Amy Lee Denied Metallica Collaboration

Amy Lee

Evanescence's singer Amy Lee has denied recent rumors claiming that she will work with Metallica on the band's upcoming new album.

Previous rumors saying that Evanescence's singer Amy Lee will work with Metallica turned out to be a false one. The rock singer herself has denied the rumors in an on-line posting on her band's official website.

Amy confirmed that the news was untrue and said that she doesn't even know where it came from. "I am NOT going to be collaborating with METALICA. I have absolutely no idea where this rumor came from, but it is not true," Amy said.

About the rumors, previously there were reports hitting the net saying that Amy will work with the hard rock legend on their forthcoming album. The rock chick reportedly will appear on two songs, the new version of the band's classic masterpiece "Fade To Black" and in a new song titled "Last Life", unfortunately, none of the rumors were true.

Meanwhile, Amy and her band haven't made any new project since their last album "The Open Door" which was released on October 3, 2006. However, the singer's last solo project was a collaboration with Korn in the band's live acoustic album titled "MTV Unplugged: Korn" which was recorded from the MTV live concert broadcast on February 23, 2007. On the album which was released on March 5, 2007, they were singing the nu metal band's hit single "Freak on a Leash".




    Jan 30, 2012


    Apr 01, 2010

    i really like evanescence it's a special band for me ad their music is wonderful ad it's bring me to life every time i listen to evanescence 's music it's really amazing for me ad i've the pleasure to be like a big fan of evanescence tha's all

    May 08, 2009

    se ve bien

    bubbLin\' aXX
    Oct 14, 2008

    amY Lee,I WisH I CouLD C U eVen OnCe iN My Life.U ReaLLy insPiReS Me ThaT GirLs CaN RocK.How aMazeD U aRe...I aDoRe tHe waY U MaKe eVanesCenCe muSic...aLways haVin9 a neW CoLLaboRaTioN WitH oTheR MusiCianS iS eXquisiTeLy gooD bReakThRu' enGLisH iS NoT GooD...buT i'D LiKe U To kNoW oNe ThinG aBouT Me...i'M uR BiG faN,i Don'T KnoW whaT 2 Say iN SoMe gooD WordS hoW I aDoRe U.LasT buT NoT LeasT,wouLd coMe To inDoNesia wHen u anD uR banD aRe oN TouR WorLd?eVanesCenCe fanS muST be ReadY To waTcH uR aCTs!I aLwayS SuPPoRT WhaTeveR U Do.

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