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Last Holiday Reviews

Last Holiday


Genre :

Comedy, Drama, Adventure

Release Date :

January 13, 2006

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Wayne Wang

Starring :

Alicia Witt, Queen Latifah, Timothy Hutton, LL Cool J, GĂ©rard Depardieu, Giancarlo Esposito, Michael Nouri, Matt Ross, Jascha Washington

REVIEWS RATE:  Critics  Nothing's perfect, but it's worth seeing.    Readers  3 of 5 [Rate It]

“..witless and drearily paced..”
by Steve Schneider [Orlando Weekly]
3.5 of 5

“..warm, funny and inspiring..”
by Christine James [Boxoffice Magazine]
3 of 5

“..sometimes droll, sometimes whimsical, and usually sharp..”
by Andrea Chase [Killer Movie Reviews]
“..should be a solid King Day holiday weekend entry with sufficient word-of-mouth stamina to emerge as a tidy little hit for Paramount Pictures..”
by Michael Rechtshaffen [The Hollywood Reporter]
2 of 5

“..Latifah is a bundle of personality, and it's only due to her presence that the film doesn't become unbearably boring..”
by David Mercier [FilmJudge]
5 of 10

“..is too unoriginal to really set it apart from other light comedies..”
by Scott Chitwood [Comingsoon]
4.5 of 5

“..incredibly heartfelt and endearing..”
by Dan Deevy [The Cinema Source]
“..hugely enjoyable..”
by Scott Foundas [L.A. Weekly]
3 of 5

“..doesn't aspire much further than basic romantic comedy standards..”
by Brian Orndorf [EFilmCritic]
4 of 5
Reviewed by [E! Online]
3 of 4
Reviewed by Pam Grady [Reel]
3 of 5
Reviewed by Sean O'Connell [Filmcritic]
3 of 5
Reviewed by Calvin Wilson [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
3 of 5
Reviewed by Eugene Novikov [Film Blather]
3 of 5
Reviewed by Lisa Schwarzbaum [Entertainment Weekly]
3 of 5
Reviewed by Kathy Cano Murillo [The Arizona Republic]
3 of 5
Reviewed by Joshua Tyler [Cinema Blend]
3 of 4
Reviewed by Wesley Morris [Boston Globe]
3 of 4
Reviewed by Jessica Reaves [Chicago Tribune]
2.5 of 5
Reviewed by Heather Wood [Sun Newspapers of Cleveland]
2.5 of 4
Reviewed by Gene Seymour [Newsday]
2.5 of 4
Reviewed by Barbara Vancheri [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
2.5 of 4
Reviewed by Ed Blank [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
2.5 of 4
Reviewed by Tom Meek [The Boston Phoenix]
2 of 4
Reviewed by Jeff Vice [Deseret News, Salt Lake City]
2 of 4
Reviewed by Cathy Jakicic [The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]
2 of 5
Reviewed by Eric Lurio [Greenwich Village Gazette]
2 of 5
Reviewed by Marrit Ingman [Austin Chronicle]
1.5 of 4
Reviewed by Fernando F. Croce [Slant Magazine]
1 of 4
Reviewed by Linda [Moviepie]
Reviewed by Bret McCabe [Baltimore City Paper]

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“..the movie can conjure up futuristic images, but the story is nothing we haven't seen before...”
by Stephanie Merry [Washington Post]


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by Linda Barnard [Toronto Star]


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“..more depravity, more terrible acting..”
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by Katharine Pushkar [NY Daily News]


“..the camera prowls menacingly through the interiors, but the writers seem too content with their improbable conceit to bother with back story or character arcs..”
by David Parkinson [Radio Times]


“..there's plenty of entertainment value to found. Just don't expect to leave the film with a smile on your face and joy in your heart..”
by Blair Hoyle [Cinema Slasher]


“..it is a creamily sensuous, richly observed piece of work, handsomely detailed and furnished..”
by Peter Bradshaw [The Guardian]


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