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East Coast Invasion/West Coast Invasion : The Beatles

East Coast Invasion/West Coast Invasion
Artist : The Beatles
Genre : Rock
Label : Import
Release Year : 2000


1Melody Maker Award Presentation
2John Lennon Talks About New York and the Concert at Forest Hills
3Paul McCartney Discusses the Fans Reaction on Arrival in New York, and
4Ringo Starr Gives His Reactions to New York and the Fans
5George Harrison Gives His Views on Press Conferences, A Hard Days Night
6Manager Brian Epstein Gives a Rare Interview
7John Lennon Discusses the Effects of Beatlemania on Family Life
8Paul McCartney Talks About Acting, Folk-Rock, Miami and the Press
9George Harrison Discusses the Differences Between English and American
10Ringo Starr Gives His Views on Country and Western Music, Sports, Monop
11Road Manager Neil Aspinall Talks About the Escape from Fans Following t
12Press Officer Derek Taylor Discusses the Atlantic City Concert and the
13Los Los Angeles Press Conference 28th August 1966
14San Francisco Press Conference 19th August 1964
15Evangelist Protest in San Francisco on 18th August 1964
16John Lennon and Paul McCartney Greetings on Arrival in San Francisco
17Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr at the Cow Palace, San Francisco
18Interview With George Harrison
19Interview With John Lennon and Ringo Starr
20Interview With Derek Taylor