to come back now since Jim is gone. I don't see Jim coming back to life. Unless he becomes something of the supernatural world that is able to stay onboard to help Melinda with her work. He couldn't be a lingering spirit either. It's unfortunate but I kinda hope Payne would come back, I liked his character.
posted by tinkms on Nov 10, 2008
It's been awhile that I thought before Prof. Payne went off the show that Jim may be suspected to die while Payne and Melinda were the new couple. That only makes sense. Payne would have fit that role so much even though Jim was the perfect husband. Melinda and Payne would have been the perfect pair.
posted by Sheri on Nov 09, 2008
first time we ever see a marriage on tv where the couple has true love and respect for one another and you had to go and kill him off...thats wrong...just wrong...
posted by SMR on Nov 08, 2008
posted by gwluver on Nov 08, 2008
I can't believe it jimis like one of the best characters he's like melindas true love and he was who melinda loved the the most and would rather have ne1 else die but him. hopefully he just went in to a coma but in ghostwhisperer they always don't put the obvious so u never know. I was so sad in that episode that I started cryin my self. ghost whisperer is like myfave show ever and now they just screwed it up. the shows ratings are definately gonna go downhill I'm so sad I want to cry right now! :,,(
posted by Iwuvyou on Nov 08, 2008
why did Jim have to die that is way messed up!!! i'm sooooo shocked i could not believe it!!!!
posted by paalgel on Nov 08, 2008
Can't you give Jim some powers too? After all with a new baby, Melinda's going to have a hard time juggling the schedule. Just bail with a dream sequence or maybe Melinda's in a coma because she really was the gunshot victim!
posted by Sophie on Nov 08, 2008
I watched last night's show and I don't think I want to keep watching "The Ghost Whisperer" even though it's my favorite. Killing off Jim is just wrong. A whole new storyline was just about to begin with a possible pregnancy. Why in the world would they kill him off when he brings so much to to show? He and Melinda were perfect together. I am devastated.
posted by mizzdeenie on Nov 08, 2008
I will NOT be watching this new season. Very bad decision by everyone involved in killing off Jim. Unless it is all a dream in the end by Melinda and Jim is not really gone. I hate when TV shows jump the shark. I'm afraid that's exactly what's happened to Ghost Whisperer. When when writers ever get it?!
posted by Jim Fan on Nov 08, 2008
I agree I dont want to continue watching Ghost Whisperer either. Ive read two different magazine articles tho that has said hes not been happy for awhile, feeling tho hes playing second fiddle so to speak. So I guess it was his choice
posted by Ameylee on Nov 08, 2008
Whats the chance that he may be in a coma? She already came across other ghosts who were in a coma, BUT STILL ALIVE! Ya never know. Maybe it keeps the door open for her to still get pregnant too?
posted by aries on Nov 08, 2008
OH NO WAY!!! This sucks! How the hell could they kill off Jim!?! He was a huge part of what made the show!! The one person Melinda could lean on! He beleived in her and was always there for her! Ok this is really poopy!! Not happy here! Shame, shame!! I think this is a wrong move! And where do we go from here?? UGH!!
posted by GW fan 4-ever on Nov 08, 2008
THAT CAN'T BE TRUE ! Why is it Jim ? I'm crying now 4-ever (mybe not 4-ever but a long time) Jim was wonderful but only when he is alive not death !!! I don't understand the skriptwritters ! THIS IS NOT ROMANTIC! And when Jim anytime crossover I will be stop to look this show !!! He must stay with her eveytime , he must !!! What shall she do now ? I haven't got any answers now ! I'm so sad but I must know how the show goes on ! I really don't understand how the skriptwritters can do this on us but I hope they understand why we so angry ! Or do you think that we're happy about this? Well, I will look this show the next weeks but maybe I understand why the skriptwritters did this ! I think the skriptwritters have a good reason to do this !!!
posted by suz on Nov 07, 2008
Seriously? Why? We watch the show for the romance and suspense. A romance we could all hold onto. The cast was perfect! Why? Oh wait are you going to bring what's his name back? And he and Melinda finally get to confess their love to one another? That could be good! Jim keeps coming back to cause trouble and get in the way of the love she has always held for what's his name? Or maybe he is the first of every character to be killed off slowly until we just see Melinda standing alone with asingle tear falling from her cheeck. Could the next victim be her mother? Don't even let it be Cameron!
posted by Gwyneth on Nov 07, 2008
This is just too much. I have always loved Ghost Whisperer and this is just TOO MUCH! Melinda has done nothing but good, helping the ones still alive and the ones that passed on to go to the light thereby helping the both of them find peace. Now Jim has to die? Okay, sure Melinda will be able to see him, duh... But for how long? Until he too has to leave Melinda and go into the light? Why not just rip her heart out and let her die slowly bleeding out slowly but fatally? THIS IS TOO MUCH. Sorry script writers but this is a dumb move. NO, it is NOT romantic!!! Sure to people that have not gone through something similar it seems so pure and romantic that he will still be with her because she can see the dead... But IT IS NOT THE SAME!!! I lost my love when I was 23. I am 40 now. Do you think the pain has lessened? NO!!! Do I still miss him? YES!!! Do tears help? No. Does it help that he has gone into the light? No. Do I understand that he had to? Of course... But all that will never make up for the hole in my heart that I had to live with every day of my life now... He was to me like Jim is to Melinda... Do the writers even know how much it hurts??? I am so sad, upset and dumbfounded that Ghost Whisperer could turn into something lame like this. Please don't do this to Melinda. Enough is enough.
posted by GhostFan on Nov 07, 2008
OK, last episode for me. Big Mistake knocking Jim off.
posted by jock on Nov 06, 2008
why would it be jim he is hot stuff!my guess payne he is one weired dude
posted by DOMO on Nov 05, 2008
When is the new season going to come out?
posted by DOMO on Nov 05, 2008
Your show is the best in the whole wide world ever! My mom always crys at the end.P.s dont cancel your great show!dONT QUIT Love Hewitt!
posted by GW fan 4-ever on Nov 03, 2008
I think its Jim too because if you have seen the promo Imaginary Friends and Enemies you can see that Melinda cries and jim collapsed ! I hope that Jim won't die but I'm very sure that ne dies !
posted by GWfan on Nov 02, 2008
im in england. we have only seen up to season 3. i bet its gonna be jim. the promo on the top shows melinda crying at a fire. sooo sad
posted by GW fan 4-ever on Nov 01, 2008
Oh no ! I'm very sure that Jim will die but that can't be the truth can it? I watch the preview for 7th november 2008 too. And everything look that Jim die ! I'm very sad but i hope that david conrad doesn't leave the show ! I like him and melinda together and I hope she is pregnant! I'm very exided !
posted by gw4 on Oct 31, 2008
here in england i have found a site showing series 4
posted by angela on Oct 29, 2008
i hope they are not going to stop at season 4 i love watching it
posted by beffano on Oct 27, 2008
its jim coz if u luk at the shadows jims stood behind them and there isint a shadow boppinup behind them so dose this mean pyane can see ghost aswel? Also if was pyane there be a gap in the shadows so they put jim at bk for a reason so there isnit a gap in the line of shodows and i watched this thing on you tube and in it sed can love transfer all. so its jim and pyane can see ghost
posted by jamie rocha 2001 on Oct 27, 2008
ok i have been watching this show and in two weeks we will know for sure who it is but the director said david conrad was leaving the show so yes i think it is going to be jim b/c how would they explain it when he leaves the show so they wrote in for him to die so and this one on friday the 31 she goes to doctor but is not pregnant. maybe before he dies they make a baby i dont know but i seen the preview for nov 7 2008 and something explodes and she is crying and screaming so it has to be someone close to her but it looked like her store so i thught it might of been delia i dont but i am with u i ont want to see him die but it would make a great twist
posted by HT19 on Oct 26, 2008
The shadow thing was an omen, nobody died. But Profesor Payne dies in season 4.
posted by ooooo on Oct 26, 2008
iv have seen 4 of 4 episode 1,2 and 3 we still have jim in it, professor pain leaves to go elce where, so not sure yet who will die
posted by GW fan 4-ever on Oct 26, 2008
I think Jim will die but I'm not sure about that! I read this 4 weeks ago on another site but maybe it isn't true ! i hope it isn't true because Jim is very useful in this serie. Melinda will be very sad if Jim die and I won't see her so sad ! I live in germany so I must wait longer can anybody tell me what's going on in the 4th season ? Thank you if one people tell me some new news about the 4th season !
posted by duh on Oct 25, 2008
its obviously payne cos he can see all the people present. if he was alive he would only see 5 people
posted by chrisdan on Oct 25, 2008
If Jim dies it will make the GH more interesting!!!!
posted by ja9young on Oct 24, 2008
can anyone tell me when it will be back on in UK? I thought it was payne that died, i kept re-winding it and i think it was a 'sign' I don't think any are dead....yet.
posted by rachel on Oct 23, 2008
i think its payne as someone who is dead can see that there is 6 people but someone who isnt dead can't see and he noticed it
posted by caz on Oct 23, 2008
I think its the mother. The "dad" thomas vowed to kill melinda and her mother, i think when he didnt show up at the antique store he went to kill melindas mother and then tried kill melinda after that. Also nobody acknowledged her mum when she joined the group.
posted by Bethels on Oct 22, 2008
It's not Jim, Jim is in the season 4 later on when Melinda suspects herself pregnant, I think it's either Rick or Melindas mum, as Rick has a new show and no one spoke to her mum.
posted by savvo1 on Oct 22, 2008
rick states that there are only 5 shadows so how can he now that there are 6 ppl at the curbside
posted by manUtd4eva67 on Oct 22, 2008
it is jim that dies, and i believe he will turn up later in the series
posted by SR4129 on Oct 22, 2008
Can anyone please tell me who it is who dies? I live in scotland and the show wont be on tv untill after christmas. Does jim die? hope not :(</3. If he does it sucks!! The show wont be the same without him and will lose alot ov viewers!
posted by becki on Oct 21, 2008
umm, i live in england so wont see series 4 for a while, just watched last episode of s 3. it's gotta be payne who dies- he said there's 6 people here and only 5 shadows- he wouldnt have thought there were 6 people there if one was a ghost- he cant see ghosts, so must be counting himself as the 6th person
posted by TRU79 on Oct 21, 2008
Screw it. Why Jim? It wont be the same without Jim
posted by kiki on Oct 21, 2008
nah u cant gt rid of jim cos it wil b wierd it wont b right man although ghostwhisperer is awwsommmee but u must neva get rid of melinda she is 1 hell of a gd actor xx
posted by GW fan 4-ever on Oct 16, 2008
I still not sure about jim's death but I hope melinda and jim will get a baby because a baby will save melinda . She will still very sad but then she has a task namely to take care of the baby . So she will be deflect . And also i think jim will stay ith her .
posted by sucka4u on Oct 16, 2008
i hope jim doesn't die because then i won't watch the show and it's my favorite!
posted by rusty on Oct 14, 2008
i am in Australia and i also believe it is jim, though i have to admit after anylising the last episode of season 3 i am not to sure if you watch back the last scene you will see jim touching ned, though his shadow isnt there, ned seems to know jim is touching him, i am not sure on who is going to die, i dont want it to be jim, the other thing with this is this, if you watch the opening credits for season 4 you see melinda with a young child near her, maybe jim dies and she finds out she is pregnant, there are way to many possiblities on who will die, i am like everyone else i want to know who it is, cheers all go have a look at the last scene and you will see what i am talking about, you tube has it
posted by Roxie on Oct 14, 2008
I want watch the show if they kill off Jim! I only watch it because they are the best tv couple!!
posted by mila on Oct 13, 2008
oh no jim culdont be dead
posted by Sune on Oct 12, 2008
If the show kills off Jim they are going to lose a lot of their fan base, so I seriously doubt it is Jim. I also think that Payne will die because he does have a new show coming out.
posted by GW fan 4-ever on Oct 08, 2008
I hope nobody will die but if one people must die then it doesn't jim . I think many fans from the serie will be very sad and melinda will be sad too . I don't wanna see her so sad and i will cry if jim will die !!!
posted by Cat-whisperer186 on Oct 07, 2008
Payne is dead one and jim's gonna live!!..i dont care i dont want jim to be killed off..=p
posted by GW fan 4-ever on Oct 07, 2008
hey guys I'm not sure about jims death but all things look that he dies . If melinda goes to payne I will be very angry because jim is still her husbant !!!
posted by KIz on Oct 06, 2008
Ok, if you looked at the shadows. Jim's wasn't there. He was always in the back ground and Payne and Melinda were holding hands when they were standing on the side of the road. It's no surprise that Jim dies as everything these days ends in divorce or someone dies. There's no such thing as a happy ending these days.
posted by Cat-whisperer186 on Oct 06, 2008
Can someone told me whose the one who died in this season 4?...i'm dying to knw it!..i hope it's not jim=(..plz tell me its nt jim!!..
posted by GW fan 4-ever on Oct 05, 2008
Could anybody tell me what was going on in the new episode ?
posted by eloa on Oct 05, 2008
i don't think they will, noones thought of the mum yet,shes old. she might save someone and kill herself in the process, finall excepting her dudtie of seeing ghosts or whatev's I don't think they'll cut jim out because in an interview with hewitt she said that the reason the relationshp between them has had no major set backs is because theres to much drama in the series alone and sheliked the fact that it was a positive relationship people could look at, which is true, I have not seen a good strong couple thats lasted more than a year in most other series
posted by \'GW\'crazy fans:) on Oct 05, 2008
Please!We cannot lose Jim cause i dun want see Melinda so sad!!!
posted by Jaime on Oct 05, 2008
I think their gonna make rick payne die.
posted by destinyhope on Oct 05, 2008
oh for crying out loud you people have got to pull yourselves together okay when jim die smelinda will go to her best friend rick payne i mean they were hugging and crying last scene of sseason 4 first episode also melinda was worried about rick payne so sur ejim may feel a little uncomfteralbe with mel and rick havieng something like a connectin but jim will be gone and melinda has to move on after all mel hasalways had rick there for her since they first met. always concerned and caring for eachother sorry jim but the ship iss starting to sail with out you on it according to melinda.
posted by destinyhope on Oct 05, 2008
guys calm down right now!! their making jim die but we know for a fact that he's gonna stay with her untill she dies too. in the meantime her mother and her friend Delia will help her get through this. Also her best friend Professor rick payne.
posted by stefanixx14 on Oct 04, 2008
whats the song played in this preview?
posted by Darkev on Oct 04, 2008
I'd like the music from this episode too. Nobody seems to know.
posted by GW fan 4-ever on Oct 03, 2008
I hope Jim won't die !!! I won't see Melinda so sad too, but if Jim die he won't leave her alone I'm sure!!! The 4 season opens today , does it ???
posted by Coolsmile on Oct 03, 2008
OMG! Jim gonna die? please dont~~i dun wanna see Melinda so sad.... :(
posted by Restless Spirit on Oct 03, 2008
I have said from the beginning of the show that Jim will die because his character serves no purpose on the show. But, I did think that she would hook up with Payne after Jim died. Obviously I was wrong about that!!
posted by Sam on Oct 02, 2008
I think it's Payne. From a logic standpoint, Jay Mohr has a new show this fall, so he might be leaving GW
posted by Mel62662 on Oct 02, 2008
I think it might be Payne, not Jim. Either way, when it comes to Australia, I'll have the box of tissues sitting next to me. Let's all get ready for an emotional episode, however it plays out.
posted by GW fan 4-ever on Oct 02, 2008
I think Jim won't crossover, because Jim will love her for ever and he won't leave her alone !!! But it's really terible if Jim will die !!! :(
posted by DgWhspr on Oct 01, 2008
I won't be watching the show if Melinda loses Jim. It would be too heartbreaking for her to lose him--even if it is only a tv show.
posted by GW fan 4-ever on Sep 30, 2008
I'm sure the 4 season will be great but jim .I can't understand it . I hope the 4 season comes soon to germany !!!
posted by GW fan 4-ever on Sep 30, 2008
No Jim can't die !!! Does anyone know who is going to die really . I don't live in the usa and i must wait longer for the 4 season . when does it opened in the usa ???
posted by destinyhope on Sep 30, 2008
oh get a grip!!! stop being so over dramatic HOH923 suck it up
posted by destinyhope on Sep 30, 2008
hey guys news flash it is jim thats gonna die and you know what she needs this. okay melinda needs this oppertunity to be closer to her mother again so maybe now you will understand.
posted by Alexia.. on Sep 29, 2008
I can bet its nt Jim bt Payne who is goin 2 die
posted by Chloe on Sep 28, 2008
Does anyone know the name of the song used on this promo?
posted by Olivia on Sep 28, 2008
this new season is going to be fantastic, but its heartbreaking that we're going to lose Jim, he may come back as a Ghost, but it wont be the same.
posted by HOH923 on Sep 28, 2008
Oh no we can't lose Jim! He's so awesome now i'm really sad :(

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