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It's Not Funny : David Cross

It's Not Funny
Artist : David Cross
Genre : Comedy
Label : Sub Pop
Release Year : 2004


1Certain Leaders in Government Look or Act Like Certain Pop Culture ...
2Women, Please Rinse Off Your Vagina and Anus!
3I've Taken a Popular Contemporary Pop Song and Changed the Lyrics ...
4A Rapid Series of Comical Noises!
5Although Indigent, Rural Families Have Little to Say in the ...
6My Child Is Enthralling, Especially When It Says Something ...
7My Immigrant Mom Talks Funny!
8When It Come to Jews, Behavior One Might Perceive as Obnoxious and ...
9Pandering to the Locals!
10Even Though I Am in the Closet, That Won't Prevent Me from Getting ...
11Weathermen Have Become, For the Most Part, Obsolete!
12When Is Said and Done, I Am Lonely and Miserable and Barely Able ...