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'Breaking Dawn II' First-Day Advance Ticket Sales Smash Record, Final Poster Comes Out

2012-10-03 10:10:56

The final 'Twilight Saga' film scores a whooping $1.17 million for its first-day advance ticket sales, breaking the franchise's record previously held by 'Breaking Dawn I'.

'Breaking Dawn II' to Reveal Pieces of Its Final Poster in Different Time Zones

2012-10-01 10:10:07

The final one-sheet will be parted in five sections which will be unveiled progressively on various 'Twilight'-related Facebook pages before the full version is released on Tuesday, October 2.

Kellan Lutz Reveals 'Breaking Dawn II' to Have 'Special' Bonus Scene in the Credit

2012-09-21 01:09:52

Promising a surprise in the final 'Twilight Saga' film, the Emmett Cullen depicter opens up that director Bill Condon has told him to 'stay for the credits - there's a really special thing happening.'

All 'The Twilight Saga' Films to Be Screened at Movie Marathon in November

2012-09-11 09:09:33

Taking place on November 15, the marathon event will also have an early screening for 'The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn Part II' in selected theaters in North America.

Bella and Edward Fight for Renesmee in 'Breaking Dawn II' VMAs Trailer

2012-09-07 11:09:02

Climatic battle scene between the Cullens and the Volturi, as well as Bella's new ability as a vampire are some of the scenes featured in the new trailer for the final 'Twilight Saga' film.

Climatic Battle Teased in Sneak Peek at Final Trailer for 'Breaking Dawn Part II'

2012-09-06 10:09:45

In the snippet for the final 'Twilight Saga' film, the Cullens and their allies are seen heading to a big battle against the Volturi in the middle of a snowy landscape.

'Breaking Dawn II' Unleashes New Pictures, Director Shares More Details

2012-08-29 01:08:35

Robert Pattinson is seen standing in the woods together with Kristen Stewart and some other 'Twilight' actors in one photo, and walking alone in the middle of the snow in another.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Skip Final 'Twilight' Conventions

2012-08-20 09:08:30

The former off-screen lovers, who play the main couple in the 'Twilight' film series, and their co-star Taylor Lautner opt out of attending the final four official conventions for the movie franchise.

'Breaking Dawn II' Debuts New Images, Reportedly Changes the Ending

2012-08-11 10:08:24

Rumor has it, the ending of the final 'Twilight Saga' film series will be different from the Stephenie Meyers book as Robert Pattinson says he's surprised when he first read the script.

Summit Confirms 'Breaking Dawn II' Promotions Despite Kristen Stewart's Scandal

2012-08-02 10:08:09

Summit Entertainment insists that it's still 'looking forward to this November's opening' of the final 'Twilight Saga' film despite the personal issues faced by Kristen and Robert Pattinson.

Comic-Con 2012: 'Breaking Dawn II' Cast Discuss 'Twilight' Bittersweet Ending

2012-07-13 09:07:12

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner dish on the 'true love' between Edward and Jacob, while Kristen Stewart gushes about her feeling about filming the last 'Twilight Saga' movie.

Taylor Lautner Dishes On Jacob's Relationship With Renesmee in 'Breaking Dawn II'

2012-06-21 11:06:05

Though some people think it's weird for Jacob to fall in love with a child in the final 'Twilight Saga' film, Lautner insists, 'It's not really as creepy as everybody likes to joke.'

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