Kanye West to Launch Fatburger Joint in Chicago

Kanye West

His company KW Foods LLC has purchased the rights to the North American Fatburger franchise to develop 10 fast food joints in Chicago with the first to be opened next month.

Having a very full plate on his agenda, Kanye West won't stop channeling his diverse inner creativity. With a number of business ventures he's already on, the mogul adds Fatburger franchise into his resume, planning to open a chain of the burger restaurant in his native Chicago, Illinois.

Executives at West's company, KW Foods LLC, are said to have purchased the rights to the North American Fatburger franchise to develop 10 fast food joints in Chicago. The first of the eateries is set to open in Orland Park next month, while a second restaurant will be opened in January of 2009. A third location is yet to be revealed as the executives are still in the process of finalizing the lease.

As for his singing career, West is still busy launching more singles from his 2007 album "Graduation" with the sixth and the latest is called "Champion". Releasing it in the wake of the Olympic Games fever, the video features a Muppet form of him participating in Unified Games, a sports event which is similar to the Olympic Games.

Aside from that, he reportedly has been tapped by fellow music artist Jay-Z to handle a major portion of his upcoming album, "The Blueprint 3", which is expected to be released this year.

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    Boycott Fatburger
    Mar 01, 2009

    My family and I went to the fatburger in Orland Park,Ill and had dinner befor going out to pass flyers of my 2 year old grandson who was diagnoised with leukemia and in the hope childrens hospital in oaklawn,il.First the food was not as good as it was hyped out to be and the service was even worse than the food. I could have ordered 1 item and they would have messed taht up. But we overlooked the bad experiance and asked the manager if they could please post a flyer of my grandson requesting prayers somewere the customers could read it,and the racist manager denied our request.I went right next door to Jimmy Johns and the management there took and posted 3 flyers around his resturant and now wants to do charity benefits for the hope childrens hospital and my grandson.My Kanye West why dont you take a road trip to your orland park location and go next door to JIMMY JOHNS and see how a careing and well organized establishment is ran.Quit patting yourself on your back saying your from Chicago,I do not think so,People from chicago care about the children here,and by the way your store was the only one in orland park that did not put up a fryer.Kanye West you resturants food made just as sick to my stomach like you do you piece of Trash!!!

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