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The Song Is You [RCA Box] : Frank Sinatra

The Song Is You [RCA Box]
Artist : Frank Sinatra
Genre : Vocal
Label : RCA
Release Year : 1940


1The Sky Fell Down
2Too Romantic
3Shake Down the Stars
4Moments in the Moonlight
5I'll Be Seeing You
6Say It
7Polka Dots and Moonbeams
8The Fable of the Rose
9This Is the Beginning of the End
10Hear My Song, Violetta
11Fools Rush In
12Devil May Care
13April Played the Fiddle
14I Haven't Time to Be a Millionaire
16Yours Is My Heart Alone
17You're Lonely and I'm Lonely
18East of the Sun (And West of the Moon)
19Head on My Pillow
20It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow
21I'll Never Smile Again
22All This and Heaven Too
23Where Do You Keep Your Heart?
25Trade Winds
26The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)
27The Call of the Canyon
28Love Lies
29I Could Make You Care
30The World Is in My Arms
31Our Love Affair
32Looking for Yesterday
33Tell Me at Midnight
34We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)
35When You Awake
37Shadows on the Sand
38You're Breaking My Heart All Over Again
39I'd Know You Anywhere
40Do You Know Why?
41Not So Long Ago
43Oh! Look at Me Now
44You Might Have Belonged to Another
45You Lucky People, You
46It's Always You
47I Tried
49Without a Song
50Do I Worry?
51Everything Happens to Me
52Let's Get Away from It All
53I'll Never Let a Day Pass By
54Love Me as I Am
55This Love of Mine
56I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest
57You and I
59Free for All
60Blue Skies
61Two in Love
62Pale Moon
63I Think of You
64How Do You Do Without Me?
65A Sinner Kissed an Angel
66Violets for Your Furs
67The Sunshine of Your Smile
68How About You?
69Snootie Little Cutie
70Poor You
71I'll Take Tallulah
72The Last Call for Love
73Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
74Just as Though You Were Here
75Street of Dreams
76Take Me
77Be Careful, It's My Heart
78In the Blue of Evening
79Dig Down Deep
80There Are Such Things
82It Started All over Again
83Light a Candle in the Chapel
84Too Romantic [Take 2]
85Shake Down the Stars [Take 2]
86Hear My Song, Violetta [Take 2]
87You're Lonely and I'm Lonely [Take 2]
88Our Love Affair [Take 2]
89Violets for Your Furs [Take 2]
90The Night We Called It a Day
91The Lamplighter's Serenade
92The Song Is You
93Night and Day
94I'm Getting Sentimental over You
96I Hear a Rhapsody
97I'll Never Smile Again
98Half Way Down the Street
99Some of Your Sweetness (Got into My Heart)
100Once in a While
101A Little In Love
102It Came to Me
103Only Forever
105Yearning (Just for You)
106How Am I to Know?
107You're Part of My Heart
109You're Stepping on My Toes
110You Got the Best of Me
111That's How It Goes
112When Daylight Dawns
113When Sleepy Stars Begin to Fall
114Goodbye Lover, Goodbye
115One Red Rose
116The Things I Love
117In the Blue of Evening
118Just as Though You Were Here
119Frank Sinatra's Farewell to the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
120The Song Is You