Gwen Stefani Forced to Cancel Gig in Malaysia

Gwen Stefani

A group of Muslim students has sent opposition against Gwen Stefani's concert in Kuala Lumpur because her promotional videos are 'obscene'.

Gwen Stefani is facing a tough opposition from a group of Muslims in Malaysia. The group that is comprised of students has tried to ban Stefani's gig in Kuala Lumpur's Putra Stadium on August 21, claiming 'obscenity'

The 10,000 students believe that the concert will clash with Asian values especially Islamic. "Her video clips promoting the event are too obscene," Mohamad Hilmi Ramli, the group's president, told Reuters. "We want the organizers to cancel the concert, failing which we will ask the authorities to intervene."

Hilmi also blames mobile phone company Maxis Communications from taking part in the concert's promotion. He said, "Maxis has been staging a series of foreign acts ... to make a profit and to expose our young generation to things such as moral decay."

No representative from both Maxis and Stefani are able to be contacted. In the mean time, Stefani will continue The Sweet Escape Tour in Melbourne, Australia this week before heading to Japan on August 11 to begin Asian leg.



    Aug 02, 2007

    what is wrong with you guys? nothing else to do? Use your time to help the environment or do something else which is meaningful. Because of your personally point view and make 9,000 people dissapointment? You think she is the only source to bring immoral to people? Come on, in this world there're something called INTERNET. You could just simple goto the internet and type in porn for your satisfaction. look further, or else there will b no longer any singers coming in n yet all the fans will have to goto singapore and support them which could lead to support other country economy. USE YOUR BRAIN is my fucking advise to you brainless people.

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