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Johnny English (2003)

Johnny English



Comedy, Spy

Release Date

July 18, 2003

MPAA Rating



87 min.

Production Budget

$40 millions


Universal Pictures

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Cast and Crew


Peter Howitt


Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Mark Huffam


Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, William Davies



Following the elimination of all of Britain's top intelligence at the funeral of their number one agent, Johnny English, a lowly operative with a history of incompetence, suddenly finds himself thrust into the spotlight when the crown jewels are stolen from the tower of London and the country faces of a huge national crisis.

With his faithful assistant Bough at his side, Johnny's unorthodox investigation into the heist of the priceless jewels eventually leads them to a machiavellian French business magnate, Pascal Sauvage, whom Johnny discovers has designs on more than just the jewels, his plan is to be the king of England.

Acting outside his brief, Johnny breaks into Sauvage's towering HQ where he discovers that Sauvage's real scheme is more outrageous than humanly imaginable. Once king he intends to turn England's green and pleasant land into the largest prison in the world.

Almost captured, Johnny is saved by beautiful interpol agent Lorna Campbell.

Time is quickly running out. Pascal's evil henchmen have already forced the queen to abdicate and killed of all those with a genuine claimto the throne. As Pascal is now the legitimate next in line, the prime minister is fooled into inviting him to be king.

Johnny and Lorna track Pascal to his French chateau where he is tying up the last of his despotic deals to sell of the British isles. Johnny is determined to stop the evil doer before Britain becomes the largest human waste depot in the world. But Johnny and Lorna are captured.

After freeing himself, Johnny eventually managed to save the day when he gatecrashes Pascal's coronation at westminster Abbey and prevents the crown making it onto Pascal's head. Queen Elizabeth is returned to the throne and Johnny becomes a national hero.

In cinema 04/11/03


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“..The best thing about the movie is Atkinson himself..”
by Clint Morris [Film Threat, Hollywood's Indie Voice]
“..Johnny English effectively takes British comedy three steps backwards..”
by Edward Douglas [Comingsoon]
“..its humor isn't that good..”
by Bruse Westbrook [Houston Chronicle]