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Silent House


Genre :


Release Date :

March 09, 2012

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Chris Kentis, Laura Lau

Starring :

Elizabeth Olsen, Adam Trese, Eric Sheffer Stevens, Julia Taylor Ross, Haley Murphy, Adam Barnett

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“..there is a plot twist, but it's terrible and seems to negate most of what came before..”
by Randy Cordova [Arizona Republic]
Review rate : B+

“..the story is told in real time, and even appears to have been shot in one continuous, unbroken take..”
by Eric D. Snider [Film.com]
“..the proportion of masochism to catharsis, so crucial to the strange pleasure to be found in horror films, is skewed far more to the masochistic side of things..”
by Mary F. Pols [TIME Magazine]
“..the nimbleness of the film's staging can't overcome a creeping monotony..”
by Nick Pinkerton [Village Voice]
2 of 5

“..the movie is constructed to seem like one continuous shot..”
by Mark Olsen [Los Angeles Times]
“..stylistic exercise from "Open Water" directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, "Silent House" twists camera and narrative alike, but repulses more than it scares..”
by Rob Nelson [Variety]
3 of 5

“..showcases real filmmaking talent, innovation and an ability to deliver more dark jumps and creeps than many a multi-million-dollar blockbuster..”
by Jane Crowther [SFX Magazine]
“..shot mostly in annoying close-ups, the blurry camerawork from drunken hand-held video cams doesn't add chills..”
by Rex Reed [New York Observer]
“..rough, grainy and dark, yet cinematic..”
by Staci Layne Wilson [Horror.com]
Review rate : B

“..really gives you a psychological workout..”
“..places a limited number of characters in an isolated setting..”
by Todd McCarthy [Hollywood Reporter]
2 of 5

“..it's not hard to guess the source of her horror, and so the film's most interesting aspects are its gimmicks rather than its frights..”
by Neil Genzlinger [New York Times]
“..for 88 minutes, Olsen rivets our attention, and the camera's, so fiercely it verges on unbearable..”
by Kathleen Murphy [MSN Movies]
“..even if Silent House had turned out as grimy, gory and stupid as much of its terrorplex ilk, the film would still be an achievement simply owing to its construction..”
by Andrew Lapin [NPR]
1.5 of 4

“..demonstrating the limits of being too clever in a genre movie, the art-house chiller "Silent House" lets the tenseness of its first act trickle away..”
by Kyle Smith [New York Post]
2.5 of 4

“..clever in establishing a suffocatingly claustrophobic atmosphere..”
by James Berardinelli [ReelViews]

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