Ellen DeGeneres Debuts Wedding Video and Pics on Talk Show, the Footage

September 11, 2008 02:21:00 GMT

The video features the lesbian couple posing together for the cameras and interviewing their family members, asking them to comment on their wedding.

Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi
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Photo credit: Glenn Harris/PR Photos

Still feeling the marital bliss, Ellen DeGeneres has on Tuesday, September 9 aired the video and some pictures of her wedding during her talk show, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." The over 7 minutes footage, set to the Joshua Radin tune "Today," chronicles the before, during and after of her home wedding to Portia de Rossi.

It, moreover, shows the lesbian couple posing together and interviewing their family members about their wedding. In addition to the wedding pics and video, Ellen also released "Ellen and Portia's Wedding Song" on her official website, which was penned and sung by her brother, former Daily Show correspondent Vance DeGeneres.

Ellen and Portia are longtime lovers. They have been dating since 2004, but it was not until August 16, 2008 that they made their union official. Their wedding came in the wake of California Supreme Court's dismissal of the state's ban on gay marriage in May.

They got married in a small-intimate wedding bash at their home in Beverly Hills, California. The talk show host returned with her first show since her marriage on Monday, September 8, flashing her ring and gushing about her new bride.

Below is the video of Ellen and Portia's wedding.


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posted by Fuckoff on Aug 21, 2009
fuck religion
posted by Ricky on Mar 02, 2009
Congras Ellen and Portia you looked so happy. Messenger in what Science fiction movie or book can I read about the lake of fire or the Kingdom of heaven? WAKE UP and stop the hate! Love is all we should care about.
posted by kimberlita on Feb 05, 2009
Congratulations Ellen and Portia. Your happiness is evident. Thank you for sharing it with the world.
posted by kimberlita on Feb 05, 2009
For those of you who use the bible to condemn you need to watch "For The Bible Tells me so" and hear what biblical scholars teach about the passages you are using to condemn. Very well-done documentary. Very interesting and informative.
posted by Temeculamom on Oct 22, 2008
Oh, for heaven's sake. Messenger, get yourself a life. I was raised strictly Christian, and I teared up watching that video. Those are two people obviously in love, and I am glad they could get married!
posted by Annalise on Sep 14, 2008
"Ellen, in case you have'nt heard, homosexuals cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven; their end is the lake of fire which is reserved for the devil and his angels." & thats what you believe. they love each other, and its a beautiful thing. so keep your abusive words to yourself, knowbody else wants to hear it. Congrats :D
posted by kelly on Sep 13, 2008
wow, thats beautiful
posted by Messenger on Sep 13, 2008
Repent and believe on the Name of Jesus for deliverance from the spirit of abomination, perversion and deception. Jesus loves you and cares for you.
posted by Messenger on Sep 13, 2008
Ellen, in case you have'nt heard, homosexuals cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven; their end is the lake of fire which is reserved for the devil and his angels.
posted by vivian on Sep 12, 2008

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