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The Wolverine Releases Extended Teaser and Motion Posters

2013-03-27 02:03:23

The James Mangold-directed film shares more scenes in new sneak peek of the upcoming full trailer.

Preview of The Wolverine Trailer Features Jean Grey

2013-03-26 02:03:25

The upcoming superhero movie starring Hugh Jackman also delivers new posters and images which introduce Tao Okamoto, Svetlana Khodchenkova and Rila Fukushima.

Wolverine Has Blood on His Claws in One of New Images From The Wolverine

2013-03-18 04:03:20

There are four new images coming out with one featuring Hugh Jackman with blood on his claws and another showing a filming set in Japan.

Hugh Jackman Confirms The Wolverine Will Have 'X-Men' Cameo

2012-12-24 10:12:15

The Logan a.k.a Wolverine depicter, however, does not reveal which original 'X-Men' character that will show up in the upcoming movie.

'Wolverine' Debuts Motion Poster of Logan Atop Tokyo Skyline

2012-12-13 01:12:53

The titular mutant hero is seen all alone on a rooftop under the heavy rain, while holding onto a katana.

Trailers for 'Wolverine' and 'Man of Steel' Reportedly Will Be Attached to 'Hobbit'

2012-11-19 09:11:32

The mutant hero film and the Superman movie might be the other films aside from 'Star Trek Into Darkness' which will reveal their footage before 'An Unexpected Journey' screenings on December 14.

New 'Wolverine' Set Pics See Logan Fighting Ninjas at Snowy Village

2012-11-02 01:11:38

Hugh Jackman films the action scene at Sydney Olympic Park, which has been transformed into a wintry Japanese village.

The Wolverine Reveals Vintage Teaser Poster While Throwing Live Chat Event

2012-10-30 11:10:30

The simple one-sheet has Logan sporting his claw in a black-and-white dominated painting, while the Q and A session has Hugh Jackman and James Mangold revealing scoops about the upcoming film.

The Wolverine Is Not a Prequel, Story Takes Place After 'X-Men' Trilogy

2012-10-26 11:10:21

Though evidences have led to speculations that 'Wolverine' is a prequel to the 'X-Men' series, director James Mangold insists, 'Where this film sits in the universe of the films is after them all.'

Report: Jean Grey to Make Appearance in The Wolverine

2012-10-22 11:10:50

The love interest of Logan reportedly will take a minor part in the film since Famke Janssen, who plays the character in previous 'X-Men' movies, reportedly flew to Sydney to shoot a cameo.

'Wolverine' Set Videos: Logan and Mariko Yashida Get Hit by Passing Car

2012-10-15 01:10:54

Taken from the set in Parramatta, the clips show two stunt doubles for Hugh Jackman and Tao Okamoto filming a scene where they are pursued on foot while dodging through traffic.

First Look at Villainess Viper on The Wolverine Set

2012-10-11 10:10:25

Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova has been caught on camera on the 'Wolverine' set, sporting Viper costume that consists of a sexy LBD and a pair of gold-studded black leather gloves.

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