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God, Love and Romance : Fred Hammond

God, Love and Romance
Artist : Fred Hammond
Genre : Gospel
Label : Verity
Release Year : 2012


1Write Something for Us
2When I Come Home to You
3Jacob's Love
4I'm in Love with You
5How a Man Loves a Woman
6You Are My Love Come True
7The Proposal
8Love Will Find You
9Face It All
11SOS 4:7/Prov 31:10-12
12You're So Beautiful
13Pulling Up At the Crib
14My Lady and Myself
15Give It Up for the Band
16My Love is Real
17Radio Fred
18One More Try
19Put on Your Good Shoes
20I Am Not Alone
21I See the Sunshine'n
22Better Love
23I Feel Good
24I Got a Good Woman
25Amazing Love
26Let's Take a Minute
27I Will Lift Him Up
28So You Just Gown Leave?
29You Never Turned
30Call On Him
31He Lives Remix
32You're Gonna Make It
33Love Song to the Lamb
34Girls Night Out/Out Take