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Greatest Hits and Videos : Red Hot Chili Peppers

Greatest Hits and Videos
Artist : Red Hot Chili Peppers
Genre : Rock
Label : Warner Bros.
Release Year : 2003


1Watch Under the Bridge Video Under the Bridge
2Watch Give It Away Video Give It Away
3Watch Californication Video Californication
4Watch Scar Tissue Video Scar Tissue
5Soul to Squeeze
6Watch Otherside Video Otherside
7Watch Suck My Kiss Video Suck My Kiss
8Watch By the Way Video By the Way
9Parallel Universe
10Watch Breaking the Girl Video Breaking the Girl
11Watch My Friends Video My Friends
12Watch Higher Ground Video Higher Ground
13Watch Universally Speaking Video Universally Speaking
14Watch Road Trippin' Video Road Trippin'
15Watch Fortune Faded Video Fortune Faded
16Save the Population
17Higher Ground [DVD]
18Suck My Kiss [DVD]
19Give It Away [DVD]
20Under the Bridge [DVD]
21Soul to Squeeze [DVD]
22Aeroplane [DVD]
23My Friends [DVD]
24Around the World [DVD]
25Scar Tissue [DVD]
26Otherside [DVD]
27Californication [DVD]
28Road Trippin' [DVD]
29By the Way [DVD]
30The Zephyr Song [DVD]
31Can't Stop [DVD]
32Universally Speaking [DVD]