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All the Lost Souls [Deluxe Edition] : James Blunt

All the Lost Souls [Deluxe Edition]
Artist : James Blunt
Genre : Rock
Label : Atlantic
Release Year : 2008


1Watch 1973 Video 1973
2One of the Brightest Stars
3I'll Take Everything
4Watch Same Mistake Video Same Mistake
5Watch Carry You Home Video Carry You Home
6Give Me Some Love
7Watch I Really Want You Video I Really Want You
8Shine On
10I Can't Hear the Music
11Watch Love, Love, Love Video Love, Love, Love
12Cuz I Love You (Live)
13Young Folks (Live)
14Breakfast in America (Live)
15Primavera in Anticipo
16I'll Take Everything (Live at Abbey Road) [DVD]
171973 (Live at Abbey Road) [DVD]
18Same Mistake (Live at Abbey Road) [DVD]
19You're Beautiful (Live in Paris) [DVD]
20Goodbye My Lover (Live in Paris) [DVD]
21Carry You Home (Live from Sydney Opera House) [DVD}
22Wisemen (Live in Ibiza) [DVD]
23One of the Brightest Stars (Live in Ibiza) [DVD]
241973 (Video)
25Same Mistake (Video)
26Carry You Home (Video)
27I Really Want You (Video)
28Je Realise (Video)
29Return to Kosovo (Documentary)
30T5M (Interview Special)
31Making of 1973 (Video)
32Making of Same Mistake (Video)
33Making of Carry You Home (Video)
34Making of I Really Want You (Video)