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Exile on Main St. [Super Deluxe Edition] : The Rolling Stones

Exile on Main St. [Super Deluxe Edition]
Artist : The Rolling Stones
Genre : Rock
Label : Hip-O
Release Date : May 18, 2010


1Rocks Off
2Rip This Joint
3Shake Your Hips
4Casino Boogie
5Tumbling Dice
6Sweet Virginia
7Torn and Frayed
8Sweet Black Angel
9Loving Cup
11Turd on the Run
12Ventilator Blues
13I Just Want to See His Face
14Let It Loose
15All Down the Line
16Stop Breaking Down
17Shine a Light
18Soul Survivor
19Loving Cup - Alternate Take
20Pass The Wine (Sophia Loren)
21I'm Not Signifying
22Dancing in the Light
23So Divine (Aladdin Story)
24Soul Survivor - Alternate Take
25Watch Following the River Video Following the River
26Watch Plundered My Soul Video Plundered My Soul
27Good Time Women
28Title 5
29Rocks Off
30Rip This Joint
31Shake Your Hips
32Casino Boogie
33Tumbling Dice
34Sweet Virginia
35Torn and Frayed
36Sweet Black Angel
37Loving Cup
39Turd on the Run
40Ventilator Blues
41I Just Want to See His Face
42Let It Loose
43All Down the Line
44Stop Breaking Down
45Shine a Light
46Soul Survivor
47Stones in Exile
48Cocksucker Blues
49Ladies and Gentlemen... the Rolling Stones