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60 Greatest Old-Time Radio Shows Starring Frank Sinatra and ... : Frank Sinatra

60 Greatest Old-Time Radio Shows Starring Frank Sinatra and ...
Artist : Frank Sinatra
Genre : Vocal
Label : Radio Spirits
Release Year : 2000


1Jack Benny Progam
2Abbott & Costello
4The House I Live In
5Bob Hope Show
6Lux Radio Theatre
7America Salutes the President's Birthday
8Screen Guild Players
9Bing Crosby Show
10Savings Band Show
11Spotlight Revue Starring Spike Jones
12Rocky Fortune
13Bill Stern Sports Newsreel
14Guest Star
15Jack Benny Program
16A Date With Judy
17Dinah Shore Show
18Burns & Allen Show
19Radio Reader's Digest
20G.I. Jurnal
21Command Performance
22Kraft Music Hall Starring Bing Crosby
23Ray Bolger Show
24Fred Allen Show
25Ginny Simms Show
26Command Performance
27Rocky Fortune
28Guest Star
29Lux Radio Theatre
30Life With Luigi
31Danny Kaye Show
32Gary Crosby Show
33Jack Benny Program
34Bill Stern Sports Newsreel
35Guest Star
36Amos 'N' Andy Music Hall
37Fred Allen Show
38Martin, Dean & Jerry Lewis Show
39Rocky Fortune
40Rudy Vallee Show
41Command Performance
42Burns & Allen Show
43Lux Radio Theatre
44Jack Benny Program
45Bing Crosby Show
46Sealtest Village Store
47Guest Star
48Bill Stern Sports Newsreel
49Burns & Allen Show
50Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy Show
51Spotlight Revue Starring Spike Jones
52Jack Carson Show
53Command Performance
54Lifebuoy Show
55Lady Esther Screen Guild Theatre
56Mail Call
57Rocky Fortune
58Jack Benny Program
59Mail Call
60Command Performance