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Suicide Season: Deluxe Edition : Bring Me The Horizon

Suicide Season: Deluxe Edition
Artist : Bring Me The Horizon
Genre : Rock
Label : Epitaph
Release Date : April 13, 2010


1Watch The Comedown Video The Comedown
2Watch Chelsea Smile Video Chelsea Smile
3It Was Written in Blood
4Death Breath
5Football Season is Over
6Sleep with One Eye Open
7Diamonds arent Forever
8Watch The Sadness Will Never End Video The Sadness Will Never End
9No Need for Introductions
10Suicide Season
11The Comedown (RobotSonics remix)
12Chelsea Smile (KC Blitz remix)
13It Was Written In Blood (L'Amour La Morgue remix)
14Death Breath (Toxic Avenger remix)
15Football Season is Over (After The Night remix)
16Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek One remix)
17Diamonds aren't Forever (I Haunt Wizards remix)
18The Sadness Will Never End (Sonny Moore remix)
19No Need for Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You on the Back of Toilet Doors (Benjamin Weinman remix)
20Suicide Season (The Secret Handshake remix)
21Football Season is Over (Utah Saints remix)
22Sleep With One Eye Open (M. Shawn Crahan)
23Chelsea Smile (Travis McCoy remix)
24Suicide Season (Outcry Collective remix)