Ewan McGregor As Kurt Cobain Onscreen ?

Ewan McGregor reportedly becomes the top choice to play Kurt Cobain in a biopic about the late artist.

Following the buzz surrounding Courtney Love's plan to develop "Heavier than Heaven", a biographical feature about her deceased husband Kurt Cobain, what probably becomes the hot topic to talk about by now is seemingly the actor to play the Nirvana frontman.

A source for the Daily Express has informed that Ewan McGregor has come out as the top choice among other potential names to assume the role. What's interesting here is if McGregor truly lands the part, this won't be the first time the striking guy portrays a rock star as he had brilliantly done it before in "Velvet Goldmine."

Based on Charles Cross' biography of the same name, "Heaven" will be the first authorized look at the life of the singer, his band, and his relationship with his wife should a deal is reached. Love herself was previously quoted to promise that the project would be "(an) A list and high end film."

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    Mar 09, 2011

    dont know if nirvana or courtney would read this, but you should get wes from puddle of mudd or shawn morgan from seether to play kurt. they might actually pull it off...

    May 02, 2010

    i dont wish there to be any replacements because it is impossible to be and no one is good enough

    May 02, 2010

    well thats ok rather than zac shit efron or robert pattshit

    Oct 08, 2007

    First of all, this should be an art film, and not some ~"Squeeze every dollar from the dead guy we can"~ movie. Someone like Oliver Stone would be the perfect Director for a project like this. This film could be like “The Doors” meets “Sid & Nancy." But odds are it won't be. I'd go and see the movie anyways just to see how much stuff they lie about. This film definately needs to focus more away from Kurt & Courtney and more on Kurt. But with Courtney Love at the helm Kurt will probably be made out to be a piece of sh*t, and Courtney portrayed as an angel. But here's who I think should play the parts... 1. Kurt Cobain-- `Edward Furlong.` He's the right age, has the right type of body and imagine him with long bleached long hair and a five O'clock shadow. 2. Dave Grohl-- `Scott Patrick Green.` Scott is an actor who played a part in Gus Van Saunts Last Days. He played one of Blakes rocker friends and has the right look and attitude for the part. 3. Courtney Love-- 'Brittney Murphy.` I am convinced that she would be the absolute PERFECT person for this part, esspecially after seeing her in 8 mile. 4. Krist Novaselic-- `Ashton Kutcher.` If you think about it, Ashton could really pull off the krist novoselic role rather well. I believe he would be great for this part and this would further highlight his talents as an actor. This film has the potential to be a really great film but it's all up to whoevers making it. The filmakers should have people from various grunge/punk bands like The Melvins, RHCP, and the Breeders as consultants to ensure that the film keeps its genuine devotion. And I believe the ending should be open to question because there is alot of controversy surrounding Kurt Cobains death. To read about it Go to:www.justiceforkurt.com

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