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High School


Genre :

Comedy, Drama

Release Date :

June 01, 2012 (Limited)

MPAA Rating :


Director :

John Stalberg

Starring :

Adrien Brody, Sean Marquette, Matt Bush, Colin Hanks, Michael Chiklis, Yeardley Smith, Mykelti Williamson, Luis Chavez, Camille Mana, Julia Ling

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“..unfortunately, hilarity does not automatically ensue..”
by Marshall Fine [Hollywood & Fine]
2 of 5

“..the movie mimics its characters' confusion too well, pinballing from dully predictable goofiness to overamped paranoia with little cohesion..”
by Elizabeth Weitzman [New York Daily News]
2 of 4

“..the film offers proof that they are unwise as a subject for comedy unless the movie in question does something funny with them..”
by Roger Ebert [Chicago Sun-Times]
2 of 5

“..the film becomes sluggish whenever focus expands to the spaced-out students, who shuffle around with unconvincing purposelessness..”
by Keith Uhlich [Time Out New York]
2 of 5

“..once the plot has sprung into action, "High School" is a bumpy ride that takes a few amusing dives but never coheres into anything special..”
by Stephen Holden [New York Times]
3 of 5

“..many a scene feels a tad repetitive..”
by JimmyO [JoBlo's Movie Emporium]
1 of 5

“..lacks the oddball inventiveness of the "Harold and Kumar" films or other genuine pot comedies..”
by Mark Olsen [Los Angeles Times]
1 of 4

“..just about everyone inside the building is blitzed to their scalps on high-grade pot..”
by Amy Biancolli [San Francisco Chronicle]
“..it largely ignores the bliss of a marijuana high and focuses on a user's fear of getting caught with the stuff..”
by Richard Corliss [TIME Magazine]
1.5 of 4

“..here, though, the plot, like the humor, is a one-note wonder..”
by Scott Bowles [USA Today]
“..all of this is remarkably cheerless, and somehow the prospect of an entire student body and faculty baked off their gourds fails to generate even perfunctory laughter..”
by Andrew Schenker [Village Voice]
3 of 5

“..a lot of these gags might work over a pan of pot brownies, but they fall kind of flat when all you have to work with are popcorn and Red Vines..”
by Barbara VanDenburgh [Arizona Republic]

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