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Who's Zoomin' Who? [Deluxe Edition] : Aretha Franklin

Who's Zoomin' Who? [Deluxe Edition]
Artist : Aretha Franklin
Genre : R&B
Label : Funkytowngrooves US
Release Date : April 17, 2012


1Watch Freeway of Love Video Freeway of Love
2Another Night
3Sweet Bitter Love
4Who's Zoomin' Who
5Sisters Are Doing It
6Until You Say You Love Me
7Ain't Nobody Ever Loved You
10Who's Zoomin' Who (Dance Mix)
11Another Night (Dance Mix)
12Ain't Nobody Ever Loved You (Remix)
13Sisters Are Doing It (Extended Remix)
14Who's Zoomin' Who (Acapella Mix)
15Ain't Nobody Ever Loved You (Dub Version)
16Another Night (Radio Mix)
17Freeway of Love (Single Mix)
18Who's Zoomin' Who (Radio Mix)
19Ain't Nobody Ever Loved You (Single Edit)
20Another Night (Single Mix)
21Freeway of Love (Rock Mix)
22Who's Zoomin' Who (Dub Mix)
23Ain't Nobody Ever Loved You (Percapella)
24Another Night (Dub Mix)
25Freeway of Love (Extended Remix)
26Sisters Are Doing It