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Audio Book : The Beatles

Audio Book
Artist : The Beatles
Genre : Rock
Label : Sanctuary
Release Year : 2003


1George Harrison: The Rebel
2George Harrison: Carl Harrison
3George Harrison: Das Liebschen Kind
4George Harrison: The Cave Dweller
5George Harrison: The Mersey Beatle
6George Harrison: The Serious One
7George Harrison: The Shishya
8George Harrison: The Ex-Beatle
9George Harrison: His Lectureship
10George Harrison: The Trembling Wilbury
11George Harrison: The Anthologist
12George Harrison: The Alien
13John Lennon: Who Am I to Regard as Mother?
14John Lennon: There Was Something Slightly Worrying About Him
15John Lennon: His One Saving Grace Was That Stuart Liked Him
16John Lennon: Aggressive Restraint, a Brando Type
17John Lennon: Which Way Are We Going, Boys?
18John Lennon: I Don't Know - What Do You Think?
19John Lennon: Pinching Our Arrangements Down to the Last Note
20John Lennon: Kids Everywhere Go for the Same Stuff
21John Lennon: Controlled Weirdness
22John Lennon: The Change in Him Was Like Jekyll and Hyde
23John Lennon: An Escape Valve from the Beatles
24John Lennon: Who'd Want to Be an 80-Year-Old Beatle?
25John Lennon: The Look of Fated Youth
26Ringo Starr: I Was Just One of Those Loony Teddy Boys
27Ringo Starr: Well, I Thought I Was the Best Drummer There Was
28Ringo Starr: I Took a Chance and I Think I've Been Lucky
29Ringo Starr: I Had to Join Them as People, as Well as a Drummer
30Ringo Starr: I'm Happy to Go On and Play Drums - And That's All
31Ringo Starr: Over in the States, I Know I Went Over Well
32Ringo Starr: I've Been Thinking and Wondering Where It's All Going
33Ringo Starr: They More or Less Direct Me in the Style I Can Play
34Ringo Starr: I Suppose I Seem Fairly Straight
35Ringo Starr: I Couldn't Believe It Was Happening
36Ringo Starr: I Love It When They Let Me Go Off on My Own
37Ringo Starr: I Can't Wait to Go, Half the Time
38Ringo Starr: Wherever I Go, It's a Swinging Place, Man
39Ringo Starr: If I Don't Get You, the Next One Will
40Ringo Starr: I Knew I'd Had This Problem for Years
41Ringo Starr: Please, God, I Have to Stop Living This Way
43Ringo Starr: Now I Just Stay Nervous
44Ringo Starr: I'll Be Fine Anywhere/Epilogue: I Go Along With Whatever I
45Paul McCartney: Que Sera Sera
46Paul McCartney: That'll Be the Day
47Paul McCartney: What'd I Say?
48Paul McCartney: Over the Rainbow
49Paul McCartney: Some Other Guy
50Paul McCartney: Don't You Dig This Kind of Beat?
51Paul McCartney: Nobody I Know
52Paul McCartney: I'm the Urban Spaceman
53Paul McCartney: Goodbye
54Paul McCartney: Wedding Bells
55Paul McCartney: Love Is Strange
56Paul McCartney: Mary Had a Little Lamb
57Paul McCartney: Crossroads
58Paul McCartney: Japanese Tears
59Paul McCartney: (Just Like) Starting Over
60Paul McCartney: Don't Get Around Much Anymore
61Paul McCartney: Come Together
62Paul McCartney: My Dark Hour
63Paul McCartney: She Said Yeah