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Security Measures at Theaters Increased Following 'Dark Knight Rises' Tragedy

2012-07-21 08:07:42

Various movie theater chains in New York and Europe have taken initiative to shore up the security at their cinemas following the massacre during the Batman film's screening in Colorado.

'Dark Knight' Massacre Affects Paris Premiere and 'Gangster Squad' Trailer

2012-07-21 01:07:48

It so happens that one of the scenes in 'Gangster Squad' shows several shooters firing into a movie theater audience.

Christopher Nolan Justifies 'Dark Knight Rises' Fans' Anger at Negative Reviewers

2012-07-19 08:07:14

The 'Inception' helmer also weighs in on Rush Limbaugh's accusation that Bane is a secret attack on presidential candidate Mitt Romney, stating, 'It's a very peculiar comment to make.'

'Dark Knight Rises' Fans Harshly Blast Critics Who Give Negative Reviews

2012-07-17 03:07:40

A host of overzealous fans of Christopher Nolan's Batman film post curses, sexist slams and death threats against some reviewers who wrote negative opinion on the highly anticipated movie.

The Dark Knight Rises Throws All-Star New York Premiere

2012-07-17 08:07:43

Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman are all on hand to join Christopher Nolan at the special screening event.

David Letterman Casually Spoiled Possible Ending of 'Dark Knight Rises'

2012-07-14 01:07:05

Actress Anne Hathaway who was his guest of the night was shocked at his revelation, warning him that wrath is coming his way.

Lucius Fox Introduces New Gadget to Bruce Wayne in 'Dark Knight Rises' Fresh Clip

2012-07-12 03:07:19

Walking with a cane, Bruce engages in some chit-chats about his company with Lucius, who later shows a new device he's invented called 'The Bat'.

John Blake Curious About Batman in First Clip of The Dark Knight Rises

2012-07-11 03:07:02

The young officer asks James Gordon about the disappearance of the Caped Crusader following the Harvey Dent case, but the commissioner seems to be reluctant to answer.

'Dark Knight Rises' Debuts Old-Fashioned IMAX Poster and New 'Journey' Trailer

2012-07-11 10:07:13

It has been confirmed that ticketholders for the IMAX midnight screening of the Batman film will receive a limited-edition poster featuring Bane.

'Ice Age 4' Spoofs The Dark Knight Rises in New TV Spot

2012-07-10 03:07:35

The promo for 'Ice Age: Continental Drift' sees 'Scartman' as The Dark Nut who is ready to be a hero but ends up hitting an iceberg and getting swallowed by a shark.

The Dark Knight Rises Main Characters Explained in 13-Minute Featurette

2012-07-09 01:07:01

The behind-the-scenes footage also offers a look at how Christopher Nolan built massive sets and shot various epic battle scenes in his last Batman movie.

Anne Hathaway Feels 'Lucky' to Wear Catwoman Suit in The Dark Knight Rises

2012-07-09 09:07:30

Having nothing to complain about the infamous skin-tight leather costume, Hathaway gushes that donning the iconic attire is like 'count your lucky stars every single day.'

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