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Wonderful, Glorious [Deluxe Edition] : Eels

Wonderful, Glorious [Deluxe Edition]
Artist : Eels
Genre : Rock
Label : Vagrant Records
Release Date : February 05, 2013


1Bombs Away
2Watch Kinda Fuzzy Video Kinda Fuzzy
3Accident Prone
4Watch Peach Blossom Video Peach Blossom
5On the Ropes
6The Turnaround
7Watch New Alphabet Video New Alphabet
8Stick Together
9True Original
10Open My Present
11You're My Friend
12I Am Building a Shrine
13Wonderful, Glorious
14Hold on to Your Hat
15Your Mama Warned You
16I'm Your Brave Little Soldier
17There's Something Strange
18Happy Hour (We're Gonna Rock)
19That's Not Really Funny (Live 2011
20In My Dreams (Live 2010)
21Prizefighter (Live 2010)
22Looking Up (Live 2011)
23What I Have to Offer (Live at KEXP)
24I Like the Way This Is Going (Live at KEXP)
25Spectacular Girl (Live at KEXP)
26Summer in the City (Live at KEXP)